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  2. This guy looks yummy...may need to try and snag a bunch. Biggest problem will be the surrounding homes who would think not odd to take frogs. A certain 911 call would be made! I have also seen a massive snapping turtle in this same neighborhood “puddle” Old pic from May Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The reason we don't have to do that with the flu is because the estimated number of flu vaccines is 170 million a year .
  4. Cleared another patch. These striped maples are like the Lernaean Hydra. I no sooner cut down 10 then turn around to find that another 20 have grown. This may be the purpose my life has been missing.
  5. Actually that video proves my point. The reason that particular hospital and area isn't overwhelmed is because they had to setup so many more ventilators and ICU because of it. It isn't the flu cause we don't have to do that for the flu. Nor do we see 130,000 deaths in 4 month from the flu. Arizona and a few others are at Max in ICU even with pre planning. To say this is a walk in the park and a rounding error is head in the sand. Esp when it is possible and probable that we are far from done with it. Because you don't have it and some family doesn't really prove much esp to 130,000 families who a year ago never heard of covid 19. Just because something isn't happening at your kitchen table doesn't mean it isn't a major problem nor a rounding error. When 130,000 and counting Americans die in 4 months it seems to have more gravity to most of us. Although I agree most of the cases seem mild that just means the infection rate is incredibly high. Which means it's likely that more and more people will be infected and NY is likely to have another spread. I hope you can say it never effects your family or friends but this has killed more of us in 4 months than anything we've seen. And the forecasted possibilities worry me while the politics roll on. I hope you can continue to take it lightly as you have cause that means all went well with your family. But it's a scary moment for the world right now.
  6. Looks fantastic! I live maybe 15 minutes from them. They do great work, i had them cerakote my winchester 1300. Mossy oak bottomland is the best camo pattern ever. Remington made their 700 bdl completely done in bottomland for a few years in the early 90s. I have been searching for Years to find one with no luck. My brother has one chambered in .270 Winchester, very cool gun.
  7. I hope the Museum Village Reenactment is not cancelled because of the Chinese Virus. I used to go every year partly to hear the music like the above. Always a good time.
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  9. I believe most people will get c19. They will not find a vaccine or cure. Haven't found one for the other covids out there, what makes them so sure they will with this one? I've also have very little mask time. Don't think they help, as 90% don't wear them properly. I've had a few gatherings and been to a few. Zero issues. The curve has been flattened. Open everything up.
  10. Dinner tonight. Celebrating parent's 40th. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. I’m starting to get nervous that I may not win. May need a refund on my ticket Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  13. I’d say you’re probably going to need.300 for that combination.
  14. Watch my video above ,they’re not “ overwhelmed “ yes it’s spreading faster, but the cases seem to be mild for the most part . Do the math , 130,000 dead is almost a rounding error with a population of 330 million plus . its A virus you’re not going to “ stop it “ that’s why originality it’s was ,just slow it down “ flatten the curve “ . Flatten the curve , means spread it out over time right ? Same numbers will get it just over a longer period . Never stopped seeing friends or family , I have maybe 5 hours of mask time since the get go , friends / relatives have visited from Delaware,Fla, and Texas , no problems here . The MRS is a double high risk as well .
  15. Got my turkey gun back today from being dipped and Cerakoted, work was done by Tarjac. This is a 20ga Benelli M2 that I've had for about 7 years now. It was originally completely dipped in Realtree APG. This year I added the pistol grip stock; Benelli only makes it for the 12ga, but other than some overhang where it meets the receiver it fits the 20ga just fine. A bit of work with my Dremel and some sandpaper got it to where it was flush and I hunted it this year with the black synthetic stock with plans to send it out after the season. Had both stocks and the cover for my FastFire 3 dipped in Bottomland, and the metal surfaces are done in Midnight Bronze Cerakote. Really happy with how it came out, and can't wait to get it into the woods.
  16. Topped off with some Abbott’s for dessert!
  17. Gotta give my brother from another mother(cousin)a big thumbs up for this one.called me lastnight while at store n said well stocked.brought over 2-12pks for me and now havin a few with em
  18. Fauci is saying a year to a year and a half for masks ...... CDC saying this fall and winter is going to be the worst.... All this is overwhelming. A lot of governor's that thought it wasn't going to be as bad now have states that are a mess now. So it's hard to doubt the so called experts even though you want to. Even when they have gotten some things wrong. The possibilities are tough to see past. I think back to how many people thought it was no big deal when it was overseas, then 5 US cases, then a dozen, then bad in Washington state, 130,000 dead . People who keep saying it's no big deal are blind. It's not the flu folks. It's just not . And no one can disagree - we obviously aren't done with this yet. Didn't all of us think 911 was the event of our generation. I sure did. People that are saying ....more testing that's why more not an arguement for anything when other states ERs are now overwhelmed as well. Rises in hospitalization and deaths shows the path of the virus. It's not a "left" made up issue and it's not a "right" it's no big issue. We need to get over that BS for a lot of reasons. I am not a particular fan of Trump or Cuomo and I can say I don't think either of them have done a particularly good job with this at all. This shouldn't be a right or left issue but it seems that thats all how people see it. And yet here are the people in the US left in the middle still battling this problem with the worst numbers in the world. Maybe if the left and right could see each other's failures and victories and work with both we wouldn't be where we are at. My soapbox two cents for what it's worth.
  19. Like that one hole where your shot bounced back further than it originated? #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  20. Hell I was there and missed it!?!? More biz buck sticks for an app Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Flank steak, roasted broccoli and salt bread. Good... but damn @tarheel95 that looks great!
  22. Qdma needed it lost a lot of chapters prior to corona virus outbreak...
  23. Watch this young girls reaction to Bobby Hatfield singing "Unchained Melody"
  24. For those that missed my moustache here is a close-up #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  25. Sorry I have been out of pocket lately trying to run a business in the middle of the covid shutdown. Photo from this weekend cooking up my sons' tips from working at the local marina. Bluefin tuna and lobster. Both were killer. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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