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    Zipped a big doe this morning. Retrieved and dropped off at processor My first archery deer , emotionally wrecked Post story tomorrow
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    Good lesson. She was only 13yds crossing trail. Shot her while slightly quartering away walking and shot landed several inches back of what I expected. Still crashed in 50-70yds but won’t do that again. Bigger than I thought. Done till next sat.
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    Sat my first watch of the year this morning. I have been skunked a lot recently during bow season and with two kids we really go through the meat. I saw antler and a big body and it didn't take long to decide even though it's opening weekend to pull the bow back. My kids and I really cut out some good lanes this year and luckily this guy walked right through one at 38 yards. I saw him coming slowly, he stopped just before the lane and I thought maybe it wasn't gonna happen. He then took about 3 more steps. He was quartering away ever so slightly but stopped perfect in the lane. I put the pin on him and followed up my shot. I heard it hit really hard and at first thought it was to far forward, but it turns out it tucked just behind the closer shoulder/leg and buried into the opposite side. I watched him run and watched the arrow sticking out about half way and then the arrow disappeared. I heard him crash at least once then nothing. Gave it a good hour and went to the spot, not good blood which had me super nervous. About 20 yards away however I had great blood and a good tracks. Followed it for about 60 yards and saw a white stomach. I will be honest that one little tiny part of me thought wow no more hunting for 6 weeks but I got over it pretty quick. I can find some time to take the kids duck hunting now. I know I never post but I do read almost every post all day in the Live from the Woods thread. It's great to read all the stories and I am thankful I have meat in the freezer.
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    He did, sending him photos he can post later ,loaded and on his way home
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    Mixed 1lb of garlic/cheese bear sausage with 1lb bear burger, smoked them in my Camp Chef till they hit 150 degrees then seared them in cast iron till the hit 165 degrees. First bite I said "Why did I wait so long to hunt them" it was that good. Wife and friend loved them. I didnt add a thing to it, wanted to try it as is. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Well I guess that doe would have gotten a pass even if I decided I wanted to sling an arrow. I just realized I never put my release on...duh. Glad it wasn't a shooter buck
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    Hi there, I know I never post in fact my last post was 2014. However I watch this thread all day every day. This morning was my first sit this year. I really hunt for the meat and not the antlers. I have gotten skunked on bow for a few years without even getting a good opportunity to shoot and I don't have a lot of time to hunt. Anyway this guy stepped into my lane at 38 yards just quartering away a hair. I tucked it just behind his shoulder. Hit the other side and he took off, watched the arrow snap off while he ran. Listened to him crash a few a few times and then heard nothing. Gave it about an hour, followed a massive blood trail a out 100 yards and he was piled up. Not a giant but he is mine.
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    More Mosquitoes than wildlife, but hey we were out there for a few minutes.
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    Out for a mid morning sit with my youngest......he is having a blast eating snacks, using the range finder and hitting the grunt tune every so often. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Well my oldest son who is a senior in high school decided he didn't want to play football his senior year decided he wanted to bow hunt with me again. He did when he was in 7th and 8th grade but things picked up and time was limited to maybe 1 or 2 gun hunts. So we decided he was going to sit a new set I put in this summer where a decent 8, and a 6 have been pretty regular. At 5 my phone is vibrating in my pocket non stop. It's him dad I just shot at a doe should I get down are you coming no wait there are more deer and so on. I reply take a breath and relax sit down I'll be there shortly and now I'm telling myself the same thing. I pack up and go to him ok where was she when you shot? He guides me perfectly to where she was when he shot and I have to sadly pull his arrow out of the dirt and say sorry bud you missed. This is when I hear I shot at her again. What you shot at her again ok where was she that time this time there is no arrow but no hair or blood I can see where she took off and followed for about 50 yds go back are you sure she was standing here yeah dad but I think I hit a branch or something sure enough 5 yds in front of me is a swinging branch. 20 yds behind me is the arrow. He immediately starts saying I'm sorry dad I'm sorry. I asked what are you sorry for and he says because he missed. All I know to tell him is a clean miss is better than a wounded deer you can't find and a little more practice time. He's completely bummed and I honestly don't know who is more down him or me. Anyway it was a great afternoon with my son.
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    FYI if you ever see the box that stuff comes in it’s labeled and boneless pork bung Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lol My wife had to take both boys yesterday while i was hunting and was gonna take them again today but I took a 8pt yesterday morning at gmans place so I surprised her by coming home at 6am and doing hockey duty. Earn them brownie points when you can lol
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    Gigante in Eastchester. Really solid. Boar Ragu Shrimp Meatballs Sprouts Peppers Fries Short Rib tacos Etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll add to that with a squirrel selfie Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    He posted that after we got the text . Biz can’t predict
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    I love bear meat. Some of the best sausage I've ever made was bear sausage.
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    TF shoots a doe this morning. First archery deer. BIZ PREDICTION Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been staring into this brush so long I'm starting to get magic eye..... So far I thought I saw a deer and Winston churchhill
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    Why is every morning I have to go to work clear crisp and perfectly calm and then when I get to hunt I sit here swaying back and forth from the crazy wind
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    Thanks for all the likes on the little buck I got earlier. Posted a short write up in the harvest thread. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Heroin and eight balls for dessert ?
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    had Nash up to moose river plains since Wednesday. The young dog exceeds expectations for sure. Not being one to take lots of pictures but rather live in the moment I don’t have any pics of our party’s harvest of 2 wood cock and three grouse. But for those who know the quarry the boy was putting up birds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Out again in the morning to look. Spent about 5 hrs today. Wish I could just find the arrow to tell the tail.
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    So they were not leaving cut marks in the cardboard as the head went through it ? I’ve shot regular spitfires for years from my compound and the sudden stop out the backside of a target will close the blades .
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    He's prob got a path he travels to and from by you . Maybe look for that trail and basically time over target is prob the best chance. Gotta think he is bedding down somewhere near there. That big boy ought to leave some tracks maybe to get an idea of his path at least. Says the guy that's never gotten a bear. Lol but its a thought. Would love to see you get him
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    Amazing the difference in weather. Some of you guys have been posting that there's a lot of wind. Not kidding here you can't find a breath of wind all day. It's like 65 and soo muggy. I went to lease got out and was already sweaty and had 1000 mosquitoes around me. I bailed thinking I was gonna do more harm than good in there today. Good luck to all out.
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    Thank you... It's gonna be a rough 2 weeks coming up here. I'm out in my spot now and feeling good. Congratulations on that hog doe!
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    Congrats TF! Can't wait to hear the story and see some pics!
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    Woot!!!!!!! The Drive will be a piece of cake.......ya get tired, ya pull over. Let the boy drive....
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    Surprise! I’m gonna Hunt. Got home from chores with wife earlier than expected. Heading to Stateland. No service there. Last text. South Wind 8mph is perfect from heavy stuff to trail under where I would sit. Wind going right to left and deer go right to left. Might not even bring a chair and just stand tucked in big rocks for 2 hours. Will hunt 4pm - sunset Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After hunting breakfast. Sausage, pepper and onions omelette with pepper jack. Hash browns.
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    Filet of sole with asparagus mushrooms and tomatoes
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    It came out great. No crock pot. Smoked from 8AM to 5PM on the pork. Pulled nicely. Tossed in some Sweet Baby Rays sweet and spicy. Had the neighbors over, and they took doggy bags home with them. It was a lot of food.
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    Ny bear is a trophy and it was with a bow makes it that much better
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    TheSe were my hunting only arrows save a few shots into the bag before the season to make sure all was well. These arrows were chosen from the shop that built my bow. I never heard of them before but they are fairly popular. They have a weaved pattern and have always shot very well. I guess the fact it exploded could have been better than splitting because We have all seen the damage that does to an arm. But the impact of whatever part hit my wrist was awful. I did shoot my backup bow this afternoon but it was all over the place. God doesn’t want me in the woods this weekend. Im going to get new arrows Monday and just get back in the saddle. Im going to replace the sh..y rest on my backup bow as well. It has a whisker biscuit which I have always hated but the bow did shoot extremely well last week.
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    And remember what I told you. Sit 35 yards behind her for the hero pic Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    That sucks esp not knowing. I once hit a deer high. Looked for hours in the morning and found 6 spots of blood. After looking one last time saw a belly in a creek bed. I hit him real high and the arrow was still in him but I could see it when he took off. Maybe it was just a graze as the arrows are going so fast if they touch anything they make a noise. Tough one to figure
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    One deer all morning and this guy Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    WOOL! Keeps you warm even when it's wet.
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    Constanzas smoked Rueben venison sausage with a drizzle of thousand island. Thanks again TF! These are just awesome. Thought it was the perfect meal on the night before the opener.
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