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    So this happened today!!!! Ontop of a firetower in the center of Moosehead Lake. Mount Kineo island, which is known as “The Heart of Moosehead”. We both had never been...she had NO idea AT ALL....I had thr ring she picked out online, I bookmarked it, and kept acting like I was not treating this seriously. She was blown away! I got it on video with my GoPro so she can hang on to memory.
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    Got up early and went to the lake property, to check the setups over there. And trim up stuff in the shooting lanes. All set now! Looks great! Tons of deer sign too. This is usually a great early season spot. So I'll concentrate my efforts there early on. Always a chance at a mature buck too.This is where I'll likely get my bow kill this year. 22 yards to this run. It's a perfect natural deer funnel. And we've taken a bunch of deer here over the years.
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    But I pulled this out of a roadside trash pile maybe 20 years ago . For some reason it embarrassed my kids with it in the front yard , which just encourages me ... you’d think they’d learn . Anyways after a number of years I had to take a wire brush and disc sander to,it then some spray cans . Came out ok . I like old stuff .
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    The oaks are 100% real, you can't walk two steps without stepping on them and the thick areas are all berries. It seems to be too good to be true. The 22pter and giant bears... I have no evidence of that, but one can hope. One of my sons did say yesterday, "there is clearly a reason so many people want to be on this hill". Judging by how much the place is coveted by the locals who DO hunt, maybe it's true. The guy with the bear pic doesn't hunt, so I tend to believe him a bit more, he was a no BS kind of guy, and everyone I have seen asked me if I have seen it yet. Yesterday we put signs up along the road and each side of the gate. All bordering neighbors now know we are there so there is not much more we can do. I'm sure we will run into people during gun season, which may not be the worst thing in the world, keep things moving around. No one seems to bow hunt the area which is what we are most interested in. We decided at this point we're not going to make an issue out of anything until we see what actually happens. We all like to talk $hit now and then, hopefully these guys will behave. I do like the idea of putting a stand in front of theirs though, after some beers yesterday, one of my boys actually said, we simply need to buy some 4x8 sheets of plywood and put them on posts 5 feet in front of their stands at eye level! now THAT's funny... but honestly we don't even want to hunt the areas they are shooting into, it is literally 100 yards from where we will be parking and the second stand is another 100 yards in on the access road. There is a LOT of sign there ,but there is another 93 acres that is WAY better and where the deer are coming FROM. The real issue to me is shooting in AT us, it's a safety thing as much as anything else. Fingers crossed things just work themselves out.
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    Busy day at the range. Got everything set for the season. After I was done I let my 9 year old have at it with the .22 at 50 yards. I think she did ok Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    While doing some stuff at the farm today, found this deadhead. Never saw him by eye or on camera. Real nice one for this area.Would have liked to have seen him while hunting last year. A nice mature buck. Would have been really nice this year. No idea what killed him. Picked clean.
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    I wonder how pizza fed bear tastes compared to corn fed bear.
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    Finished backstraps with salsa, roasted Cipollini onion, grilled mushroom and salad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back at it, same place for out first week up here. New thread, for new pics, it’s going to be a GOOD trip, LOTS in store. Left home at 3:30 this morning, and had a smooth, quiet drive up. We have never been up this late in the year, so it was nice how little traffic there was. We took a short side trip to see the ocean in Wells, and kennebunk area...
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    Done. Name changed, FatBoy is gone forever, along with the bike that inspired it! I sure miss it.
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    I had a rock that I was using for backing out in the woods. Along comes some guy in a hard hat and decides that he cant live without my rock. Lol
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    New York states only team walked out of jersey with a narrow victory. Don’t worry jersey we will be back next Sunday to service your other team!
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    Sent a couple broadheads down range today with the new arrows @Jeremy K made me. I’m almost ready .
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    Don C?? You should have told that idiot that your name was Don Corleone and maybe he'd think twice about trespassing. LOL
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    Hopefully (at this point it doesn't matter but may as well hope for the best) a giant stud buck gored him and he died from his wounds last November and that big SOB will present you a chip shot this November.
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    One of the huntingbeast members nailed a monster in velvet. Wow! All of a sudden I agree with Biz. Sept 1 start date. lol
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    Thank you all! Anyways, here are the pics of todays hike. as mentioned earlier this is an island.
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    Got any in mind ? You should let the forum pick it for you.
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    HAHA! Thanks! NO, I am not fat, but that's not me either. That is my son. FatboyD originated from a Harley site I was a member of when I rode a Fatboy and my first name is Don, but that's it, I'm changing my name. Maybe MOOG5151 or something so I can be part of making this the most confusing forum on the internet too.
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    You’re not fat? What else is a lie on this forum?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I would absolutely love it if we could bait bears in September. No deer season then so baiting deer isn’t an issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    WNY has no rocks so they don’t get the value of this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'd don't want to sound rude, but if he's had two concussions at age 11 I'd be telling him he cant do it anymore . I wouldn't need a doctor's advice . He might not understand, but in time he will thank you. Please dont take it as me being harsh,but he's young with a bright future I'm sure .
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    co-worker brought an old grill into work that we're now keeping out back. brought in a 1/3 of a back strap. grilled it up whole to medium rare. it got picked off crazy quick just getting back to my desk. had just enough to feed me at lunch. lol meant to take pictures but it didn't happen. another section of strap thawing in fridge for tomorrow.
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    Saw the picture went to the grocery store and picked my garden the next day. Added a ghost pepper from my garden and some shrimp.
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    This was my first real check of the bow after i had the cam shimmed over on Friday. It worked!!! A broadhead,fieldpoint and barshaft at 21 yds.
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    Golf at Tupper Lake was great but no beer to be had! First time I’ve gone 18 holes dry.... So, back at Raquette River Brewing. Nice IPA.
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    We produce Wilderness Athletes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Oh I know, not a bad photo of you and I wasn't knocking anyone, just saying it added to the confusion big-time for me. I personally was debating going with Grew-a-lot, but I actually miss her so I didn't want to stir the pot in hopes she will return some day.
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    Same here. We get them living around our place during the spring and summer, and then they seem to disappear late summer and into fall. Maybe a baited spring season would be the best option. It wouldnt affect deer hunting/baiting laws in any way.
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    I'd much prefer a spring season
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    Crossbow y/n is the first question on the application. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    You have to have a talk with his doctor. Ask point blank what he recommends. And follow that advice. Nothing is more important than the health of the kids. Concussions are much more understood these days. And the understanding is, even one is not good. Much less suffering multiple. My grandson is a pretty good athlete too. Has a legitimate chance at a scholarship in baseball and football. Starting varsity as a sophomore, in a large school, playing ISLB, and offensive and defensive tackle. Hits and gets hit a lot. Playing against some 350 plus pound kids. I hold my breath every time he plays. I was saving up for a varmint rifle. The almost $900 went to get him a better helmet and other gear, before the season started. But still, never any guarantee's that it will prevent a concussion. Or any other injury.
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    Damn......tough decisions Zeke. It'd be easy to say fugg it, pull the plug on football but it's not my call. You & your wife have to decide what to do but these days there is plenty of proof that shows repeated concussions can lead to major problems down the road. Good luck.....
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    Holding onto Summer. also stopped into a bar on the way home, from Zoo Brew ,to grab a bite to eat , our Founders All Day IPA were $2.50 a pint, as well as many on this list !
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    First time doing a pork shoulder 100% on the grill/smoker. Went on at 7:30 this morning. After 6 1/2 hours hit the stall at 150 degrees and wrapped it. Another 2 hours to get it to 200 degrees. Falling apart tender but some parts were a little dry. Pulled nice and was great with sauce added. No one complained. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Lots going on in my kitchen today. All local from the farmers market. Well besides the one backstrap I forgot about and found in the back of the freezer Roasted a whole chicken to make broth but saved the meat for the wife and kid for lunches Got my broth going with chicken and veggies from the farmers market Salsa verde and salsa Roja both from veggies from the farmers market Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has his gloves on the wrong hands. Or his hands on the wrong arms.
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    All seem.to be shedding out this week..1st flying squirrel I've gotten on cam must of about landed on it
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    This nut job is going to be nothing but problems. He is trying to intimidate you to get what he wants. Will no doubt cut straps on stands, steal cams, and any number of nasty things, to ratchet up the intimidation factor. To either get you to leave, or get his way. In his twisted mind, he's been there longer than you, and it's "his" land!!! First thing, is to tell your landowner what happened. And that you were threatened. And that you'll be filing a report with the authorities. Then follow through with the report. They have dealt with this kind of stuff before, and most times will handle it professionally. Use exteam caution while scouting, hunting, or any time you are using this lease. And don't let your guard down. Most of all don't give in to this A-hole!!
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    A case of beer would be the last thing this Richard would get. I would have a good chat with the local DEC officer. I would let the DEC officer have hunting rights!! And the locals get a fast lesson on law. Get proficient and hiding some cameras up out of reach and sight as well.
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    send him to our farm. we'll plow up some new ground. there will be so many rocks free for the taking he'll be heaven.
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    Before: Summer 2017 probably about 330#, about 10# less than in February 2019. 9-8-19:
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    Yabba dabba dooooo it's Fred Flintstone
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