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  2. Great day today , took the boat out . No one wearing masks at the marina, not the workers , or any boaters walking around . Boats packed full of people dozens of kids on jet skies . Restaurants can do outside seating now, and the waterfront ones were packed ! Well packed tables six feet apart of course , we think we’ll wait till Wednesday of next week as they’re pretty crowded now , and I’d imagine a long wait .
  3. Next time I’m up there, I can PM you and mb we can G2G for coffee.
  4. Fell ! Not sure if this should be under ,” today’s chuckle “ instead . The ramp is onLy three miles from home, Mrs Nomad is saying the trailer is making noise , “ it’s a ‘64 , it’s going to make noise ! “ women ..... So I back it down , dump the boat and pull, trailer out but my wheel is floating in the Bay and now the trailer is really making noise .So we go for a cruise while they replace all the bearings , well put in new ones not much left to replace , good for another 20 years .
  5. Thank you, AL....WET CLEANUP IN AISLE PYGMY !!!!... I also enjoyed " Hang on Sloopy" which came on after it...Reminds me of my first true teenage love ( not counting the 4 legged ones, of course)…. That was her favorite song....She had green eyes and she broke my heart....The first of only TWO women who truley broke my heart...
  6. I used to be able to direct my stream with pin point accuracy.... I loved to play FIGHTER PLANE with cigarrette butts in the toilet...Since I've gotten older, it is a more of a shotgun pattern...CYLINDER bore at that.....
  7. Looking good! That is a mighty big window!! It will be hard to move that without being picked off. Also a lot of glare. I am still working on a system I like a lot. Problems I have are glare and condensation. Also be careful with a window in front and behind you. Your silhouette will stand out and movement easy to see. You are gonna love that on those shit weather days. I admit I like being not boxed in but when its cruddy and your all comfy you can sit a long time!
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  9. So apparently, that original story is wrong. That isn’t Wes Perkins but a 77-year-old guide named Glenn Bohn. He was hunting with his son when this all went down. THC just did a podcast with the son, Brett, who tells the story of the attack and how he got his father to the hospital. Only one major surgery on his face and he was out of the hospital in a few days
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    Happy Birthday Dom!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Aim small...miss small! Old port-a-pottty sign once read, From management: Our aim is to please by keeping a clean facility....your aim would help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  14. I never drink on Thursdays. How dare you
  15. Well what can I say? If the kid can't figure out that it's better to be the valedictorian than it is to be a drug dealer, then he doesn't stand a chance. If he isn't brave enough to be an outcast then there is no hope. One has to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and not just follow along with what everyone else is doing. Sorry, but I am not one to have much sympathy for those who just bend to peer pressure.
  16. I'll give it to you straight and it's probably not what the people of color want to hear. In fact I know it isn't. It WILL be tougher for them because they will have more to prove about themselves. They will have to prove that they are not the criminal, or the person with the poorer work ethic as some of the stereotypes portray. These stereotypes may not represent any one person of color but they are there. Did any one person of color create this stereotype? No. Did whites just make up these stereotypes? No. The reality is that they are there and I think a lot of whites and even asians and others still believe that blacks have not done enough to erase these stereotypes. Should we give every person of color a clean slate and not have these stereotypes interfere with what we think about them? Maybe in a perfect world this would be possible, but as we all know the world is far from perfect so we are where we are. With all this said, there is absolutely NO reason that a person of color shouldn't strive to work hard or as hard as needed to get ahead. Most all of us of any color won't become filthy rich in our lives, but that doesn't matter. The goal should be to make the best life possible for ourselves and not just give up without even trying or just saying that I don't stand a chance.
  17. A rare Thursday beer for me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  18. Hey turkey feathers looks like your fishing the genesee near fillmore. I'm going to be down that way this weekend but I think i'm going to the keeney swamp
  19. No idea. Can’t tell if this is a family or a group of friends. It struck me as people are talking about mobs coming down the street and this seemed to fit. Again, they seem to be standing on their own property watching the street. it’s impossible to generalise any of this. You want video of black looters? Look here. White looters? Look there. Cops busting heads for no reason? Here you go. Cops holding hands with protestors and dancing? Try these.
  20. $19! Delta at $32! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Just wondering how many of the ones who feel they should vacate because the government said so were also saying the government can't tell them they need to wear a mask just a couple of months ago.
  22. Not disagreeing and I am of the same mind regarding work ethic....However, why must it be a bit tougher for a person of color? There are some deep-seed prejudicial thoughts that I admit we all have. Whether we act on them or reevaluate or foster them is up to the individual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. So when they first immigrated into the country with a shirt on their back, the first thing they bought was a multi-million dollar home? Pretty much all first generation immigrants start out in the ghetto. As far as being an outcast, tell that to the kid who is getting jumped everyday on his way back from school. The cool crowd is the drug dealer, not the valedictorian. That goes back to what I was saying. The outcast is the one that makes it rather then the normal average kid is the one that makes in other neighborhoods which is why the numbers will be tilted in one direction.
  24. I don’t have context for this but they’re not in public, at a rally or protest. Or breaking the law as far as I can tell. They’re standing on their porch remarking that an armoured vehicle just drove down their street followed by troops screaming at them. They barely had time to react when the order “light ‘em up“ is given and they are fired upon.
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