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    Doe down! Not a text book hunt but it worked out, I'll include the story later... Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Update pic: 127# dressed. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    I had to post this story. Last night I was walking along my corn field next to the creek. I had bumped a few deer out off the Ridge next to the creek then suddenly I hear a freight train heading towards me from the corn. I turned to my left to see an adult bear staring at me 2 rows in. I was at half draw trying to decide whether to take the brisket shot. I opted not to. If he charged it would be a different story. Unfortunately he turned around back into the thick corn. I had no shot. I tossed all night thinking I could have made that shot being so close but it's over now. I hunt with a recurve and it sure would have been neat to take a bear on the ground that close! Just had to share this with everyone.
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    I got to keep working. Safaris are not cheap. And these baboons aren't going to kill themselves.
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    Just shot a tote at 8:00. Two of them came by. Stoped the last one with a squeal then did it again and it can right under my stand. Put it through it’s guts. Tracked for an hour jumped it once that was enough for me. Thing lost a lot of blood just wouldn’t die for me. It will eventually! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I missed a big 8 chasing two does around 8:15. I shot under him. Sick to my stomach! But it was nice to see a big one on his feet! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No real big ones but plenty of bucks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Woot looking around 120" from my view, way to go guys looks like the deer are moving! I'm trying a new method today, my wife just landed back in the states...our anniversary was Wednesday. I got this doe bait, hoping mine is hot and can't resist... Hopefully I score and at the same time free myself from any other weekend obligations that might interfere with hunting...conditions are right, I like my odds!
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    So today was a interesting day. I had some clients to see up by camp and decided to check in. Got on my atv and went to check some cams. Didn’t see much just the 7 that i shot a few does and a bunch of yotes. Forecast was calling for rain so I wasn’t planning on hunting. Went back into the house to do some work and called the wife. She asked if I was going to stay and hunt, for some reason this made me decide to do it. I guess knowing she wasn’t going to be annoyed made it a little easier. Waited till my work cut off of 4pm and headed for the stand. Was in the stand about 15 min when I noticed some movement to my left in the thick brush. I lost sight of the deer and figured it was a doe headed up the hill. I went back to playing on my phone. I looked up about 10 min later and here comes this 7 point headed right for my orchard plot. He fed around not really giving me a shot for 10 min or so. Finally he gave me a almost broadside shot the slightest bit quartered to. I decided to let one fly. As many of you know the shot looked high and back. I watched him run off in the direction they always do when shot from this stand. Waited about 20 min and went to check the arrow. I was sick to my stomach it was gut shot. I figured I would mark first blood and back out. I found first blood and it looked pretty good. Went back to the house till 6, when I finally couldn’t take it any more. I knew the blood was good and saw how the deer reacted and went for it. Went to the sight of first blood and started my track, he crossed the narrow part of my radish plot and there was blood everywhere . Back in the woods and I’m following blood for another 10 yards when I look up and see him dead 30 yards away. Total distance traveled was 87 yards. I drag him back to the house and set up my hoist to butcher him. I start cranking him up when the hoist rope snaps. I muscle him into the back of my truck and go to put the quad away. I had left the lights on so I could see and crap the battery is dead. I took the key out pushed it behind the house and drove the deer to the butcher. Kind of sad as I really enjoy that part. I’ll probably get him mounted as I like to mount any legal buck shot at camp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TF just passed up a 140” buck at 8 yards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well that was exciting!! At 9:00, a small 8pt and a 4pt ran 2 does and 4 fawns all around me! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    I hunted this morning and saw nothing, What a diffenerence a few hours makes! I went this afternoon and only had 90 minutes of daylight but it was action packed! Walking in I had a deer 400 yards on opposite side of field from my stand. I waited until it went into the woods and then boogied to my stand. Got settled in and 15 minutes later I see a turkey, then I pick out the whole flock of 12-14 birds. 2 days too early! A few minutes later a deer walks out from the same place one had walked into earlier. Maybe the same deer? It looks like a doe, but I want to be sure so I glass it and its a spike with one 4” antler, and one 2” antler. Hoping and praying that something else is following this deer because he is headed my way. Comes to within 20 yards and sniffs around for a while, eats, sniffs at the licking branch and then finally hits where I had walked in earlier. We have a few staring contests, but I don’t move an inch and he seemed fine. He is cagey, but not freaked. Stays around for another 10 minutes or so and then slowly walks off. Nothing seen for a half hour or so. Finally pull my phone to check the time and it is 6:16. Sunset. I wait a few minutes and start to get ready to descend. Now I see 5 or 6 deer following the same path as the spike did. They take their sweet time coming to me, but now I am stuck in the tree until they finally leave after about a half an hour. Now it is pretty dark, but I can still see and while I am climbing down a 4 or 6 point buck walks within 30 yards of my ladder. I froze on the ladder. He is staring ahead but not at me and I hear a snort, but not from him. Finally he leaves, and I get on the ground and try to sneak away. I slowly make my way to the bottom of the hill and I jump 3 or 4 more deer. I am in the right spot, but the deer are all running late for me! Where were those doe 10 minutes earlier? Long post, but that was one of the most exciting 90 minute deer hunts I have ever had!
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    Hard to see without binocs but a nice young 10 walking near our cabin Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
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    I just farted...thought everyone might like to know. It did heat me up at least momentarily Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    10/19/18 #1 I went on a track this morning for a buck that was shot with a muzzleloader last night. They had followed blood for 200 yards, 30 minutes after the shot. After losing blood, 3 people grid searched. We arrived this morning and Luna quickly took us to the hunters point of loss, then spent a good 15-20 minutes unraveling the grid searched area. She eventually chose a trail in the swamp grass, and we saw a tiny spot of blood as we went along. That was the last blood we saw during this .79 mile track. We had only gone about 75 yards when we went by a trail to our right, but Luna put on the brakes and went back to it. As we started up it, the buck jumped up and took off. It happened so quickly the hunter could not get a shot off. We were only 10’ from the buck in the tall swamp grass, but were unable to see where he had been hit. We continued after it, and as I was ducking under some limbs, the hunter saw him take off up ahead of us. He said it was definitely moving slower, so off we went again. The next time I saw him, he was bedded down 40 yards ahead of us. I held Luna there and the hunter got into position and made a killing shot. This 9 pointer had been hit in 1 lung and the liver. He was still alive 15 hours later! The hunter’s 3 year old son had been with his Dad in the blind last night, and came outside to thank me for finding their deer. Very cute kid! #2 I took Kunox on the second track this morning. The hunter had shot a buck this morning with his muzzleloader, and found two drops of bright red blood 100 yards from the hit site. Kunox took a while to pick a direction, but eventually took us into a thick area where he alerted on a live deer. We followed for a long way, never seeing blood, and determined the track was too small to be our deer. We went back and did a restart. Kunox this time started to take me toward a standing corn field, when all of a sudden he started yelping in pain. I ran up to him and saw he got tangled in a broken down barb wire fence. One of the barbs we stuck in the side of his paw. Poor guy! I rinsed it out good and took him back to the truck. Luna took the same line Kunox had the first time, but we never found any sign of the buck. #3 I took Luna on our third track of the day. The hunter shot a buck this morning and he and his nephew had tracked it for 300 yards and found a bed with a very small amount of blood in it. The bed was cold and the blood was dry, so they had not pushed it, it left on its own. Luna nailed this track as we followed light, but fairly steady blood up and down a steep hill, through clear cuts, hard woods.....etc, for a long way. I forgot to start my tracking app, but we went at least a mile and a half and never saw the buck.
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    That is huge! Over 300 by girth measurement easy. Seriously big buck.
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    You are not my boss. And now because you made mad mad, I will leave work at 245pm and hunt 5ish - dark and stick a big buck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I paid into SS ever since I was 14 . I retired at the age of 57 and started drawing SS at 62 . Been receiving SS for 15 years . You never know when your number is up . No regrets !
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    815am thought about giving this guy a pass because I saw a monster buck on another property I hunt but it all just happened too perfectly. 8 yards perfect broadside, I couldn't resist. No regrets though, I'm definitely happy with him. Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
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    Suck it up buttercup. We all lied to you so that you could join our misery. Gotcha.. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    One thing about afternoon hunts, odds keeping increasing until you have to call it quits. Morning always seems just the opposite. Anticipation dwindles.
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    bummer on the miss but a clean miss is better than a bad hit so look at it that way
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    Get back off that field deeper into the woods where they came in from. Ive found that when I hunted fields I saw a lot of deer, when I got away from them I killed a lot of deer
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    This guy came into range for me today. I had seen 3 earlier, but they were behind the brush so I wasn't able to get any shots with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stomach ain't exactly shit. I have seen the same but with specific animals at a specific time of year stomach contents being consumed. But this story is funny. South African have a game of distance spitting hard Impala pellets; about size of average NY doe. Called Bokdrol Spoeg; they have this at county fair type get togethers. So I'm going to do this and they are so petrified, its like putting a rock in your mouth. So there we are 2 SA PH's and me in the yard spittin' turds, and 2 other hunters show up o join in......they had a few. And the one guy takes a whole handful of jelly beans and before we know it, hes munching down on these and washing them down with a beer. Like a bowl full of tiny milk duds. I never laughed so hard in all my life in a hunting camp.
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    And two Tom's just roosted in trees 30 yards away. Sneak out tonight. I think turkey season opens tomorrow. Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using Tapatalk
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    IMHO goose hunting is MUCH more fun than deer hunting !! A few years back during gun season I hunted a stand on a hedgerow on the top of a hill with my Rem XP-100 260 Rem...Good place to shoot a deer at 150-250 yards...However the deer were not showing but the geese kept buzzing the hedgerow, so the next dat I took the pistol AND my Browning Citori, and had a ball shooting geese...
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    Well the flowers and chocolate paid off quick. Within five minutes she asked if i wanted to hunt tonight. When I said yes she told me to hurry home when I was done! Already seen more animals then in the midday sits.
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    Ya know....Somehow this forum just isn't the same without Growie. We lost an interesting member who always offered a different way of looking at things. Had a few disagreements, but even those were fun.
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    Had a little breakfast Then had a 5? Point go through out to my right. Head down and moving right along about 8:30. Sitting till 9:15 then gotta get in to work. Chilly this morning brrrr Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would appreciate it if someone would dial back the wind by 15mph or so. Thank you. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Love from the airport, I’m going fishing. You guys are in charge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Ideally, no one is relying on financial advice offered in a youtube comments section. You get one shot at this and you don't want to screw it up. SS recipients invariably fall into one of 3 categories. Which one are you? 1. I need the SS income to pay my bills. 2. I don't need the SS now; I have other sources of income. 3. I don't know if I need it now or not. Anyone that is a #1 really doesn't need any help making this decision, just file it. A #2 will want to know how the various scenarios look, but should probably talk to a financial advisor to make sure those other income sources are solidly protected and producing a market rate of return. Pension decisions especially need to be scrutinized before accepting the employer's offer. Finally, the #3's should sit down with an advisor to go over their full financial plan.
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    The 65yr old 35rem is ready to go! 75yr rapid fire free hand group. Now we just need an old buck to make a mistake! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No other choice for me. Best snack hands down, and I'll walk back to the house if I forget to take some along. Hell, there's no sense of even going hunting without them.
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    Doe down...yum Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    After getting busted by a doe with her fawn early i wasnt feeling very optimistic. Around 9am a group of 4 deer came out to my right. 2 fawns started feeding around the base of my stand. The 2 larger doe stayed back were i had no shot. This doe eventually came right in and ended up right under my stand. She looked up at me and spun around, made one hop and stopped. She was maybe 10 yards away when i shot. Got down after about 15 minutes to check out were she was standing. I decided to walk in the direction she went, and soon saw her piled up maybe 50 yards from were she was hit. Now onto hunting for a buck!
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    Opening day doe, shot at 4:15 pm 3rd shot opportunity of the day, decided it was time, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Group of 5 doe 3 fawns came out, wasn’t gonna shoot but they need some thinning out where I was hunting. 15 yards quartered away hit opposite shoulder. Rage trypan is a winner.
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    Hoping for anything before I have to grab the girlfriend from the train. Maybe I'll be able to pick her up with a deer on the hitch! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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