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    Big Adirondack 8 down, still dragging story and pics to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks everyone! Still can't believe I shot it! I've never had the shakes that bad
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    Good luck tomm.Lets be safe and have a great hunt everyone..
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    Nodeerhere, you now need to change your forum name. He's a beauty. Congrats
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    Sounds like the same model you guys used to lose the election. SO keep up the good work.
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    Alright guys and gals it's almost gun season. Hope you all have a SAFE opening weekend and successful too. And don't be that d bag that shoots at 6:15 when it's dark as hell!!
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    I agree...made the decision to hunt closer to home this opener and skip camp....haven't hunted with my buddy in years...so my dad and I will be heading out with him tomorrow morning....not always about the deer we shoot....but deff about the memories we make! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    I sat 6-8:30 am. kicked up the resident doe and button buck on the way in, nothing else. Have a congested 9 month old that needs some snuggle time with Dad, apparently, so that's a wrap on my 2016 archery season. I put some meat in the freezer, but overall, much less productive than last season...I only saw 1 buck the whole season while hunting. Scouting for the late season and 2017 season starts tomorrow...well, maybe Sunday since it will be 60 degrees here on opening day for the second year in a row and I don't expect to be doing much walking around. I'm not liking this trend at all!
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    You just never know...that's the great thing about deer hunting. When you think you have them on a string...seems something always happens. And when you think that it is time to leave the stand, they show up.
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    I know exactly what you mean , I've always been kind of jealous of the hunting camp thing on opening weekend. I've never been at a true hunting camp before ,it seems like it would an absolute blast.
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    Hey neck FORD called Trump, their not moving from Kentucky to Mexico. Apple is looking for USA plant not China. Ok for the grown ups that means jobs. So he's not even in office and has done more for all people than the Dems have done in the last 8 yrs. So I if I was you I d stop my bitching Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
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    ... and every other house on the street had a deer hanging from a tree in the yard, either front or back yard! Not now-a-days!!! That was the social media of days gone by!
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    Buckmaster, whether you like this topic or not doesn't change the fact and the very real outcome of many of these wounded animals. The only reason I began the topic was because I was reading many hunters say "Well, I didn't recover him but I think he'll survive." The likelihood of survival is very low, especially after the infection takes hold.
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    I will be using my 6.8spc ARES semi and my son will use his Savage 270. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    Rage, already did my rifle trip up North.
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    Mossberg Patriot .243 Hornady 95gr. SST. The Remington mod. 11 will also be in my Jeep just in case.
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    Out here in the meadow stand in 6g in a t shirt wow what a gorgeous day, way to warm for hunting though, hopeing a big doe will come out and Sun herself, good luck to all. Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk
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    I don't know...may be you should hold out for something a little bigger...LOL Best of Luck...may he do a leisurely stroll past you.
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    Usally on public land opening day no matter what you hear gun shots by the end of the day . I believe lot of guys just before they leave the woods take a shot just because they have not used there gun since last season and are checking if there scope still works. Or at least thats my theory because you hear so many more gun shots then you see deer being draged out of those public lands .
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    There are two others names going around as well The Rock and my least favorite human on the planet Kayne West Lets enjoy it while we can
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    He is seeing the writing on the wall that if he does there will be huge taxes coming in his direction for outsourcing. I hope there is a change in all manufacturers along with exportation of oil. Why can't Japan and other Countries get oil from Saudi/Middle East instead of us?
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    I have a co worker who I'm pretty sure didn't even sight his gun in last year. Might explain why he missed a deer on the single day he went out. Some people half-ass it!
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    deer rarely have ears fully forward unless they're looking at something bad / having an oh sh*t moment.
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    I shouldn't do this but....Deerthug...Now all we have to worry /hear about it is Obama's wife running in 4 years..I won't speak her name...had a bigger dislike for her than him On a brighter note have a great , safe, productive hunt!
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    i hope u put him down tomorrow. what do u think ur chances r.
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    Way to go on the tracks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The corner of our blind looks like this
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    Yes, I did it once years ago, before I got serious about locking up some private land to hunt.I just stopped at a hill that looked promising, sat on a ridge, and a buck ran practically in my lap. It never hurts to ask for clues or look at a topographic map for ideas, but if luck is on your side that day, it can be done,
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    I voted for Saturday because the kids have the weekend off to hunt and the average working man is off. I missed many a opening day while I was working because I could not take Monday off. Mike.
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    We are only a day away from the 2016 Regular Gun Season for the Southern Zone, the Northern Zone kicked off their Season a few weeks back. We want to wish everyone a safe, fun and successful hunting season! Please make sure you keep us updated with reports of your hunts successful or not. Again, please be safe and have fun. The 2016 "Live From the Stand / Woods" thread is up with thousands of posts already from the 2016 season of live action from the woods, 7th year in a row! -> https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/34783-live-from-the-woods-2016-edition-7th-year-lets-make-this-happen/ As always there are some amazing trail camera photos up, some real nice deer have been posted over the last few weeks -> http://huntingny.com/forums/forum/23-trail-camera-pictures/ Be sure to also check out the 2016 HuntingNY Archery Harvest thread - lots of great deer taken this year already during archery. And of course check out the main Deer Hunting forum here - > https://huntingny.com/forums/forum/11-deer-hunting/ Hot Topics! Southern Zone Rut Status & Updates - > https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/35818-rut-status-southern-zone/ Loading a deer into your car/truck - > https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/36178-something-practical-loading-a-deer/ Your Opening Day Spot - > https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/36172-your-opening-day-spot/ Does Anyone Miss A Monday Deer Opener? - > https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/36163-does-anyone-miss-the-monday-opener/ Thank you Be safe, have fun, and good luck this 2016 season! View full article
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    I find it revealing people admit they will support lies, that they know are lies, to stifle a President. America suffers when you do that. Everything Obama and Hillary have been accused of, that has been proven, has been ignored by their supporters, yet they will support lies about Trump. I will not support anything Trump does that is "deplorable" if it's proven true. Why? Because I want what's best for this country, not what's best for my comrades. BTW, I wasn't even aware of the story about Podesta until just now. I don't follow anything about Hillary anymore because she is now inconsequential.
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    My wife and I tried to do the same thing. we went everywhere in the Catskills to find that piece of God's country. Our range for land was 125 with 30% down. Our credit is 850. we found a bank (Trustco) and they had no PMI and closing cost $2500. With that being said my wife said find a house so we can use it now and all year long. Instead of putting down 30% we put 10% instead. why not no penalty. I love my wife she is a economic machine. For the same price of what we thought land would be we also got a 2 bed room house and a 20 x 40 garage. We also had extra down payment money left over for matching quads. Where are you looking? Keep in mind even if you dont put 20% on a house the pmi may only be $60 per month. That way you and the wife can use it all year long. A tent can get cold in the fall and winter. See if Trustco bank is in that area or does loans in that area. They are very 2nd home and upstate freindly.
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    Hauling butt home now to make the NY opener. Montana was insane ! Too much to talk about. My son did well ..
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    Wish I was in the area I've been looking for good work for a while. Hard to find good honest hard work to get paid decent for. Good luck this season.
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    DIY .. I did a guided hunt 2 yrs ago. Wasn't what I'd anticipated. We were in the right area at the right time. Essentially, a guide had put up a walled tent and had a horse corral built way up on BLM land and it pushed all the elk down to us. We spent 2 days on top of the mtns and it was a waste. Thankfully we bailed on that idea.
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    Heading to Geneseo at zero dark thirty in the am and give it one last try before gun season . I told my SIL that if I don't see any deer by 10:30 , we can put in her posts and install the electric fence to keep her horses out of the creek and gully lot . I would like to leave early enough as my older sister isn't well . The medication she in on is messing her up . When I get home , I have to remove my archery stuff and replace it with my gun hunting gear . I plan to take my trailer and ATV with me tomorrow and leave it down there unless I get a deer . Yeah , right !
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    Brushed in nicely! After working almost 30 years in commercial shops, I know exactly how you feel. Deadlines always came before time off. When you do get out there, I wish you the best of luck sir.
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    I'll be in a double ladder stand in the hardwoods @jmp500 he will be in his climber 75 yards to my left facing opposite directions. We will be on the same middle ridge covering opposite funnels coming down the same mounting. Teamwork at its best Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm going to say 4 plus his body looks a lot longer than a 3.5 year old . plus in the first picture around his eyes look real grey. The only way to tell is too get him on the ground and give us the answer. Good luck hope you can harvest that beauty.
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    It's on in 7f my son just sent me this he's at work IMG_7318.mov
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    This is my opening day stand. It is on a plateau that is about half way up the hill and serves as an escape route for the deer caught down in the valley. This will be about my eighth year there and it seldom disappoints.
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    He is a stout boy for sure. I think your on target with 3.5 or 4.5. Not the greatest pic to judge but not a lot of characteristics that would make me put him above 4.5.
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    Opening Day? It would have to be a volcanic eruption to keep me out of the woods
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    11/15 - On the 1.5 hour drive home from a track today, a hunter called and reported shooting a buck at last legal light last night. He was not sure where he hit it. He and a friend were in the woods tracking when he called, and said they were having a hard time advancing the track. I asked him to mark last blood and back out, which they did. Luna made quick work of the trail to last blood, which was only 100 yards. Luna had a hard time in this area, and I restarted her 4 times due to her acting uncertain. Finally she went in a different direction and was acting more confident and we found a drop of blood 150 yards further on. We came to a narrow deep stream and Luna dove in and swam across, which I was happy to see because in the past she's been reluctant to do that. I had the hunter hold her leash while I walked a short distance to a log which I crossed over on. Luna impatiently waited for me, then off went. A short distance later in this thick area, I found a drop of very fresh blood. Luna was pulling hard, but never opened up so we weren't right on top of it. We hustled through the area hoping to catch up with him, but never did. After 1.5 miles we pulled the plug, but I'm calling this a successful track.
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    If the wind can pick me up off the ground I stay home. Less then that I am out no matter conditions.
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