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    New York states only team walked out of jersey with a narrow victory. Don’t worry jersey we will be back next Sunday to service your other team!
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    Don C?? You should have told that idiot that your name was Don Corleone and maybe he'd think twice about trespassing. LOL
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    We produce Wilderness Athletes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'd much prefer a spring season
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    My daughter isn’t 21 yet, but 20 (weeks) is close enough ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm glad I could spice things up a bit, but I'm already tired of talking about it! I'm getting all torqued up about it again reading all of these replies. I have decided to call the ECO in the area and just talk with him or her (depending on which one calls me back). I will approach it as asking for advice, not trying to make a problem. At least that way they will have a history if something does come of this. I won't be intimidated by this guy and his son, but I sure as hell am not getting into an altercation of any sort over it. I'm going to talk to the DEC, not the Sheriff and let it settle until the next time we see him.
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    Hey Ya'll, It's been a while since i gave any updates to this post, so here's the latest. With advice from this post and various research, the following pictures show's the progress made up to this past weekend. Picture with UTV shows the day of broadcasting (August 5th), second following pictures show winter wheat and Austrian winter peas with the third showing brassicas. Now with this being my first plot, it seems the peas did not germinate at all, and everything seems a little behind in terms of growth. The soil tests came back ranging from 5.8-6.0 ph. After seeing the growth for the first time since initial planting, i decided to spread 300 lbs of 15-15-15, 200 lbs per acre. After i decided to plant the winter rye. I hope this turns out, if not, we'll have to learn from our mistakes. Any incite to slow/poor growth would be helpful. I'm sure they will come back around with the cooler, wetter months coming. Let me know what you think. Best
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    There was a time when Bears could be hunted with Dogs in NY. The first Governor Cuomo who was in bed with the animal rights groups put an end to that, Dogs are still allowed to be trained to run and tree Bears but no shooting. As for baiting it is a common method for hunting them in many places, I would have no problem with it personally as long as the numbers held up. Al
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    Anybody in there ? giraffe doe is back
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    people do crazy things. it sucks having people encroach on a place you've hunting your whole life, whether you could be there or not i suppose. be fair but direct and firm with him. if you have trail cam photos go ahead and share them with him. keep reminding him you'll help track a shot deer if shot on HIS land and runs onto YOUR lease. give him your contact info. i've never had someone posture while pointing out they have a firearm but there's weird people out there. don't write him off just yet but cover your ass and keep packing the 9mm when you're there. i had that (minus the poor attitude) at my old house but i got along great with those who hunted the line. still do and i don't even live there now. i didn't blame them hunting the line as my creek bottom was a good spot. to help their will power I hinge cut at the property line and made it real thick with room for deer to run and dump down further into my property. every time they walked to their stands after that they got busted by deer.
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    Maybe he went off to China to compare by eye
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    If it is winter wheat or rye, just spread it out before a rain and you will be fine. No need to drag it in.
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    Cooper and I have been working regularly for the past couple weeks I think he’s ready to go... A little photo shoot afterwards to boost the ego. Earned his senior hunter title last month
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    Video or it didnt happen
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    Unshot. Extra mag. Browning one piece rings. $480. (No scope) local pick up. Buyer covers FFL transfer.
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    Venison burger with pepper jack and onion and dino BBQ sauce. Salad.
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    Jeremy K , live action bow target ....
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    Tupper lake animal/nature center is pretty neat.
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    Congrats. You choose a beautiful spot to propose.
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    That's awesome! Congrats to both of you!
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    If I called you fat, I'd have to call both Jerkman(n)'s jerks!
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    i think we all know what his intentions were, but you'll never prove he wasn't hunting... although it was a .22 so i dont know haha. carrying a rifle in the woods would be considered normal (dont many of us do it?). If he showed up to your door, that'd different. Again, we all know his intentions, but it's what you can prove that matters.
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    awesome. congratulations. Been going to Maine since i was a kid but only to the coastal area around Wells and York. Never been that far north. Definitely nailed the location. What a view.
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    I AGREE 100%. But I'm not making things worse by escalating the problem, especially when firearms are in the mix. I guess I'm going back and forth on contacting LE and making a report just yet. The Hunter harassment thing is real. He basically said as much about the other guy who borders our property next to him because that guy had the balls to put up a sand too close to HIS LINE??!!!!
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    then he wins and the behavior is rewarded. which makes you wonder if this isn't his first rodeo there's a dance with the landowner here too, and only fatboy knows the relationship. But if the lumber company now views this as a hassle they could raise the lease price to deal with the headache or just cancel the lease. tread carefully.
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    Hunting in SC? I killed a decent velvet 8pt in SC in 1980. Still have family and friends in Summerville, outside Charleston. Always wanted to go back down, and hopefully get a bigger one. Mmmmmm. May have to make a couple calls.
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    isn't said you give a place overseas your business. probably make them sign stuff saying they won't pirate your intellectual property and then as soon as you get back on a plane they're already making knockoffs.
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    i think you're doing all the right things with signs and playing it cool, but I also agree that he was threatening you and you should document that now as it'll help you later. Sounds like he has had free reign in the past so this new lease of yours sucks for him. There's a funny thing we hunters do too. We own or lease like 40 acres and always put stands on the boundaries lol. It's a grass is greener mentality, when in fact that's often not the case at all. good luck
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    If he sends them to me, I will do some destructive testing to confirm.
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    I wish i knew how much my tractor repair is going to be.. Id love to have this for the price!
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    Looks awesome................
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    Looking forward to your story and pics.
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    Well I'm glad to hear that your teams follow that program, it's a great model IMO. However it is a brutal physical sport but I do love the game even though it takes me a little while to get moving in the morning. My oldest son started playing flag football when he was 4 and this year as a senior decided he didn't want to play anymore. I miss seeing him on the field but he said it just wasn't fun anymore. Anyways I wish you and your son the best.
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    Looks like Doc's blind .
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    I wouldn't hesitate on trading it for something I wanted.....
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    It would throw the ratio off and we're already on the verge of not being granted tax exempt status.
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    Stayed up tonight and got my hunting arrows done . Easton 330 hexx ,50g of brass with 100g tip , 405g total weight.
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    What is with people? Lease costs you hundreds/year if not a grand or two per person and he just thinks mowing the spot entitles him to using it?
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    The academy moved SE for tonight again. Hawkeye Bowman club open shoot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Locked up bucks would be hard horn so they would not feel any pain in the antler. You might feel pain trying to separate them though!!
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    Wouldn't dream of even throwing one little chewed up spike out...that pile of bone represents hundreds of hours and miles of walking. This ain't Iowa!!!
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    A BB gun? Dude, youre gonna get sprayed. Please please please make sure to video this...
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    Shoot it upside down spark on other side then no ?!
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    My youngest brother called and wanted to fish. OK I said, so we headed down to the Mohawk, between locks 9 and 10. Hammered the smallies! And had a great time with little bro! These were the biggest two. Mine.....3lbs 13oz Little Bro......3lbs 11oz
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    Went out on Friday after placing some cams out for deer season. Definitely caught well over 2 dozen smallies and 3 catfish in the short time I was there. All fish were caught in flies believe it or not. Can’t wait to get back out there because my fishing season until now has really sucked Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does nobody else see the resemblance
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    I got my Axis 7mm-08 for Christmas last year. Upgraded the glass with a Leopold 3x9x40 and did some trigger work. I have shot the 140gr Fusions, 140gr Honady Whitetails, 120 and 140gr Remington Core Loc's and a couple others and they all shot good. But the Federal 140gr BT's shot the best for me. And will be the round I will use this hunting season. This will be my first year hunting with a rifle, so I don't know how well any of these perform on deer. Will the 120gr BT's perform as good or better than the 140gr BT's on deer?
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