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  1. Thanks for the work that goes into keeping this up and running. And Happy Anniversary.
  2. Not too bad.... <<< I even added a avatar pic (selfie) Miss the recent posts bar to check threads and the unread content isn't as good.....
  3. I bought some Leica 10x42's this past year as they were around $850 new and fit the budget. I also had a store credit that I needed to use so that helped some of the decision. Compare pretty good to Swaro 10x42 Swarovision EL's for about half the price (http://www.eurooptic.com/swarovski-el-swarovision-10x42-binoculars-34110.aspx street price about 1799). But they are not lifetime warranty......possible long term downside. Banged them around for 3 weeks everyday this past spring hunting and glassing for birds and game and was pleased with the purchase. Lots of dust, in and off the truck, crawling in rocks, etc. even some unexpected rain. Cleaned up like new. At some point I will find the Swaro's EL's listed for sale on the used market when I have the free cash. But I don't regret the Leica purchase. Had some 12x56 Swaro's that I sold that were neither fish nor fowl....too big to carry, needed a tripod but not as good as a quality spotter. Bought them cheap and traded them for a rifle barrel IIRC. Generally I buy high end optics used, very easy to find good deals from folks strapped for cash on forums. High end stuff tends to be well cared for and have great customer service and lifetime warranties. Swarovski is about the best there is on that end for high end optics.
  4. The permathin based sprays like Sawyers are oderless and keep bugs off clothing and you get tick protection too. I worry about bugs in my taxidermy and let one of the bug bomb canisters go when I go away on trips to zap any critters hiding in the cracks.
  5. RIP Not even close to the tipping point. Going to be a lot uglier.
  6. Just hope you expand the server space with election season overlapping with hunting season this year. Won't be able to keep up with the political threads and don't want to lose any of them.
  7. Good girl Jenny.....make sure you get a biscuit.
  8. Can I come over? That sounds like fun.
  9. I was one of those book worm kids who always had an interesting project going. There was a book in the Erie County library system on mid evil weapons right down to exploded views for parts. Used a boat winch with aircraft cable to cock the string. My grandfather sourced that from a junk yard for me! Threaded steel heads on the shafts to get them weight forward. Chevy station wagon....Caprice maybe?.....late 70's?....right above the drivers side door handle. Oh did I catch hell for that one, paid for it too. Built a baseball chucking 8' high Trebuchet (<google that on you tube) for a physics class and launched tennis balls filled with coleman fuel with it behind a friends house. I think I got an A+ for that one as my calculations were good (no flames involved). LOL
  10. Had a decent woodshop to play in growing up. Built a few crossbows with ash bent limbs, but that ended when I put a 1/4" solid aluminum foot long bolt through a car door when I missed a target. Got full penetration though. LOL
  11. So thats what a box of 22 looks like. Been so long I had a hard time remembering. LOL Like the full stock.
  12. I use Sweets. Recommended by a 'smith that built a very nice rifle for me. Nothing to be scared of, just don't want it to sit for extended period and looks like you know that. I use some general cleaner to get rid of powder/carbon; Sweets, and then more general cleaner to remove that......just a more aggressive chemical then what you are using. If the bore was rough and the copper has filled all the micro sized pores and scratches, you may be pulling blue patches for a long time.
  13. Very huntable numbers in my part of northern Dutchess county. I see LOTS of birds in fields along the back roads on the way to jobs. Only experience I have is very high number hunt for 3 sessions but outside of the US. What a great time.....
  14. That shouldn't be a problem; built up some stocks when available from the big places like Mid South. Powder has been a bit iffy when wanting a particular item......
  15. Screw the 'enhanced' BS; get a passport. Been offered several hunts lately with free second hunter and quota......could drag you along for airfare money. Or I'll just shoot it all anyway......