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    OK the loan hen came back a few minutes later she past back the way she came. I called softly and a got a gobble after working him he gave me a shot 20lbs 9+ on beard Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
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    . Anybody who hasn't missed hasn't shot at very many turkeys. I have certainly missed my share in the last forty-some years...
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    And BOOM goes the dinamite ! Had two gobblin on either side of me below the ridge I'm on ... They shut up bout an hour ago ... Soft called him in , came in silent , started puttin and I waited till he popped behind a tree , raised up, when he stuck his head out boom, paced it off at 39 yds ... He was just about to disappear below the rise .... Good to get one out of the way now I can enjoy the rest of season [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think another big part of the equation is that kids mature at diffrent rates and it's up to the parents to recognize what is a realistic goal for the kids on an individual basis.
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    So I havent missed yet, but along with what pygmy says I've only shot 3 birds. I love deer hunting, but turkey is definatley a challenge for me. I think im about 8 seasons in with turkey and learn something new every year. I'd like to think I'm a decent deer hunter, but as a turkey hunter I still have much to learn. Not for nothing , but a miss will teach you things a hit never did.
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    Yea maybe later in season I may try he's got a good head on him but don't know first thing about turkey hunting never been before...ever....I went and picked up licence decoy and more shells today so I'm ready for sunday....I know where the birds are and am going to try and slip in within a 150 or so and try and get one to fly down within range and get home early....here's hoping lol....Actually in all honestly all I want is the birds to be vocal. This will be his first true experience watching the woods wake up and turkey hunting too so just seeing that and hearing that will probably be enough to get him to want to go back out...he turns 13 sat and dad don't hunt much except deer and my boys only 5 so glad to have him want to be out there Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Please excuse me, because some of the members here have heard this story.. When I was in my late teens I had a sword fight with a porcupine underneath a junked car ..I was armed with the 18" Japanese bayonet that my Dad brought back from WWII, and the porky was armed with his natural defenses.. Suffice to say, I had to jab and parry like crazy to keep him from filling my face with quills, and I made a quick retreat in reverse lying on my belly. There is a good chance that alcohol was involved in that incident. I can't remember for sure since it was about 50 years ago.
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    Spring turkey 2 years back when I was trying to learn how to hunt them with neighbor...could have picked him up...actually poked him with my 12 g barrel so shooting them isn't much fun for me....that would change if I had dogs and didn't want more fisher.... Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk Edit...pic is behind my house 4 or 500 yards Edit again....the remind me of eore on winnie the pooh lol
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    I'm takin my nieces out tomorrow for the first time behind their house. No idea what the local bird population is like however. Gonna be interesting.
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    Out with the bow tday back after the two birds the dude scared away the other day ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You're joking right? That "pompous arrogant elitist" has probably done more for conservation and education than you could ever dream of. The "holier than thou" attitude is backed by years of knowledge and research. You shouldn't be offended by his sounding "snobbish" as you call it, if you don't open your mind to the real life ideas and experiences he lays out there for you. It's never too late to learn, even when you think you've got it all figured out on your own. That's not arrogance, that's simply one member trying to help another see things in a different light through his own personal experiences. If that's not for you, then you may have stopped at the wrong place my friend, because there seems to be a lot of that going on around here with guys sharing what they know first hand..
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    I understand Bernie voters. I understand Trump voters. I cannot understand who supports this cackling hen. It's just insane that they don't see her lies. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I've only ever shot 1....drilled him flipped right over...new to Turkey hunting I immediately stood up and called my dad to tell him......with my shotgun leaning on tree a few steps away I watched that bird fly away...looked all over never to be seen again.... Wait I guess that counts too lol damn Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    When I get good at killing turkeys I only hope to be as good as this guy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My hunting buddy called tonight to ask if I'd be interested in tracking again. He has a line on a good bloodline wirehaired dachshund. Her name is Xena and she is 9 months old. Both our tracking dogs died a few years ago after long lives doing what they loved to do. So we got away from blood tracking. Not sure if we will be under the Deersearch banner this time around. But will be independent and track for local hunters. Guess I better start getting in shape.
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    My first and second attempts at proper euro mounts. In the past I would simply bury the skulls in a small sand pit and dig them up in the late spring. These were simmered in water and dawn soap, power washed , sealed with a matte clear and then I put a light stain on the antlers. I learned along the way and hope to have chance to try it again next season. The 8pt was shot 11/29/15 and the 10pt 1/31/16, both were archery bucks taken in NJ.
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    NOW it's all clear why you like Ted's Hotdogs so much.
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    This time of the year season is hard to tell, where some animals are growing/changing their coats/fur.Also this is the time to be using some bug treatments fleas/ticks/flies and mites.
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    I wanna hunt without getting soaked...........the Hell with the lawn.
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    The reason I post this thread was because that morning I watched a hunting show on TV. Wasn't Turkey Thugs or Turkey Man but forgot the name. Guy plum missed, shot high, right over birds head. Not a difficult shot at all. His dad razzed him as he did the same thing the year before. And holy cow could this guy call on a mouth call. And thankfully he didn't try and shoot bird in strut for coverage. Taking my daughter out again and try to call in 2 birds we saw during youth hunt. I'll be stuffing heavi magblends as XR's way too tight inside my daughters guns range. I don't want to be posting about another miss and me be the one possibly messing up a potential double. Oh boy, actually it would be funny for her to razz me if it happened .
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    Yes, depends on child . A bb gun would be a good start. Make the shooting fun, teach them to respect of the gun, shooting form etc. I think my daughter first shot her single shot .22 Cricket at 8 or 9. Never got her a bb gun but may have started her earlier. Bought a Ruger 10/.22 40th anniversary when she was 13 months old. Still NIB ,need to get optics. She's been shooting mine for years. Bought her Gander MTN limited youth pink woodgrain 870 20 when she was about 2 or 3. Just started shooting that last year. Low brass field loads. Bought some reduced recoil Magblends I stuff in it for turkey. Heart racing, blood pumping and bird strutting hoping she never feels it go off. My Winny 1300 used to kick the tar out of me testing 3" loads. On a bird,never felt it.
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    Good news on the retina not being an issue! That's got to be a relief! I just had an eye appointment Wednesday, and confirmed that there's nothing (legal or ethical) that they will do for a floater. She did say it's most likely it'll move around (hence "floater") as mine is almost dead center in my vision. At least it's not my scope eye! I may need glasses in the near future though. Made it to 57 w/o them, just readers since late 40's.
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    I jumped out in front of them and just stood staring, They got the message, turned tail and skedaddled.
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    Agreed. I don't have the luxury of hunting or scouting everyday, pretty busy with this thing called "life". But I can call them in and knock them down with the best of them when I do get a chance to get out, don't need to thump my chest on an internet forum to prove that. Not every bird is a slam dunk shot at 20 yards, but I will agree that the further out they are or if you have to take a shot from an awkward position, the chance of missing (or peppering them) increases.
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    People who spend their lives in politics disgust me. That woman is going to be president for 8 years. Let that sink in. Shudder
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    Rib eye , veggies and a few gin and tonics !
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    I've missed. Hasn't everybody?
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    Absolutely!!! That's the biggest thrill for me.I look at it this way.Deer hunting most of the people I know kill deer routinely and most get multiples in a season....even if its just a bow season or just a gun season.Turkey when one of my friends get one its a "holy Shyt that's awesome congrats way to go" sort of thing.Ive always said if turkeys could use their noses as well as deer I doubt 5% of the annual number would get killed.
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    Fake retraction of a statement. I've said it, others have said it, this woman belongs in prison for treason, not in a position to run the USA. It's not hearsay it's facts. She's nothing more then Obama with boobs.
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    Breakfast ! Smoked a pork shoulder yesterday rubbed in honey mustard and coffee rub. Then threw in crockpot overnight. Couldn't wait to try it. Some homemade slaw and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce.
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    Hi, I'm new to joining the forum after following for a period of time. The majority of my hunting time is spent chasing Whitetails, during Archery, Gun and ML season. I have been hunting for the last 15 years, and live in the Buffalo (Lancaster) area. Hope to learn a lot from all the great people here and contribute where I can.
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    Years ago I dropped a few with a Dan Wesson .44 mag. 8 inch SS .
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    that reminds me. About 20 years ago my brother box trapped a opossum that was getting into his shed. A guy at his work was notorious for being a jack arse and his vehicle an absolute mess. Burger king and Mickey D wrappers and bags all over the bag seat 2 feet deep. Guess where that grinner went ?! Brother got wind of the guy talking about it 3 days later.
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    Maybe it got into your mash? Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Decoys sometimes seal the deal and sometimes may ruin it. I've killed birds without them and had birds hang up as the dekes didn't move to the gobbler as real hens should. Decoy(s) would be a good attention getter for the bird and like someone mentioned gives the youth a one spot focal point to concentrate on. I would expect the birds to pitch downhill versus uphill off the roost. Get in tight but not too tight as the youth maybe a little restless more than yourself. Hmmm, wait or call. I'm always confused on this too. Call very softly though, and don't overcall. Maybe even around the side of your leg. That bird will know within feet where you are. Look up "flydown call" and beat your hat against your leg like wings flapping together. Side note: look up Woodthrush songs if you don't know what they sound like. The youth will love the watery call of them. They've been singing greatly lately. He'll enjoy the "woods waking up" for sure and good on you for taking him. Good luck to you both and hopefully pics tomorrow.
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    Congrats Huntscreek. Nice bird!! How are the hooks ? Good show ?
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    My brother was a range instructor for the Marines, it's really a weird site to see kids so young with such good shooting form. His son has really taken to alot , I've never seen another 11 year old "sweep" a room with a nerf gun while dad covers him.
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    Hen not head Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
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    did you politely throw them out ?! That sucks.
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    I completely understand that game plan as being effective, but I'm not sure it would be something I'd try with a new hunter. It's easy to loose track of direction in the heat of the moment being a veteran on a shifty gobbler and I'd hate to see that shot opportunity present itself if a bird got between the shooter and caller without noticing it. With a newbie or youth hunter, I don't think I would go with that approach, but that's just me trying to eliminate any chance of catastrophes in advance before they become life altering reality to an up and coming hunter. JMO.
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    I'm not much of a turkey Hunter , oh I've killed a few but really don't know much other then going in the woods where I,know they are, and I go In around 9:00 , no way I'm getting up early ..... But that's another topic . Years ago I'd take my daughter , but often they hung up out of range . A guy who is a good turkey hunt told me to sit behind her , 20 or 30 yards and call from there . Now When they hang up out of range from the caller they're in range of the shooter . Not sure if you can leave the kid by himself , but that's worked for us . Good luck !
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    used Browning A-5, and no need to change barrels. Same modified choke barrel taken: ducks, rabbits, pheasants, squirrels, and deer. Hoping to add turkey to the list soon. Clean it after done hunting for the year, just wipe down with a little oil after exposure to rain/snow during the season.
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    I understand and also despise poaching, but not just deer. I have a problem with the guys they catch with piles of fish when the limit is 50, or the guy that shoots a turkey a day early, because he didn't want to take a chance on someone else shooting that big bird. I believe all poaching needs to be addressed equally. I have had many discussions about this with different people and here is some of the different perspectives I hear about raising the fines to high. When we only look at poaching, that is all we see and it makes us mad when they get off easy. When we pull back and look at the bigger picture things can change. What else does the judge have come across his bench in their time there? What may influence them in their decisions to go easy on the poacher, or anyone for that matter? Everyone's first reaction is they know the guy, may be a friend or even relative. I am sure that may happen but consider this. A drunk driver kills a pregnant mother of 2 young children, and all the judge can do is sentence him to is a year in jail because of the circumstances. One day he has a case of child molestation and all he can give him 6 months probation with the evidence they have. Then everything clicks, there is a rock solid case on something really bad, he throws the book at the guy only to have a parole board let them out early, or worse yet, someone wants to reduce the number of inmates in the jails, so back on the street he goes after serving 6 months of a 10 year sentence. So now someone comes before the judge that is charged with shooting an illegal deer and the judge is asked to fine them and put them in jail for a year. That's all he could do to the drunk driver and far less than he could give the child molester. Could this lend itself to a decision to go easy on a poacher? Without knowing why the judge let the poacher off easy, one can only speculation. Judges have to fit a punishment to a crime, and they can see all kinds. Not saying these cases actually happened, but the judge sees many more cases than just the poacher, and it has to weigh on them when a fine for an animal is higher than they can give someone for something more egregious. Not saying it's right, but the entire judicial system is upside down. I am sure there are times the judge is taking care of his buddies, but don't blame them all. We don't know what evil's they were forced to let go.
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    I keep hearing about how reviled Trump is and how he is hated by everyone, and totally unelectable. And yet the last of the opposition has already dropped out due to the overwhelming popularity of this guy. His wins have not been razor thin. For a guy who everyone supposedly hates, he sure is doing rather well isn't he? However, over on the socialist side of the race, we have little Bernie giving Queen Hillary all she can handle in their little battle of the socialists ..... and has not yet been successful at dispatching him yet. This fabricated picture of harmony and unity that is painted by the champions of cradle-to-grave politics is a marvelous exercise in fantasy and wishful thinking. Apparently there is some sort of comfort that these socialists obtain from the production of self-delusion. But I can only go by results. Trump is not necessarily the kind of candidate that I would have chosen to run, I have to admit that I am getting increasingly impressed as each day goes on. Besides, look at what the disgusting alternatives are.
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    Destroy the basis of America, so that you can rebuild it in your own image. I've seen that before, in history. Never Hillary.
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    Took me 6 years to break the ice!!! Great thread
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    Finally got off the schneid .
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    One came in to my hen/jake set up. No blind, just back up under a dry space under a big hemlock, not bad at all in the woods. When the rain let up a bit, this guy gobbled a couple times and came in. Eight-inch beard, 3/4 inch spurs, 22.6 pounds. Now to go after the big old slob with the long spurs...oh, and remember. Don't grab them by the legs until they are stone dead. That's my blood, not his. Rookie mistake.
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