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    . Anybody who hasn't missed hasn't shot at very many turkeys. I have certainly missed my share in the last forty-some years...
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    And BOOM goes the dinamite ! Had two gobblin on either side of me below the ridge I'm on ... They shut up bout an hour ago ... Soft called him in , came in silent , started puttin and I waited till he popped behind a tree , raised up, when he stuck his head out boom, paced it off at 39 yds ... He was just about to disappear below the rise .... Good to get one out of the way now I can enjoy the rest of season [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yea maybe later in season I may try he's got a good head on him but don't know first thing about turkey hunting never been before...ever....I went and picked up licence decoy and more shells today so I'm ready for sunday....I know where the birds are and am going to try and slip in within a 150 or so and try and get one to fly down within range and get home early....here's hoping lol....Actually in all honestly all I want is the birds to be vocal. This will be his first true experience watching the woods wake up and turkey hunting too so just seeing that and hearing that will probably be enough to get him to want to go back out...he turns 13 sat and dad don't hunt much except deer and my boys only 5 so glad to have him want to be out there Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Out with the bow tday back after the two birds the dude scared away the other day ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You're joking right? That "pompous arrogant elitist" has probably done more for conservation and education than you could ever dream of. The "holier than thou" attitude is backed by years of knowledge and research. You shouldn't be offended by his sounding "snobbish" as you call it, if you don't open your mind to the real life ideas and experiences he lays out there for you. It's never too late to learn, even when you think you've got it all figured out on your own. That's not arrogance, that's simply one member trying to help another see things in a different light through his own personal experiences. If that's not for you, then you may have stopped at the wrong place my friend, because there seems to be a lot of that going on around here with guys sharing what they know first hand..
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    I understand Bernie voters. I understand Trump voters. I cannot understand who supports this cackling hen. It's just insane that they don't see her lies. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I've only ever shot 1....drilled him flipped right over...new to Turkey hunting I immediately stood up and called my dad to tell him......with my shotgun leaning on tree a few steps away I watched that bird fly away...looked all over never to be seen again.... Wait I guess that counts too lol damn Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    When I get good at killing turkeys I only hope to be as good as this guy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My hunting buddy called tonight to ask if I'd be interested in tracking again. He has a line on a good bloodline wirehaired dachshund. Her name is Xena and she is 9 months old. Both our tracking dogs died a few years ago after long lives doing what they loved to do. So we got away from blood tracking. Not sure if we will be under the Deersearch banner this time around. But will be independent and track for local hunters. Guess I better start getting in shape.
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    My first and second attempts at proper euro mounts. In the past I would simply bury the skulls in a small sand pit and dig them up in the late spring. These were simmered in water and dawn soap, power washed , sealed with a matte clear and then I put a light stain on the antlers. I learned along the way and hope to have chance to try it again next season. The 8pt was shot 11/29/15 and the 10pt 1/31/16, both were archery bucks taken in NJ.
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    People who spend their lives in politics disgust me. That woman is going to be president for 8 years. Let that sink in. Shudder
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    Rib eye , veggies and a few gin and tonics !
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    I've missed. Hasn't everybody?
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    Absolutely!!! That's the biggest thrill for me.I look at it this way.Deer hunting most of the people I know kill deer routinely and most get multiples in a season....even if its just a bow season or just a gun season.Turkey when one of my friends get one its a "holy Shyt that's awesome congrats way to go" sort of thing.Ive always said if turkeys could use their noses as well as deer I doubt 5% of the annual number would get killed.
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    Fake retraction of a statement. I've said it, others have said it, this woman belongs in prison for treason, not in a position to run the USA. It's not hearsay it's facts. She's nothing more then Obama with boobs.
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    Breakfast ! Smoked a pork shoulder yesterday rubbed in honey mustard and coffee rub. Then threw in crockpot overnight. Couldn't wait to try it. Some homemade slaw and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce.
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    Well, maybe that's a stretch. But if you look close, these guys are showing those bumps on the pedicles as the new velvet antlers begin.
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    I have never missed. Never, ever. Just don't ask me how many I have killed. Makes my streak of perfection less impressive.
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    While the article was well written and thought out, to me it seems to preach to the choir. There is the argument that a trophy deer, elk, whatever, is still eaten. Saving that smaller buck for next season is a moot point. Most anti-hunters would not consider that decision to be trophy hunting. You want to "work together" where there is "common ground". Arguing against wilderness areas - which I hunted avidly when I was able - and pushing for motorized access, undermines that desire. I can no longer hunt those big woods but I will continue to advocate for wilderness. I have personal limits but would fight the State compromising wild areas by allowing motorized access, even if it got me deeper into the woods. There are plenty of "Wild Forests". Many "Wilderness" areas are lacking in game anyway. You may not find many who agree with me on this forum but they are out there. I hunt with them. This tends to be a self selecting group. Maybe sportsmen aren't joining your organizations because there are too many differences, too many compromises. I will join the NRA when they stop lying about the impact of lead ammo on scavenging raptors. Why would trapping be banned in some municipalities? I assume this is for pet safety. I am sure I am not the only person who knows someone whose pet was caught or killed by a trap in a suburban or semi-rural area.
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    Destroy the basis of America, so that you can rebuild it in your own image. I've seen that before, in history. Never Hillary.
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    Took me 6 years to break the ice!!! Great thread
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    looks good.....try Minwax "golden oak" in the future....I found that to be pretty natural looking.
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    Had a successful hunt this morning! Thankfully, we each had a blind to sit in in two different fields. Around 6:10 I saw 5 birds in front of my friends blind, so I turned around to watch the action unfold. After 10 minutes it looked like his birds were moving off, so I turned around to watch my own field. There 2 turkeys there! I put the binoculars up and saw one was a hen, the other a Jake. Both were moving in my direction. 30 seconds later a third bird -TOM - comes walking up too. I waited until they were in range and just as there were, both male birds were standing inches apart. I had to wait until they separated or risk shooting both of them at the same time. The Tom moved closer and I let one fly. MISS! He took off and was in the air within seconds. Young Jake stood around, so I pumped in another shell and knocked him down. Just after my fist shot, my friend in the other blind shot at a Tom, as those birds moved closer to his blind while I was working mine. He had a clean miss, so we will both be out looking to score again as soon as possible. It was a fun day in the rain!