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    OK the loan hen came back a few minutes later she past back the way she came. I called softly and a got a gobble after working him he gave me a shot 20lbs 9+ on beard Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
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    Please excuse me, because some of the members here have heard this story.. When I was in my late teens I had a sword fight with a porcupine underneath a junked car ..I was armed with the 18" Japanese bayonet that my Dad brought back from WWII, and the porky was armed with his natural defenses.. Suffice to say, I had to jab and parry like crazy to keep him from filling my face with quills, and I made a quick retreat in reverse lying on my belly. There is a good chance that alcohol was involved in that incident. I can't remember for sure since it was about 50 years ago.
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    You're joking right? That "pompous arrogant elitist" has probably done more for conservation and education than you could ever dream of. The "holier than thou" attitude is backed by years of knowledge and research. You shouldn't be offended by his sounding "snobbish" as you call it, if you don't open your mind to the real life ideas and experiences he lays out there for you. It's never too late to learn, even when you think you've got it all figured out on your own. That's not arrogance, that's simply one member trying to help another see things in a different light through his own personal experiences. If that's not for you, then you may have stopped at the wrong place my friend, because there seems to be a lot of that going on around here with guys sharing what they know first hand..
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    I understand Bernie voters. I understand Trump voters. I cannot understand who supports this cackling hen. It's just insane that they don't see her lies. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    When I get good at killing turkeys I only hope to be as good as this guy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My first and second attempts at proper euro mounts. In the past I would simply bury the skulls in a small sand pit and dig them up in the late spring. These were simmered in water and dawn soap, power washed , sealed with a matte clear and then I put a light stain on the antlers. I learned along the way and hope to have chance to try it again next season. The 8pt was shot 11/29/15 and the 10pt 1/31/16, both were archery bucks taken in NJ.
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    NOW it's all clear why you like Ted's Hotdogs so much.
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    This time of the year season is hard to tell, where some animals are growing/changing their coats/fur.Also this is the time to be using some bug treatments fleas/ticks/flies and mites.
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    Yes, depends on child . A bb gun would be a good start. Make the shooting fun, teach them to respect of the gun, shooting form etc. I think my daughter first shot her single shot .22 Cricket at 8 or 9. Never got her a bb gun but may have started her earlier. Bought a Ruger 10/.22 40th anniversary when she was 13 months old. Still NIB ,need to get optics. She's been shooting mine for years. Bought her Gander MTN limited youth pink woodgrain 870 20 when she was about 2 or 3. Just started shooting that last year. Low brass field loads. Bought some reduced recoil Magblends I stuff in it for turkey. Heart racing, blood pumping and bird strutting hoping she never feels it go off. My Winny 1300 used to kick the tar out of me testing 3" loads. On a bird,never felt it.
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    People who spend their lives in politics disgust me. That woman is going to be president for 8 years. Let that sink in. Shudder
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    Rib eye , veggies and a few gin and tonics !
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    I've missed. Hasn't everybody?
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    Absolutely!!! That's the biggest thrill for me.I look at it this way.Deer hunting most of the people I know kill deer routinely and most get multiples in a season....even if its just a bow season or just a gun season.Turkey when one of my friends get one its a "holy Shyt that's awesome congrats way to go" sort of thing.Ive always said if turkeys could use their noses as well as deer I doubt 5% of the annual number would get killed.
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    Fake retraction of a statement. I've said it, others have said it, this woman belongs in prison for treason, not in a position to run the USA. It's not hearsay it's facts. She's nothing more then Obama with boobs.
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    Hi, I'm new to joining the forum after following for a period of time. The majority of my hunting time is spent chasing Whitetails, during Archery, Gun and ML season. I have been hunting for the last 15 years, and live in the Buffalo (Lancaster) area. Hope to learn a lot from all the great people here and contribute where I can.
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    I'm digging this one ! Little history on the brick wall . First rack my daughter at age 14 pushed it out a drainage ditch to me and I dropped it on a dead run. Turkey I shot at 9am across from the middle school by my house , could not hear him because they were having gym class outside ..... They next rack was my first deer back in the early 80's. Next to that is a mount of a buck in bow a few years ago. Oh on the rack of my first buck are two bands from the first goose I shot, he was doubled banded .
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    Since the Youth Hunt with my son. Last night I got my motorized turkey decoy working and he's ready to reel the big guys in ... hopefully .... Good luck out there!
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    Never open an unfiltered e-mail link.
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    I'd guess its a fungus or bacteria in the sap flow feeding on the sugars.
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    Maybe it got into your mash? Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    To just shoot? I may let a young one try a bb gun at 7 or 8 but to be given (not kept by but stored by an adult) a gun, Somewhere between the age of 8 and 10, there are always exceptions, but at that age a child can truly understand the dangers of a gun and has the patience to learn and want to shoot. I would start them with a bb gun, a 22 at 10 maybe. If they show aptitude and resposibility.
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    Not the thing you want done to valuable timber trees , but they do have a purpose. By the way they are the only animal a man can run down and club 100% of the time..thats why in wilderness areas they are given a pass as survival food..
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    Decoys sometimes seal the deal and sometimes may ruin it. I've killed birds without them and had birds hang up as the dekes didn't move to the gobbler as real hens should. Decoy(s) would be a good attention getter for the bird and like someone mentioned gives the youth a one spot focal point to concentrate on. I would expect the birds to pitch downhill versus uphill off the roost. Get in tight but not too tight as the youth maybe a little restless more than yourself. Hmmm, wait or call. I'm always confused on this too. Call very softly though, and don't overcall. Maybe even around the side of your leg. That bird will know within feet where you are. Look up "flydown call" and beat your hat against your leg like wings flapping together. Side note: look up Woodthrush songs if you don't know what they sound like. The youth will love the watery call of them. They've been singing greatly lately. He'll enjoy the "woods waking up" for sure and good on you for taking him. Good luck to you both and hopefully pics tomorrow.
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    Congrats Huntscreek. Nice bird!! How are the hooks ? Good show ?
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    Just back from a retina specialist, as I got a couple more smaller ones. Retina is good, the large floater is causing some blurriness and light sensitivity which really sucks . Hope it disapates . Retina has one thinner spot, which he said has a 17% chance of tearing at some point ... I said that's a pretty specific number, he replied this is what I do for a living .
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    Deer poaching legislation that increases penalties for poaching deer is making some progress. Amendments had to be made to first get it through, but it was voted on and passed through the Assembly uncontested. Not a single 'Nay' vote! Lots of momentum now going into the senate. Several hundred if not thousands of $ to illegally shoot a deer and possible imprisonment. Also it got rid of the wording "wild deer", so if you shoot a pet deer behind someone's fence, there's a possibility this might kick in too but not completely sure. Definitely will make a difference. Before the penalties were practically nothing with no incentive for a poacher to change his/her ways. Areas hit hard by it is most likely same people being repeat offenders. Lots of incentive not to be that way now. https://www.qdma.com/news/qdma-supports-new-york-bills-to-increase-poaching-penalties http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?default_fld=&leg_video=&bn=A07171&term=2015&Summary=Y&Text=Y
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    Hen not head Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
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    Take some pics of that bad boy robot turkey Good luck. Daughter and I will also be out
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    Humans can also contract Mange by coming in contact with animals that have it. Mange is caused by tiny mites that burrow into the skin and cause severe itching. On animals the mites will thrive and reproduce eventually to the point of covering the whole body. On Humans they will not survive and reproduce but for the short while they are alive and active you will itch worse than having poison ivy. Al
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    Welcome aboard! Great to have another Whitetail enthusiast! Great to have you!
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    did you politely throw them out ?! That sucks.
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    Mange is one of nature's ways of controlling populations of some animals, notably red foxes and coyotes. I have never seen a mangey grey fox or coon, but lots of red foxes and coyotes. The disease is nearly always fatal, at least to red foxes. It is a slow, agonizing death. the hair falls off and the skin literally rots away. I have seen several reds with maggots burrowing into the rotten flesh while the animal is still alive. If you shoot one that has the mange, you are certainly doing it a favor. Dogs can contract mange, but in domestic animals it is easlly treatable. The wild critters have so such luxury.
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    sounds like you have a great area just need the birds to find roosting areas closer are maybe they are coming through later 9:30-10:00 do you hear any gobbling or hens yelping. also they need water to help keep their eggs damp. what kind of crops are in the fields they like clover and other grasses specially any new seeding or new growth
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    I don't think so. I'm part of the solution. I will be voting for Trump!
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    Let us not forget the occupiers were and are a bunch of freeloader losers who blame everyone else for their lack of a job instead of blaming themselves for majoring in art history or cutting classes and dicking around throughout college and never performing well enough to have a gpa worthy of a real jobSent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    You're not trying to change my mind? And yes. The occupiers threatened thousands and thousands of people. Everyday. People just trying to live life. Go to work. Take their kids on vacations. Business owners trying to provide for their families. Your group broke more laws and destroyed more property and were a far more greater cost to the taxpayer than the peaceful protests of the Bundy group. You are such a hypocrite to condone the occupiers and condemn the Bundy group.
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    Uncle Nicky I can respect the fact you have a life, we all do. And yes all shots aren't slam dunks, some in fact are much harder n imo should prob be passed. If we're fairly often missing than the shots are too tough. We owe the game our best shot. Hope we can agree on that. My point in saying it's hard to miss is it is when good shots are taken and to make anxious folks less so. It's only a shot, we need to be so confident in our abilities we know we can't miss or the shot is passed., The assumptions people make on this site are asinine, this goes to no one in particular btw. When I grew up no one offered any help or advice. Everyone's experiences is different n hence the difference types of advice given. I've been at this game a long time n do not mind helping, especially newer folks. You guys need to stop assuming the worst in people. No one knows someone else's intent.
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    I have never missed. Never, ever. Just don't ask me how many I have killed. Makes my streak of perfection less impressive.
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    LOL Pigfoxbaby! look for it in next years Superbowl!
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    It's a waste of time. When his assertions are challenged and he feels like he is in a corner, he just quits the conversation.
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    I keep hearing about how reviled Trump is and how he is hated by everyone, and totally unelectable. And yet the last of the opposition has already dropped out due to the overwhelming popularity of this guy. His wins have not been razor thin. For a guy who everyone supposedly hates, he sure is doing rather well isn't he? However, over on the socialist side of the race, we have little Bernie giving Queen Hillary all she can handle in their little battle of the socialists ..... and has not yet been successful at dispatching him yet. This fabricated picture of harmony and unity that is painted by the champions of cradle-to-grave politics is a marvelous exercise in fantasy and wishful thinking. Apparently there is some sort of comfort that these socialists obtain from the production of self-delusion. But I can only go by results. Trump is not necessarily the kind of candidate that I would have chosen to run, I have to admit that I am getting increasingly impressed as each day goes on. Besides, look at what the disgusting alternatives are.
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    Destroy the basis of America, so that you can rebuild it in your own image. I've seen that before, in history. Never Hillary.
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    Still haven't gotten a spring gobbler. Missed one year and haven't gone out more then twice a year the last few years so that made it harder. Messed up an opportunity almost each year because I was new and was bowhunting for them. Had my best opportunity 2 years ago when i called 2 nice toms into 40 yards but missed the shot because I didn't have time to pattern my gun. I'm hoping this is the year ill get one, missed opening day so Saturday is my first day out for the season.
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    Took me 6 years to break the ice!!! Great thread
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    looks good.....try Minwax "golden oak" in the future....I found that to be pretty natural looking.
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    Had a successful hunt this morning! Thankfully, we each had a blind to sit in in two different fields. Around 6:10 I saw 5 birds in front of my friends blind, so I turned around to watch the action unfold. After 10 minutes it looked like his birds were moving off, so I turned around to watch my own field. There 2 turkeys there! I put the binoculars up and saw one was a hen, the other a Jake. Both were moving in my direction. 30 seconds later a third bird -TOM - comes walking up too. I waited until they were in range and just as there were, both male birds were standing inches apart. I had to wait until they separated or risk shooting both of them at the same time. The Tom moved closer and I let one fly. MISS! He took off and was in the air within seconds. Young Jake stood around, so I pumped in another shell and knocked him down. Just after my fist shot, my friend in the other blind shot at a Tom, as those birds moved closer to his blind while I was working mine. He had a clean miss, so we will both be out looking to score again as soon as possible. It was a fun day in the rain!
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    last minute bird. We had a great hunt, my buddy missed and I was able to get him with a follow-up shot. There were two Toms with hens this one broke off and came to us. He put on a great show gobbling and strutting. 1" Spurs beard is 7.5". My friend can go after that other one tomorrow
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