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    It's been a long hard season for me been hunting every single chance I got to this year. I've missed 2 does cleanly and had a couple close encounters that just didn't pan out. Been bow hunting for 3 years and have learned a lot in that time. Prior to this year I've only taken one shot at a deer and missed cleanly. But today I finally connected. It was super foggy for me today but at 8:15 the sun came out and the fog lifted at about 8:30 had a doe moving quickly behind me and to my right I grab my bow knowing a buck be behind her sure enough there was a small buck chasing her they were out of range. I grunted at them but they wanted nothing to do with it. I texted my buddy saying deer where moving and then tried a snort weeze just to see within 30 seconds I hear movement and see another deer coming down the hill towards me it get to be about 40 yards in front of my and turns and is heading straight to me I draw and he gives me a slight quartering to shot. I hit him right above the shoulder and he takes off. He broke my arrow after about 40 yards then I hear him crash he's not one of the big boys I've seen on camera but this was my last day to bow hunt and I couldn't be happier with him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    11/17 - Today was a good day. My brother in law drove in from Michigan last night to do some hunting at the farm. We had an 8 pointer at 40 yards, 30 minutes before legal shooting light, so of course let him walk. He was nice enough to come back at 1:30 this afternoon, and Tom shot him at 225 yards. He went 100 yards and dropped in the field. I took Luna up for a training track and she did great. At 4:00 we went on a track for a buck that was shot last night. Luna quickly took us the couple hundred yards to the hunters point of loss, then lost the track where the area had been grid searched. We did multiple restarts and she eventually took us into a swamp that was loaded with deer. One crashed off close to us, then I heard another blowing at us. I was concerned that Luna was on a hot track and it may not have been our buck, but she proved me wrong. A short distance later I found some dried blood high on some swamp grass, and Luna was pulling hard. She made multiple turns on different trails and we found some hair and a deer tail laying there. We continued on and and within a few yards found the 5 point buck. He had been dead awhile and the coyotes had just started on his rear end...I believe we pushed them off him. This is the hunters first buck which made it an even more rewarding track!
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    The louder the left is screaming the more I think the appointments are appropriate.
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    Sick day. Come on hunting gods reward my poor work ethic . Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Probably anyone who disagrees with the Liberal agenda ..........
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    Little $$ but this is what works for me on my new SUV! No lifting, other than onto the deer cart portion of the unit. Yeah, that knee-knocker 4" riser is painted orange as a reminder to myself. Okay, so I regret trading in my small p/u!! lol
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    Thanks grampy. I hope this is the last fall that I get shafted with covering so many hours. We let a guy go back in late summer so we've been short handed ever since. Some how we can't find a single person in the capital district that can do the job of a miller to replace the guy we let go. It's not a easy job in the least, but it's not impossible. Anyone with at least average intelligence can do this after a few months of training. It's the work ethic that all of our possible candidates have lacked. We've brought in about 5 people the last couple months to see if they could do it and not a single one wanted to work. When the hell did "work" become sitting in a break room or locker room on a cell phone all day? That's the mentality these guys bring in the door. We even have "assistant millers" or wheat runners as we usually call them, who are supposed to help us when we need it and pretty much do anything we ask of them. 3 of the 4 can't get off FB long enough to look where they are walking. They are also supposed to have a pretty solid understanding of how the mills operate and function so they can take over in emergencies if needed....but our guys can't even handle their own equipment let alone my 8800 pieces of equipment. Not sure why they even keep them classified as "assistant millers". More like chair warmers they are. Sorry to get off topic....needed to rant there for a min.... Good luck tomorrow and this weekend to everyone! Let's see some bone on the ground!!!
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    Sounds like the same model you guys used to lose the election. SO keep up the good work.
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    Alright guys and gals it's almost gun season. Hope you all have a SAFE opening weekend and successful too. And don't be that d bag that shoots at 6:15 when it's dark as hell!!
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    Good luck everyone on the last day of archery. Today is 2 year anniversary of Snowvember in WNY Little different this year
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    How Obama "Saved America"... Inadvertently. Democrats have paid an unprecedented price under eight years of President Barack Obama. When Obama took office in 2009, Democrats controlled the House and the Senate by substantial majorities. Democrats sat in 28 governor’s mansions and controlled nearly as many state houses. And in 17 states, Democrats controlled all three. Now democrats only control 4 states...period. This is not because of "racism" or any of the other ridicules lies that state propaganda machine (media) spew. It is because of Obama's failed policies and the overwhelming rejection of them by the American people. In the 45th presidency Donald Trump will appoint the supreme court justice that will effectively "Save America" ...possible of course because of the abject failure that was the 44th president.
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    Actually...I believe just the opposite is happening...all the people with a civil mind (Republican, Democrat, and independent) are thanking their lucky stars Donald Trump is POTUS elect. The media is so stupid that they believe a majority of the people are happy with these protests, people destroying property etc. Democrats are going to have to swing to a far left agenda to appease these kooks and that is an agenda the overwhelming majority of the people will not support. The democrats were much better off when they just lied to the American electorate about being the working man's party. Now the party's true colors are on full display and an overwhelming majority of the people don't like it.
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    Well my bow/crossbow season is over with no tags filled. I had some opportunities...passed some some small bucks and doe with fawns. No regrets...enjoyed my season. Be back out Saturday morning with the rifle...
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    im shooting at 616, jk, all be safe!
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    Spaghetti squash, pretty cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry no more Kool-Aid for sale... sales ended Nov 8th
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    I will be high on a mountain in the Adirondacks. Away from anyone wearing orange. With no fear at all if anyone coming in and messing up my hunt, no fear of anyone being in one of my stands and no fear of anyone being 75yds from me. I'll hunt southern zone during the week when I don't have to deal with the masses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bottom of the ninth, two out...a big rutting buck comes trotting in, directly at me. I grunted at him at 20 yards. The leaves were so noisy, he didn't hear me. So I grunted very loud to stop him. It worked at 15 yards. Of course at full draw I settled the pin low, but he dropped and I spin-ed him. Took two more arrows to quickly finish him. Weighed #155 on a scale dressed out. What a haul dragging him out of the wood and getting him in the truck. But how fulfilling to hunt the entire season and scoring in the end on a rutting buck! Some times it doesn't end that way. And you hold out...and it doesn't happen. What a season with so many small bucks passed! Not able to close the deal on a lot of the alphas I had on cam, and some of those would bring me on the edge of divorce...again. I really don't need another mount! but what a great ending to the archery season. Couldn't be happier. Earlier, I watched this guy chase a tiny doe, two scrub bucks were with him. A buck with both antlers broke off was munching acorns beneath me. When the Whitetail Breeding Unit ran by, he took off after them. But he came back soon to pig out on the acorns. That was in the morning, about 9 am. So I decided to spend the afternoon sit in the same stand. He came in about 4:30. I think I have him on a trail cam shot from earlier this month. His right tip of the main beam is broken off. What a blessing.
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    Was packed up and unhooking my harness when i saw him coming in. quickly got my bow back up the line and knocked and arrow and drew back. 15 yd shot at most went 30 yards and piled up. double lung with the grim reaper wts and FMJs. Biggest archery buck so far. Shot him in 8A
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    Maybe the last sit of archery, still looking for a buck. Good luck all. Beautiful morning! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah..I remember before I was old enough to hunt, going overtown from school on my lunch hour in Addison on opening day of deer season just to see the deer on cars along Main Street....The street was lined with them...Seems like very few people drove pickups back then except the farmers...Of course they would take the deer home and hang them in their barns/sheds.. Mostly the "townies" and the flatlanders draped them on their cars and parked them on the street... Good times, nonetheless...
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    You're talking about a state that considers a Xbow a muzzleloader, thinks gangsters will only load 7 rounds in their guns and thinks that although a handgun owner is responsible enough to carry a handgun in public isn't responsible enough to carry one in the woods during bow/muz season. It is never safe to use common sense or assume when talking NY LAWS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So I decided to go to old faithful this morning...It was a last minute thing at the end of driveway decision. I walked the cleared trails to the stand..there wasn't even a mouse rustling through the leafs and bright!...BTW went to cock bow at the house before leaving and wouldn't , I nearly took out my back trying and finally it caught. I get up into the stand all quiet and early and go to nock a bolt...It won't slide up..so I lift tension spring...but something isn't right...as it gets light I realize the string isn't completely seated..#$@#$%Great...so I remove the bolt and stand. Then place the cocking rope on the string and in the fire position I pull with all my might "CLICK"...get settle back down to immediately hear running above me...down the hill towards me are 3 deer...as they finally get to me I see my companions the triplets they stop 10 yrds in front of me looking past the stand.. That's when I heard the slow steady crunch.....crunch...crunch distinct walk of a buck. The triplets are dancing a bit and he's still slowly coming in from behind my stand and thankfully to my rt...I am a left handed gunner so I am with the crossbow...Just as I see his nose I start to lift the bow and as his head goes behind the tree I shoulder and find the opening...he steps in and I drop my 20 line low and behind the shoulder. He was at 5yrds and I squeezed the shot off...I mule kick and short dash ...then he stops with his tail down and wagging furiously ,he walks away...I kept a very close eye on him for the triplets ran with him and I worried about the blood trail. The fawns came back and fed over in the lane way. So I waited until I could no longer see them...I got my blood soaked arrow and decided not to track him...He had walked a very long ways,which bothered me I knew where so I decided to walk those cleaned quiet trails to see if I could spot him and did... problem was he'd laid his head against a tree and was in an upright position ears laying out to the side...I was able to walk trails at a good distance all the way around to where I could see his front and face...dead deer.. I used the bolt I found clearing the trails and shredded both lungs..man he walked a long ways with no lungs crazy.
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    My bro's buck 2.5 years old. He must have been hit by a car at some point. He had a broken bone in his pelvis. Also some road rash on brisket. He was not limping and seemed otherwise healthy. The toughness of these critters never ceases to amaze me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk