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    On Friday I made the 9+ hour drive up to Millinocket, ME to set up base camp at Big Moose Inn and Cabins. Fairly exhausted, the first order of business was to crack open a beer (see beer thread) and then start a fire. The camp sites are ok, but the main Inn, including the "Loose Moose" bar has tons of character! And right next door is the coolest Trading Post I could have asked for. Yesterday was pretty much a day to rest and relax. I also met a former ranger at Chimney Pond in Baxter Park and he gave me all kinds of local knowledge about the "hill" that you won't find in any hiking guides. So Monday I'm heading up, weather permitting, of course. Here are a few shots of Katahdin from various spots around the area. I also saw a couple of bald eagles (pics on my cam, not cell) and this sea plane at sunset. Really stoked for the walk up tomorrow!
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    I’m having a pint of Voluptuous IPA (homebrew) with my girlfriend and wife on the deck. One of them loves me unconditionally....
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    I hate pitbulls and would never trust one around children. Come @ me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    So the Culver Creek ATV Plow was a huge success. Spray, cut and today was plow, spread seed followed by drag. Easily turned over top few inches. It worked really really well. Rain cooperates and I expect a solid plot. Did soy beans and a brassica mix. Will hit it with fertilizer in 4 -6 weeks. Also moved two stands and checked/restrapped about 12 more. Solid day. Thanks Bob!
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    Me and my brother took a trip up to the hunting property in madison county to see what we wanted to change stands wise. Ended up putting in 2 ground blinds so we can take up the kids, moved a ladder stand. Still have to go back and replace the ladder stand we moved with a double ladder and possibly adding another single ladder or a hangon in a pasture they keep sneaking through. Lease owners did say they have seen 2 different piebalds in the last week. So im hoping to see one this year. First year in 3 years me and my brother are hunting together and actually getting along. But it will probably be my last in the woods with my dad. His dementia is getting bad quickly and dont think he has much time left to enjoy hunting. So we are trying to get him one last deer.
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    Snack. Rock the guac! Poor Steve our first jalapeño pepper was sacrificed for this meal. But daughter has named a few others to become sacrificial peppers at a later date. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Beer 3 some Industrial Arts Wrench Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Glad I could help a bit, it is a very special area to me. It might become even more special this trip next month. Hey I thought that bridge looked familiar! I wish you could Kokadjo....be safe, enjoy, and thanks for sharing! Did the Ranger tell you how cold it has been at the summit in the mornings? I heard from a local that throughout history, it has snowed once in EACH month at the summit....
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    Sorry to hear this and hope you're OK Larry. If a dog owner knows their dog is aggressive, they should know better than to let the dog be around any guests, they may have over. Plain and simple. Put the dog in the basement, or lock it in a bedroom. Absolutely no excuse to be bitten at a family get together. Not all pitties are dangerous. My sister had one when my nephew was little, and that was the most gentle dog around kids and people. Other dogs.....not so much. My nephew could sleep on him even. And never once in his whole life, did he as much as growl at someone he knew was supposed to be there. But many times it's not that way with pits, or any aggressive breed. And I never trust one I don't know. I firmly believe if any dog bites someone, even one time, that dog is never to be trusted around anyone again. And if it bites twice, the the owner should be responsible enough to put the dog down! Most times, it's the owner who is responsible for the dog being that way in the first place.
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    I would turn the dog in , call in and tell them exactly what happened . I can't stand when people just shrug off a bad dog .
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    Ending the birthday party with a campfire. It’s now extinguished, the kids are in bed and I’m very soon to follow. What a great day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Long but good day had my daughters bbday party despite we share a bday. Now relaxing and starting the Yellowstone show. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Only pic of the day. When we found the fish it was non stop baiting and dropping back down. Came back with 7 nice size mangrove snapper. Caught a few yellowtail snapper, grunts, and my son with a rainbow runner. We caught some blue runners which make great shark bait. Had my wife setup up with them, unfortunately i believe we had a large goliath grouper waitin on her bait. We would drop it down, after about 10-15minutes her line would slowly move to the other side of the boat. Try and tighten the line up and one good tug and it was in its coral hole. Snapped my 50lb braid 3 times like it was nothin. Great time down here. Unfortunately/fortunately we are headed home a day early. My wife was called in for a big interview on monday, so we are driven all the way home tomorrow/ be home early monday morning.
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    My kind of nontypical. I got pics of him 2 days in a row checking out a licking branch over a known scrape. This is over a community scrape that gets made every year. Yesterday morning it had 4 different bucks checking it out.
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    Not my usual but its cold!!
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    Comfort food night. Bangers and mash alligator po boy Sent from my ASUS_A002A using Tapatalk
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    A day for golf ( good and bad, enough good to keep me going back) and beer on the deck. Official, a hazy NEIPA from Bell’s. Great flavor without being too citrusy. Life is good.
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    Another task completed. Ran the rig through some thick weeds to make a lane. What a fantastic day to have a hydro ! Field was plowed 2 years ago but never disced down. Huge ruts and bumps all over. Having an infinate amount of speeds really paid off. Didn't have to ride clutch and slow down the mower, could speed up quickly where flat, all the while plenty of power to spin the brush hog. Weeds were 6'+ tall and she never skipped a beat. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Got it disked before the rain.. I'll wait about 2 weeks spray and plant it. did another mast check..American chestnut looks to be very productive this year ..now the hard part do I leave them for wildlife or eat, or plant them..
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    My first attempt at the famous 3-2-1 ribs method. So far I think I’m on the right track - the “1” will have to wait until closer to dinner time. Anything I can do with the yummy looking liquid after “2” step Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I agree. She obviously knew the dog wasn't stable around men. Should never have been let loose during the party especially with people the dog doesn't know.
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    After the 9+ hour trip to get here yesterday, I was a bit thirsty.
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    Haven’t had za in forever and down 11 pounds to prove it. Carbones which Treeguy put us onto. I want this van !
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    My 19 year old daughters boyfriend is coming down so she can't come. We decided this weekend would be like the weekends we spent when they were in single digits. Get to the cabin unload. See what we needed and off to Canisteo to Wegmans and the dollar store. I used to give them 10 bucks each to buy stuff. Probably she will ask for 20! Back to the cabin and mow the yard take a ride on the quad. Fires Friday and Saturday night. At some point lay in the field and look up at the stars for satelites and shooting stars. Do some antiquing and fishing, enjoy life. No work this weekend!!!!
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    So I called Bob yesterday at about 5:30pm and asked his thoughts on what we could use to upset the dirt in the plot before spreading seed on Sat. Plot is pretty much weed free at this point but dirt is hard. I was thinking of dragging a cut telephone pole with screws in it. Bob says, I have an idea and I think all the materials we need. By 10:15pm, he engineered and welded up the prototype CulverCreek ATV plow. It’s pretty darn cool and heavy duty. We can even ratchet on logs if we need more weight (it ain’t real light now) but I suspect due to the angle on the pointed tines it will dig in good enough for what we need (only 1” or so will be plenty) without weight. Plus you can flip it over and drag after spreading with the flat bar. I have to say, Bob has skills and is creative. His camp is a greater example of that though. Nice Job Culver!
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    Weekend was great! We got to the cabin by 10:30 Friday morning. Met my brother half way and he checked on the rentals in Cortland. All good. ( anyone needs a college rental in cortland send me a PM) Mowed the grass got some ice cream checked the trail cameras all good. Had some decent bucks nothing crazy big. We did some shooting with the wanna be West Point Cadet. Took my dads 1940 bolt action 22 out. 30 yards nails the target standing time after time. Took a shot gun out and put a slug into it. Told her what to expect and just aim at the log 30 yards out. She nailed that too. Todays arm was a little black and blue but she likes that shit! Was a really good weekend wish I had more time with her up there. Here is the video of the 22 shot.
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    I have no patience with aggressive dogs NOR their owners... I have been bitten perhaps seven times over the last 60 years or so.. I had a Weimaraner that for some reason ( he was several months old when I got him) was very aggressive towards children... Beautiful dog, but when he nipped my neighbor's young son , he went away very quickly....
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    Beer number 2 from Zero Gravity Strawberry Moon. A nice sour ale with strawberries Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    If the day ends in a “Y” it’s a good day to grill! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My buddy Howie and I screened about about a hundred Dobson ( hellegramites) this morning in about an hour... Planning to try Skaneateles Thursday or Friday for perch and rock bass...Anybody ever fish the lake ??
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    First shot of the season at 20 yds. And first hole in the turkey target I got for Christmas last year.
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    That dog would of died attached to my leg.....
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    My buddy has a couple ,the male is a sweetheart and very old ,he bought a female from a breeder and I trust her around people but there is that female dog thing going on that makes me weird around her ,mostly I wouldn't trust her around my dog more then anything. Theyre just so dangerous if not treated properly from day one ,it's like walking around with dynamite in one hand and a smoke in the other ,the potential is always there.
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    Deer Gear shed is ready. Washed hunting clothes and gear is hanging outside in shed to have outdoor smells. Charlie thinks he's funny. Lol
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    That situation sounds like a tragedy just waiting to happen.
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    Treeguy gave me a jeep for archer , i cut the factory end off and replaced with spade connectors and use my dewalt 18v batteries in it . It doesn't go anywhere due to excessive wheel spin ,now i have to upgrade the wheels .
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    Dont know if it was quicksand but back when I was a kid I was knee deep fishing in a brook on a sandy bottom. Started sinking was chest deep in water with sand up to my waist when buddy found me . He got me out using a tree limb . He pulled me out but it took everything we had . Lost my tennis shoes in that mess . Had to walk home barefooted. Then I got a whipping for losing my shoes . Spent the summer in cheap flip flops or barefoot. Had to wait for school to start to get new tennis shoes. Never went back to that brook scared the hell out of me . To this day I cringe when I see flip flops.
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    Most Friday’s I try to make a fire and invite a few of the neighbors and friends over for a few drinks. Always a good time.
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    If I can still do math, 35.4 is 25+ miles...Any distance from 0 to 24.999 miles is is 25 -.....So that means that Biz is right on....Hehehe...
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    I won’t sell it either, I don’t believe it’s a true national match rifle but it is match quality done at a us Arsenal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Unless the Yankees find some starting pitching somewhere they’re done. I’ll continue to watch the food channel or the likes. Currently watching Monsters Inc with the girls
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    Still have a little time but these are ok by me.
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    All I can say is wow, shot her for the first time and she holds a 2inch group at 100 that is super accurate for a Garand Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lunch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Limit of eyes on Oneida by 8:30. Got two in first 10 min then had to work for the last one for bit.
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    My wife is on my back most of the time so I consider that enough exercise ......
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    Concert night! And I still have my phone, life is good... venison steaks, cheddar brats, sausage n peppers, tortellini salad, cucumber salad, on, and on. It was a nice night
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    Ok I got seed tonight, plan a seed wasn't in stock and the other seed doesn't come in till Monday, so plan b is winter wheat, oats, rye, clovers, brassicas and Monday I might get some WI oats (I've always wanted to try them). Getting up early to head up to lay my eyes on it for the first time and get spreading lime, fert and seed. We had him dig out in a small vernal pond just up wind of the plot so will have to seed around that, while he did that he used the left over dirt to build up a 4wheeler path that ran thru a wet area. I'm so excited I might not get much sleep!
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