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    I was fortunate enough to take my best buck ever today. I got him on camera last week and he showed up at 3:30 today in a different area about a half mile from where I got him on camera. He was the only deer I saw all day so I guess it was worth the wait! He dressed at 196 lbs and had a 22" spread.
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    So here is the short story. I'm in the wood tower stand I built two years ago on our property in 3H. It overlooks a few ridges and has pretty good views. To my right there are pines and the deer seem to always travel out of the pines then take one of the ridges. So I hear some noises and see a doe running from a 4 ptr and then I saw a big body deeper in the pines but couldn't see a rack. All of an sudden the big one runs out and chases the 4. I still couldn't get a clean look at the rack. They ran off down the mountain a bit out of view. I was kind of upset I couldn't do a rack check on it. Then 15 min later in see a doe on the ridge. Had the scope on her and then I saw a nice rack pop up and disappear. So another 5 min passes by and the 4 ptr came back. Well the 8 pointer didn't like that and showed his face again. I heard some stomping and then the 8 popped out at 80 yards out broadside 5 min later. And that's that! This whole time I was on my knees so I could use my rail to stabilize my shot. The problem was the while stand was covered in ice and snow so moving quietly to reposition when they popped out again was a challenge. First buck in a long time, well worth the wait! My heart was pounding for hours, actually it still is. Still can't wipe the smile off my face. My old man was so excited too.
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    Shot this 6 pt. at 7:45 am this morning in 9m in Machias. Came down behind 4 doe that were other side of fallen tree but he was on side of me for a clear broadside shot. Went about 45 yards down ravine and piled up. Using my .270 Remington shooting 130 gr. Winchestor. Was happy to get him as this was my only day to get out due to hernia surgery this Monday.
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    The action started today before the sun came up, and I could hear and see silhouettes of deer chasing one ridge over from my blow down blind. Not long after legal shooting time I looked over my shoulder and spotted another hunter in his stand about 200yds behind me. I was a little discouraged by that, but I sat tight for a little bit just to see what happens with all the early activity around. Shortly after that I spotted a doe and two fawns coming at me from the opposite ridge. I thought about taking the lead doe but decided I wouldn't take a doe today. They made their way up the ridge and disappeared over the horizon. A few minutes later, my buddy in the trees tand let a shot rip. When I turned around I could see a deer running off into the powerline goldenrod. Now I was pretty bummed and ready to pack it up..... but wait..... what's that familiar sound..... more deer coming! Between us once again I saw 4 doe running right in front of my buddies stand and then I noticed a big wide buck was chasing them but I couldn't count his points. He ran right in front of the other guy, but he never shot and now this dude was coming right for me. He chased the doe behind me and stopped 40yds away but the damn fallen tree I was hiding behind was in the way for a clear shot. The doe hopped in the ravine and shot up the other side with the big wide guy in tow. A few minutes later I hear another deer running where those deer had just gave chase to one another. It was a little 6 pt, but he was trailing them the wrong way. He ran by me at 40yds and I let him go. Now I knew what was going on, so I slid over about 20yds to clear the branches from my blind and set up where I had a clear shot at that hot does path. Moments later I hear it again. Another deer following from the wrong direction. I got a good look at it on the opposite ridge and saw it was a nice buck so I got my hammer back and safety off. When he popped up on my side of the ridge he was only 20yds away and slightly quartering to me. I stopped him with my voice and let the hammer drop. He ran off the same way he came in. I got on his trail and it absolutely sucked. Very little blood, and a tuft of hair. I followed for approximately 50yds and the blood had stopped. With all the deer running around, it was impossible to tell which tracks were his on the other side, and with no blood, that meant I had to follow them all! I took the trail of what looked like his tracks for a while before deciding I didn't believe it was him any longer. I hopped on another set and had the same results. I headed back to my blind to have a cup of coffee and chill out for a bit before hopping on another set. After I cooled off I followed a set that headed down hill towards the power lines and as soon as I stepped in the goldenrod thicket, I spotted my buck laying 75yds inside it! Not a speck of blood from where I lost it, right up to his carcass, and I had good tracking snow this morning! Very glad I found him, and now I'm taking a break!
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    Well this was a awesome day!!! Picked Reed up at 5 am ,hit dunkin and headed to our spot.We set up on the side of the ridge and he watched left and I watched right.Around 715 I saw a doe come out of the gully and she was on her war straight towards us.I told him to get into position,she got to 40 or so yard(my view was blocked by a tree) and he said I am on her good so I said let her have it!!!All I heard was CLICK!!!! the gun was jammed up and wouldn't fire.Now she is staring a hole through him and he says it didn't fire,I told him as soon as she isnt watching to switch guns with me.After a minute or two she headed in the other direction and we switched guns really quick.....long story short he couldn't get a shot at her.As he sat back down I looked at his face ad say the disappointment,thats when I saw this spike.I said Reed there is one right there.So he stood when the deer wasn't looking and waited for a good shot and took it.The deer staggered and I told him to shoot again....and he did till the gun was empty and the deer dropped!!!HAHA Whoops and hollers all through the woods.The shot was 92 yards offhand and when we got close I could see he hit the deer right in the lungs from the first shot and the last one hit the buck in his shoulder and dropped him.I am super proud and he was super excited.Heading back out in 10 to see if I can get his doe tag filled!!
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    After a long week and a super late stand move it paid off. I had my stand in a spot off a swamp I hunt maybe 150 yards out. I kept hearing sticks crunching and what sounded like steps threw the thick grass I felt I had to move my stand. Maybe a week ago I knew rut was kicking in so it was now or never I went back after dark during the rain so I could stay super quiet and moved my stand 100+ yards in. First day had a button buck walk by. Next sit I got in around 2:30 I was going to sit until sun down. I heard what I knew was something coming threw the woods not even a minute later a doe come running by like she saw a ghost. Not stopping one time or slowing down for anything. Well that got me thinking and got the ticker going maybe 5 minutes later here comes this buck from right behind me. Nose to the ground he was on a power stroll threw the woods. Seemed to be following that doe. Got em 15-20 yards out and smoked em. It was a great hunting season and a few good decisions made and being in the stand more than the living room thinking about it got er done. Good luck to everyone. Hunting season is the best season.
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    I went out for a couple hours in the morning, things were surprisingly quiet...saw a couple of does...my wife killed one of them. Got out again later in the afternoon and passed up two small bucks but couldn't pass up this big girl...
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    I got this doe on state land yesterday afternoon and my buddy got the 8pt of of another piece of state land
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    Sitting for 10 minutes and I had this stud 10 pointer walk by me ,biggest deer I've ever seen .shot him at 30 yards ran 3 steps and fell over . Shot in 3s westchester county .
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    I have hunted this property in Stormville pretty hard during the bow season and passed on 5 different small bucks. I was looking for a mature doe to shoot or a bigger buck, but I never go the opportunity on either. Out of nowhere, this guy came in right on a doe and it was an easy shot with the muzzleloader at 50 yds. I have never seen this buck in person or on camera, but he seems to be related to a similar one I shot two years ago. They both have the same small brow tines and both had big bodies. I shot this one no more than 50 yds. from the other one. I guess that is a good spot to leave that stand!
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    After being on stand most of the day yesterday and seeing no deer, I went out at noon today back to the same stand watching my food plot and at 2:55pm this buck walks out.
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    Father and I both shot doe and they are both down
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    First deer ever for me on opening day! She was the last of 3 to come through some thick cover 100 yards away. I caught her in an opening and my 308 laid her out.
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    So quiet out here u could here a mouse piss on cotton
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    I had shot this one at my cabin on Friday outside of Olean around 8 that morning. He had first came in around 20 yards but got spooked off by me. I then grunted at him where he came back around 35-40 yards out and took the shot. He had ran about 600 yards or so where I eventually retrieved him. And he is the first deer taken off of the property too!!
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    Back in my stand. Got my first buck in a long time. This is from 3H.
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    I had a terrible experience hunting 'wild' boar on a preserve in Hancock, NY and I wanted to share my experience so NO ONE else has to go through anything like this. Pond Ridge Hunts of Bethel, NY is absolutely, positively the kind of operation you should avoid at all costs. They are dishonest and unfair. Here's the skinny; Two of us went up to Bethel to hunt these boars. We found a review online at Wild Hog Hunters website that was glowing, so we figured they were a decent operation. Although we also found info online describing escaping pigs, damaged property, etc., we decided to give it a try. NY State law will force the closure of boar hunting in the State as of September, 2015, so we figured it was now or never. Upon booking the hunt, we are told the costs: $500 for a 200 lb. boar and $600 for a 300 lb. boar, etc. Additionally, he charges $90 to skin it out and quarter it. Non-hunting spectators are $45.00. On the day of the hunt, we arrive at the property. We hike up the hill and enter a large gate into the fenced 200+ acres. We are greeted by piles of garbage (food for the pigs) and about 30 pigs. I fully understand that pigs have to eat, and eat a lot, but the garbage piles are disturbing and the amount of trash (cardboard boxes, plastic bags, produce crates, etc., etc.) would disgust anyone who loves the outdoors as I do. Perhaps more than 100 plastic crates are strewn all around the property and have clearly been there for an extended period of time. Plastic bags (from loaves of bread and other baked goods containers) are scattered EVERYWHERE, smooshed into the mud, blowing in the wind and washing down the streams. The property is filthy. In hindsight, I should have turned around and left but I felt committed at that point to get my pig. So, the property is supposedly 200+ acres. We walked a total of about 300 yards beyond the garbage piles and bagged two pigs. We had made it VERY clear to the guide, Franco Neves, that I wanted to spend $500 and my friend 'Mike' wanted to spend $600. Franco pointed out pigs that, in his infinite experience, were the size equal to the price we wanted to spend. We shot our pigs and they took care of the gutting and used a tractor to get them down the hill for us. When we arrive at the parking area, the owner eyeballs the pigs and decides to charge us both $600!!! We argue, but he is unwilling to budge. The guide defends himself saying "their size is deceiving." I'm wondering who's being deceived. So, before we go any further we ask; "where's the scale to weigh the pigs?" HA! They found that question funny, since there is NO SCALE! The weight is determined by the owner's eye! That's when we realized this was getting bad and I'm still questioning myself: why didn't I take my pig right then and there and leave? But I didn't. Ziggy, the owner, lives near our homes in NJ and he offers for $90 each to skin out and quarter the pigs. At this point it's a matter of convenience because I've never skinned out a pig and I don't think my deer butcher ever has either, so we agree. This is like mistake #25 for me at this point! We proceed at this point to the guide's house because he's also a taxidermist. He has some nice mounts there, but it's far to inconvenient to use him two hours away from home. So we thank him for the tour and decide to use our own taxidermist at home in NJ. Perhaps this created some hard feelings, I can't be certain. Nevertheless, when we took delivery of our pigs two days later, Ziggy now demands $100 each for the skinning and quartering!!! We are disgusted at this point, so we pay him and take our pigs home. Upon arriving home, I pull the two heads, with full hides attached, out of the Hefty bags that Ziggy had put them in. One of them had a 5"-6" cut right across the face, and the corner of the mouth had been cut as well. WTF! I couldn't help but believe that this was done out of spite since we did not choose to use his taxidermist. As we dig further, we examine the meat we'd been given. The animals were not simply 'quartered' as had been agreed to; they were partially butchered. All the belly meat was missing...that's the bacon for crying out loud! That's all I really wanted and it was gone!!! The tenderloins, the most tender pieces of meat on the animal, were left in place when the pig was quartered; both of them were cut in half!!! The ribs were cut all wrong, the hams were a mess, and there was less than 80 lbs of meat, including bones. How could that be if I was charged for a 300 lb. pig???? This experience was just bad all around. I'm not typically so naive, and I'm still questioning myself "why didn't you trust your instincts?" I suppose we were caught up in the moment; a couple of guys hunting pigs for the first time, it was a beautiful day, and we were having fun. We didn't want to believe we were being 'had', but that is absolutely, clearly what happened. We were robbed and we paid them to rob us!!! I'm the fool here, I know that. But I sure hope no one else has to experience what we did. STAY AWAY from Pond Ridge Hunts in Bethel, NY. Other bad elements: On the company brochure are a few images, one of a hunter with a revolver kneeling over his dead pig. This surprised me and I asked Ziggy a couple of weeks before the hunt "what weapons can we use?" and he said to bring anything we wanted. Huh. Although he has nothing to lose by suggesting that, any hunter bringing weapons into NY State could become a felon very quickly, depending upon the weapons. Bringing a handgun into NY State could have earned me silver bracelets and long vacation. Coincidently, NY State game wardens were on the property, in the parking area, to greet us at the conclusion of our hunt. That was a surprise. Had I been carrying a revolver, or AR-15 for example, I wouldn't be spending Christmas with my kids this year, that's for sure. Know the law: it's your responsibility. A third friend came along as a non-hunting spectator. We discussed that with the guide and Ziggy, the owner, BEFORE we proceeded into the woods. $45 is the cost for a spectator. This was all VERY clear. I asked this third friend to carry my shotgun up the hill for me, as a backup to the crossbow I was carrying. At the end of the hunt, Ziggy demanded $100 from my friend as the standard fee for an 'unsuccessful hunter' on the grounds that he was carrying a weapon but didn't shoot anything. Total bull@#*&. STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY. And tell everyone you know to STAY AWAY from Pond Ridge Hunts, based out of Bethel, NY with hunting grounds in Hancock, NY.
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    My dad shot this Buck at 7:30 yesterday morning. I was in the stand with him and may I say this monster looked five times bigger but we were still amazed by the size of this deer. To our surprise 15 minutes later five doe walked forty yards away from us. Since my dad already shot it was my turn to shoot. I dropped the doe in its tracks
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    Hunt during the week and or go to the remote areas of the property
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    She'll be fine. If you have any doubts, I'll take her off your hands.
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    Found my doe I thought I missed yesterday 10 yards from were I stopped ...no blood any were yesterday for 50 yds and today when j found her no blood even were she layed but it's been 25° here in middlesex so she looks good still taking it home to get cleaned up ... you guys think she is still good ?
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    Doe down Now just praying this guy shows his face
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    That's a guy taking out his dash grabbing gun out of truck. " didn't know it was loaded "
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    I say it every year... I miss bow season already , gun season sucks ass on public land ... Elmer fud n all his village idiot friends crap up the woods... ????????
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    Where did bow season go? I sure miss it!
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    I shot this doe around 8 this morning also with my .308. She ran about 20 yards and piled up. The snow definitely made for an easy drag!!!
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    Story Here..http://www.nyantler-outdoors.com/adirondack-muzzleloader-buck.html
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    Do NOT shoot at Orange !!! Make sure you know what you're shooting at !!! Deer's are typically brown, maybe a few white botches here & there. But typically brown, with a white tail. They are NOT orange. Don't use your scope to look at me from 1000 yards away. Ya, you, you know who I'm talking about. Most of us have a wife & kids to come home to. THANK YOU.
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    My son got a 8 point last night just before quitting time . We waited a bit as he wasn't sure if and where he hit it . Spent a lot of time looking for blood and to see where he might have dug into the ground while hauling butt . Never saw a spot of blood but continuing to look paid off and we found his deer .
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    My dad and I heard one last night at 5:25 , hopefully they were just discharging a front stuffer.
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    Very nice. Congrats!
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    Didn't see anything until 9:00 opening day morning. I was in my stand and noticed a deer 60 yards out cutting across the flat. He was running on 3 legs. The deer was huge and had a set of horns to go with the body size. I was waiting for a full broadside shot but he stopped before that happened. I watched as his head turned side to side, he looked in my direction and headed right for me. Not only did he come right to me but stopped 15 feet from my stand to take a breather. His rack had to be 20+ inches wide. I have one on the wall that is 22 wide, this guy might have even been bigger. I pull the gun up on his shoulder and squeeze the trigger, nothing. I thought the safety was on but it wasn't. I try again nothing. At this point he starts moving to the heavy brush so I cycle the chamber and try again, nothing. I cycle tow more times and once again the gun wouldn't fire. I watched him run off. Not only was he a real trophy but just the fact it was my job to take that animal down. He was lame, such a strong huge deer, now only having three legs to get around on. The late was snapped in half right above the hoof. Was a real bad shot whoever took it. I found out later it was a property owner behind me down the road. What went wrong, there could be number of things but I will never know. I replaced the Remington slugs with Lightfields in the afternoon. I took a doe at 50 yards, gun shot fine………such is hunting. All 4 of us saw deer yesterday. Mine was the only buck. My buddy stopped counting the doe he saw.
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    Congrats Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Age is next to impossible to guess you would have to send a tooth in. Nice buck any way you cut the pie congrats! Is that a morning buck or was he roaming before sunfall?
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    I only heard ONE shot before legal hunting time this morning.. The last few years, since rifles have been legal here, I've generaly heard 15 -20.. Back when shotguns were required, I might hear 50-60 shots before legal shooting time. Overall, it was a pretty quiet morning. A few shots here and there. Can't say about the afternoon..I shot a buck at 11;15 and after that I was on the ATV for awhile retrieving it and left the woods at about 1:30.
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    Went to Marion this am and was in my double stand by 6:10 . Heard the 1st shot at 6:24 . Another at 6:37 . Four more at 6:45 and a barrage of gunfire at 6:55 . I never saw anything until 9:05 but heard shooting in all directions . Had a doe and fawn start to head my way but they changed directions and headed toward the woods . Damn . They were within 60 yards and upwind but too much brush to try a shot . Saw one run across a crop field thank's to some snow . Later I had a fawn run up a drive , stop and run back . That was it for the am . I was wearing my Milwaukee heated jacket in the am and the battery fizzled out after 3 hours . I got out of the stand at noon and went to my car . Had a couple of sandwiches , coffee and back in the stand by 1 pm . Put my sleeping bag over my shoulders and stayed toasty warm .Saw nothing all afternoon . My oldest son called me around 4:10 and said he was going to walk slow at the edge of the woods toward his brother and see if he could push something to him . I could barely make him out as he was across the field and in the woods . Thanks Blaze Orange . At 4:35 I heard a shot . I was packing up my gear and my youngest said he had shot and wanted to wait before checking it out as he wasn't sure about the hit . I thought , crap , it's gonna get dark . Well we started looking and couldn't find blood . Walked the woods and field in the dark and almost gave up as we still couldn't find any trace of blood . My youngest son thought the buck had made a right after running to the field but had run straight out and dropped and it was recovered . A real nice 8 point . Although I didn't get a shot I saw 5 doe and my son got a beauty of a buck on opening day .
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    Really nice buck! Congratulations!
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    I love the Bills. Even when I hate them. There is only one way that I will ever change my team. If the Bills move to Canada.
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    Ended up having a doe and two fawns come up as I was packing up past legal then a buck come in and chase em out. Ended up seeing 12 today. Though 4 just after 4:45. Also a fisher and a fox. I am beat shower, bed do it again
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    Had a DMP for zone 4O. Filled my tag and donated to Venison Donation Coalition. It was cold out there.
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    Had this 8pt chasing does he slowed down enough for a perfect shot ran 40 yards and hit the dirt. Not bad for my first archery buck! Been a long season glad to end it on a good note!
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    It's my lucky condom. Trouble is, it's a PITA to take it off and then put it back on everytime I have to pee. It's getting kind of ratty after 50 years, like the one I've been carrying in my wallet since I was 14.
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    Sad part is all of us should be able to wear brown Carharts and still be safe, if everyone was doing as they should.
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    Adirondack 6pt. Saturday afternoon in 5H about 100 yds with my Winchester 100 in .284 Winchester. 139gr Hornady Interlock BTSP with Varget. 1 shot in the neck dropped him like he was hit by a freight train. Not a good picture of his rack though.
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    Olive oil and a crust of Montreal, then walk by the grill with them and they're done! Had these last night as we butchered
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