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Thrill Of The Hunt - 3D Archery Range in Calverton, NY (Long Island)

  • John Burmeister

My brother and I wanted to get some more pre-season practice in shooting our bows and we had planned on going to a new 3D archery range we herd about on the forums, Thrill Of The Hunt. Someone had mentioned it on a thread a few times, but after visiting their website I was sold. Finally, last Saturday we got together drove out to Calverton, on Long Island where it was located. My first impression was WOW, this is the coolest thing since sliced bread. They had every single 3D target you can think of to shoot at, along with obstacles such as tree’s and bushes that you had to shoot around. I kicked myself for not bringing my good digital camera, so the photo’s and video’s below are from the cell phone and do not do this place justice.


When we arrived we were greeted by Art Binder, Art owns and runs the facility. I was confused on how everything worked (I’ve never shot 3D either), I figured it was just a few shooting lanes and you shot at a select few targets and that's it. I was totally wrong, what Art did here is setup a complete game. There are 5 main ground stations and two alternative stations, the alternative stations are shooting off a “tree stand” which is an elevated platform and also shooting out of a ground blind. The other five main stations are color coded, each station has 6 3D targets places all over the facility (color coded and numbered). You have one shot per each number/colored coded target you shoot at. The 3D target placement was great, some targets require you to shoot through an opening in a tree limb and some required you to get down on your knees to get a clear shot. You were given a clipboard and score card, every 3D target has a number of different area’s where you get points. They use the ASA scoring as following:

“The ASA uses a scoring system of 14, 12, 10, 8, 5 or 0 points per arrow. Scoring is based on zero points for a miss, 5 points earned for a hit anywhere in the body, 8 points for the largest scoring ring in the center of the animal, 10 points for the 4 to 5 inch center circle inside the 8-ring, and 12 points for the smaller ring offset to the bottom or top of the 10-ring. Another circle housed in the upper rear of the 8-ring is a 14-point ring. “

The only rule you had to follow is that some part of your body be it a knee, foot, whatever has to be touching the station pole (also where you keep your arrows) before you take your shot.

Don’t get me wrong, I love target shooting, but this took it to the next level. I’m addicted now, we ended up staying a bit longer and did two full rounds. The best part about it, for those that hunt, it really made you think about your shot and you only get one shot on that target. It really helped me judge distances and become a better shooter in the short time I was there. I can’t wait to go back, I can totally see having some frequent visits to this place will make me a better bow hunter all around.


Back to the 3D targets, as you can see (again sorry for the bad pictures) some of the targets are broadside, some are slightly turned, some are bed down, there are also slight elevation changes throughout the facility. You can also opt to shoot out of one of the alternative stations, for example we chose to shoot out of the tower stand both times. When shooting from the tower stand you shoot 6 specific targets marked for that station, similar to the way the other targets are marked for the stations.


I believe the range distance from the shooting line to the back wall is roughly 35 yards, however the farthest target may be as far as 37 or 38 yards as some shots are diagonally (rarely is a target setup to be directly in front of you).

As you can tell we had a blast out there, and I highly recommend you go and check it out! Over the winter I’m thinking of having a HuntingNY.com meet-up out there, it would be a lot of fun to have a friendly competition with some members. They also have a few 3D leagues, the summer league running now shoots every Friday. I’m sure they will have some more info on their site soon about the winter league. Also make sure you bring at least 6 arrows, I recommend more in case you break one or two!


Sorry for the crappy quick video, again, only had my cell phone...

Check them out at the web address below.


Thrill Of The Hunt

291 Deep Hole Road

Calverton, NY 11933

631. 566.5261


TU - FRI: 6 pm to 10 pm

SAT - SUN: 10 am to 5 pm


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I've been saying it for months. I go all the time. Art is a great guy and the set up is very realistic. No better practice than that. I recommend it to everyone.

Yup, I finally took the drive out it was well worth it. I would have never known if you didn't mention it.

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Unfortunately, my plans to head upstate for Fall Turkey opening weekend have been nixed due to family illness. Instead I'm gonna be heading out to thrill of the hunt this weekend to try out the range.

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John, I'm planning on going Sunday morning with my brother. Would be nice to meet you and say hello face to face.

I'm actually going to head up to my property tomorrow night (I thought I wasn't), but hopefully next weekend I can get out there.

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Quick summary of The Thrill of The Hunt in one word... AMAZING! It completely puts an entire new perspective into bowhunting. It makes a shooter become much better at judging distances and elevation adjustment on the fly. Its worth the drive from anywhere in North America, let alone Queens in my opinion! My girlfriend and I both shot the course and loved it. She left an arrow behind accidentally and that might be an excuse for us to go again tomorrow! Art is a true gentlemen and has a lot of knowledge to give out. My girlfriend was shooting slightly off and he put her dead on. 1st class operation and facility. Hopefully Ill be back tomorrow but if not, definitely before my next bow hunt! Recommend it to everyone on this forum and everyone who bow hunts.

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THRILL OF THE HUNT was a concept developed by me, only after much discussion with bowhunters i was fortunate enough to meet at a Peconic Sportsman's outdoor 3d shoot, winter 2010.

The comraderie that appeared to flow between the guys, the hunting stories, and the high tech equipment they used, intrigued me to the point that a new concept took form.

I want everyone to realize that YOU ALL are responsible for what today is THRILL OF THE HUNT.

Without your encouragement, committment to the sport, and support, we don't exist.

Marilyn and I want to say thanks to the over 300 registered shooters who've visited with us these past 12 months. It is an honor and a priveledge to be part of an elite band of men and women, who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk,... in the woods, in the rain, in a tree, in a blind, whenever, wherever it takes them; inorder to continue America's legacy of "the hunt".

We continue to change, as do the woods,... because in nature, to be stagnant, is to die.

Thank you.

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cant wait to get over there... not sure if i will make it out until after the season now. Deer season is here and in a tree is where ill be LOL. looks like a great place

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Hey guys,

For those who have Cablevision (Optimum), check out channel 118at 3pm, 7pm and 8pm for some footage that was filled at TOTH during the Nikon tournament they had there a few weeks back. It will also be available "On Demand" after the two weeks is over. Unfortunately I do not have Cablevision, would like to check it out.

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