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    New camo dipped mount Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk
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    If that guy from the other thread was in this video I am betting the buck would have been laying there. lol
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    So I got an Ultradot red dot sight and put it on my pretty new stock Ruger Mark III Hunter. Shot at standard 25 yards resting on the shooting window/box. I used CCI AR Tactical 22lr (40gr 1200fps). 10 shot group. I pulled two and anticipated one.
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    This happen back in the early 80's 3 of us were hunting ducks on a farm pond a long the Lake Ontario parkway. The duck blind was on the far side of the pond one of us shot a duck and it crashed in some trees and brush between the pond and the parkway. So it was my turn to hunt the bird down I went around to the where the bird went down and went in looking for it. As soon as I went in to the brush I could smell it that’s when I found the body of a woman. That ended the duck hunting for the day. Some one was dumping bodies along the parkway they never caught the guy. They had a suspect but he died before they prove it was him.
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    For those us us that go out doors a lot....You all be careful out there this coming week...it is -4 out now and going to be worse next week.......there wasn't much not frozen any where near my moist breath today...face mask.... hat and my hair...tonight my fingers froze to the latches on the dog kennel...that wasn't fun!
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    Fletch I think you're definitely missing some inches. Those beams are 24-28" each, and I'd say you're weak in the G2's and G3's. He's def a 150" deer.
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    Nice shooting but you missed the dime .......
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    Takes practice, discipline, and confidence to pull off those shots. X-Calibur Lighting Systems http://facebook.com/XCaliburLightingSystems
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    Well, now, that was very "hurtful." All I did was ask a simple question.
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    My wife needed the weekend to catch up on work so I dropped my Son off at my moms in PA and I'm bow hunting either sex in NJ for the next two days. Just pulled into the Hampton inn, got two free nights from my wife's travel rewards...I'm 5 minutes from my fav public WMA, not bad temporary free hunting camp: Frigid with a good snow cover...temps are supposed to climb into the mid20's tomorrow and upper 30's Sunday. Prolly head into the woods at first light with the climber and sit a few hours before setting up a little deeper in the woods for the pm and Sunday sits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    absolutely bigger cut provides more of a margin for error to allow you to take out the small vitals. also all that energy has to go somewhere and if you don't get a complete pass through that means it went into the bird. also the arrow sticking out both sides sometimes prohibits the bird from taking flight, if it's not anchored right there.
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    city/suburban folk care nothing about deer when deer start to affect them. I'm sure temporary fences or barricades would be put up at the NYS border. where it's more level and open they'd hire out excavation companies to dig trenches to keep the deer in and instead head away from the border. NYS would order a shoot on sight but keep your distance until the caracass(es) could be collected. they'd even probably have the national guard and LEOs go shooting them with their AR-15 rifles. they will blast away not realizing they're loaded up with FMJ rounds. lots of deer will suffer from being wounded. the state will then be quarantined and despite not showing any other danger it will still be illegal to take game or have venison or deer mounts in your possession. even great grandpy's buck that clearly looks old as the hills. NYS will simply say it's deer remains and it has to go. then Cuomo will say there's no way to hunt deer so you don't need guns to hunt deer as they can be used as "assault weapons". they will be banned too, but "everybody will be safe as there's no scary deer or guns to harm you. Now vote for me (Cuomo) for President."
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    I would guess him at 4.5 years old hard to tell without a broadside pick but he does not look real old. I keep coming up with high 130's for this deer. I cannot get 150 out of it! Awesome deer!
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    Because I will wait for spring rats an mink. The k9 sets are hard to keep working when a foot of snow keeps dumping on them.
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    I'll be honest, I'd think twice about eating deer from an area with known CWD infections in the wild herd.
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    The statement has been made over and over that here are no known cases of CWD tainted venison effecting humans. However that is a long way from any statement that claims that it has been proven to be harmless to humans. Yeah, I would be a little nervous about consuming venison from a know CWD zone until these safety proclamations become just a little more positive.
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    Same amount of bullets he fired at the range to get ready for hunting season!!!
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    You don't "hunt" behind a fence in NY. You go kill livestock.
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    IT would not suprise me if this victory as it is being called is nothing more than a political ploy. I feel the seven round rule was added so it could be given back to us. Hopeing to satiate the masses. Remember this is cuomo's doing. Just my theory.
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    Well this may not come as a real shocker.., but this my favorite thread too,lol I still haven't found any antlers, but I did stumble across my first antler note that's worthy of posting today. I had to go downtown Buffalo this morning and saw a really nice buck bedded along Rt 400 northbound. Nice tall heavy rack! I did an afternoon hike when I got home. Some of you guys might remember this buck I called Whopper Jr from this fall. It looked like he was still in velvet on October 11'th in this trail cam pic. All other bucks here had shed long before this point. I saw him for the first time today 12/27/13 while hiking across the road! Still got both those antlers and it almost looks like he's still in velvet. Not the best pics, but I'm pretty sure I know what I saw with my own two eyes when he took off. In the first shot you can see the fuzzy tips of his/her antlers sticking up above that limb. I'm curious to see what he/she sheds first....the antlers or the velvet... or neither.
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    Do you guys really feel it reflects on ALL hunters? I feel it only reflects upon the person that posted it. I agree the comment was a bit crass, and that really only reflects badly (to some) on the person that posted it.
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    He's been over 150 for the past 5 years (including this years rack)!!!