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    The teams started in WWIi aka frogmen. They have been involved in every theater of operations! They have been spilling their blood for every president since Roosevelt! JFK, made the official! They have been re-organized every twenty years. There are a few teams out there, each with their own specialty. They all start the same, but go in different ways out of Coronado island. They all deserve praise and admiration! These are the ops we here about. There are craploads more we don't. It's about time they get dome recognition. Many have gone without a tear from the general public. I could also tell you they do not fo it for anything else except to be the best of the best! Sorry for the tirade!
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    Navy Seal Team 6 strikes again! Same squad that killed Bib Laden. http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/25/world/africa/somalia-aid-workers/index.html?hpt=hp_t1
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    Ladies and Gents it seems that there is a lot of personal attacks going on lately. To help move these conflicts to another domain I would suggest that you Personal message each other. That the rest of us can continue to discuss these threads in a civil manner. Plus it just shows the members how vindictive, juvenile you guys are. There is a certain clique on this site and you know who you are and how you try to impress each other at the expense of others. Agree to disagree is fine, but lets be civil if you can't then move on to another thread.
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    Opinions will always vary but that does not mean you have to demoralize, put down or otherwise subject someone to harassment. This is a great site, one of my favorites but when dealing with joe public just like in public hunting, you will always get some who have no courtesy, repect or any care for anyone. I would make it policy that stuff will not be tolerated if I was admin, no need for it... Make your point in a intelligent form and respond how you would want to be responded to. Opinions vary and are usually based on experiance and no two people will have the exact same experiences... Just because you do not agree with someone does not give you the right to subject them to ridicule. Read your post before you hit POST out loud and ask yourself, would I be upset if someone sent this to me??? This is suppose to be a place that unites us yet I see many who live off the anguish and demoralization of others. Plain and simple if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything if you can not be civil about it. Can you say FAMILY site? Although dominated by adult males, I believe this is a family site...
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    You hope that they get the message! NOT Can we all just get along!
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    http://www.firstrow.tv/ you cant watch every and any sports game live on this site even games that are blacked out.
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    I don't have cable, or any sort of other service. We watch TV very little here-- I rarely have time for TV!-- so we just have Netflix (which we have on our TV set thanks to a gaming console hookup). It's around $8/month and for the times we want to plop down and watch something we can always find something on there. It would probably be a different story if we watched sports, but even that you can find streaming online if you don't mind the quality.
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    I knew that sooner or later one of the yahoos wouldn't be able to sit quietly while the President got any credit for this, or anything else for that matter. Although, if the mission had been a disaster, I'm sure that you'd be placing the responsibility solely with the commander in chief. Can't always have it both ways.
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    I think it is a disgrace to the Navy Seals to imply that they are the Presidents Hit Squad. The President has nothing to do with the Navy Seals except for when he tried to charge them with a crime for punching a terrorist during an operation or uses their success for his campaign fodder. Save me the "he is the commander in chief" line. He is hardly a commander or a chief of any kind. More like a commandeer and thief for what he has done to this country. The Seals deserve full credit and should not have their name blemished by including the word "President" along with theirs. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,576646,00.html
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    My experience has been that it's a crap-shoot; if you find (and keep) good tenants, it's a decent source of steady income. If you get a bad tenant, it can be a nightmare. I've had both. It can actually be a decent tax write-off, if your accountant knows what he's doing.
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    LMAO!!! Good one Grizz! This bickering between the Giants and Pats reminds me of my 10 y.o. son's rivalry with his 9 y.o. cousin who lives in Sudbury. My son is an avid Yankee fan and his cousin is an avid Red Sox fan. They are constantly calling each other every time the Yankees or Red Sox play and teasing each other. Except of course they don't talk about "going down", at least not yet! LOL!
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    I have to blame the people who voted for him, and those who will vote for him again. Please don't tell me you're one of them. I don't like to hurt people.
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    up untill now i have refrained from commenting or posting on this forum for the most part. but seeing the picture of that poor little button buck that was shot really has my ire up.i dont care who shot it or what his reason were for shooting it. theres no reason for it at all in my opinion.is someone that desperate to shoot something ! .that has to be the only reason for shooting something so small.let alone it being a button buck! what other reason could there be ! i'm sure this post will draw its share of grief.i dont care.
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    mr youtube at it again, here it is lol
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