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    got it done today it was a crazy day i saw 8 different bucks deer were everywhere
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    Brother Jason harvested! Double lung but only drops of blood...with rain we feel lucky we found him.
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    Sat from 10, I was going to call it when this guy showed up! Bix did you send me that mojo!
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    We got it. I would guess it died when he heard it crash or soon after. It was stiff we found it about 3 hours after hit. Prob went 350-400 yards and the track was iffy. He’s happy! The pic isn’t the best but a nice 9 point the spread I would guess close to 17. Better pic tomorrow Thanks for the input Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had a fun hunt tonight. It was my first sit of the season. Had several does under my stand for about an hour. It's a Loooooong drag to my truck, so they got a pass... This didn't though.
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    Quick story. Including today I have 50 hours in a tree stand. He came by at 4pm from the south working his way north up a logging road. He actually went behind my trail camera 3 yards away that's how close he got at one time. I had to wait until he got to 19 yards for a clear shot. I gave him a soft "meeep" to stop him and let the arrow fly! Impact looked great and he went down within 100 yards! I couldn't be happier right now it’s my first archery kill and for it to happen on my last day, in the last hour is just amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Saturday went out for the afternoon hunt sat at 2:30 a 9point buck down before 3. First deer with a crossbow. I was sitting for 10 minutes and a new buck in the area come through the woods with his nose down. Sniffed 30 yards broad side in front of me and he never made 40 feet. He was a big heavy bastard. My brother and I couldn't pick it up to put on the quad. Yesterday I butchered it up first time. The hardest part was skinning it. Taking the meat off wasn't bad and the grinder attachment from my wife's mixer work perfect. I have doe permit and a regular for next week so I will be doing it again real soon
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    Out for a PM sit without phone. Same story as yesterday, lots of does moving but no bucks. Last doe group walked by and I filled DMP. Back was aching from yesterday's drag so I butchered and quartered her in the field. Heart shot. She took off running and was stone dead after 10 yards. Freezer will be filled with two does. Butcher them this week and then back at it to see if I can get a buck to slip up. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Went to the same spot I bumped him yesterday. I was seated looking at my phone when I heared a noise on my 10 o'clock. Saw the deer walking towards me feeding. I have my crossbow on my lap but couldn't take the shot. As soon as he turned his head away from me I picked up my xbow and aimed. He saw me and stared back at me. Took the shot while he's quartering towards me at 22 yards (used range finder after the kill). The hunt was over in less than 10 secs from the moment I saw him and squeezed the trigger. I wished it was longer. Didn't get a chance to watch him... But I'm happy anyways. It's no monster but meat is meat!
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    Had a great hunt this morning against a snowy backdrop. It didn't last too long as I had a doe come through solo......she gave me about a 16-17 yard shot and I made it count. She headed back the way she came after the shot and after about 60 yards I saw the tell tale flicker of her flag. I didn't actually see her drop but I was confident enough to only give her 30 minutes before I climbed down and took up the trail. She was where I thought......... The drag was MUCH nicer than the buck last Saturday evening; 30 yards on level ground to a seasonal driveway.
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    No hunting today... but lots of work. Freezers are filling up!
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    Small bobcat before and after pics was eating on gut pile..small female
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    My hunting partner got this guy at my camp this morning. First crossbow deer.
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    Sorry so late to post this but finally saw some of that rut activity everyone has been talking about Saturday morning. Had this old guy come in at 8:00 . 20 yard quartering away shot with the xbow.He has no teeth up top and only incisors left on bottom no molars.Followed by the 7 in the video 5 minutes after I shot him. Def going to have him aged.
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    While walking to my tree stand this morning I really had my doubts at seeing any deer due to the amount of coyote tracks in the snow but at 10:10 2 doe came trotting underneath my tree stand from behind. I had to react quick and gave a couple of bleats to stop them.I took the lead doe, she was quartering away and I hit her far back on the left side and the bolt exited the right shoulder. She didn't go far.Now I can relax and concentrate on a buck, hopefully the 10 point is still around.I have the whole week off to hunt so maybe I can get a chance to see him.
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    Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Maple in 30-06 with Leupold VX-R scope shooting 150 grain Hornady GMX. Picture is before she got the scope.
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    My 1st with a xbow! Went out a little late but i was determined to sit at least till 2. Literally at 1:45 this guy came walking by at 20yds. I couldn't be happier, I've had him on camera with all 4 points on the left side just 1 week ago! I just weighed him 142 lbs. I thought he would have weighed more. Maybe i should try the tape measure around his chest? Lol I added a pic of this buck still in velvet with all the points on his left side.
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    Wasn't really feeling it this weekend. Sat for an hour yesterday morning, and spent the majority of both days doing some last minute/end of season stuff around the house. Daughter, son in law, and granddaughter are coming this Friday night and staying most of next week, so was mostly helping the wife do some housecleaning, and I cut up that dinker doe that I had aging in the fringe all week. Went out yesterday and checked out two stands that I haven't been in yet this year - no issues. And then opened up the tower stand to get the huge bee's nest out - was waiting for freezing weather to make 'em dormant. No issues there either. All taken care of. And then pulled a bunch of cards. Only been through a couple so far, but now I'm feeling it!
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    11/10/19 #1 A hunter and his Dad waited a couple hours after the shot to start tracking this buck, and they jumped it within a couple hundred yards. They did everything right....from flagging the blood as they tracked, to backing out immediately after jumping it. Luna took us past their ribbons and just under half a mile to the dead buck. This was a leg hit deer and it looked like he had been chased around an alfalfa field late in the track, there was blood everywhere. There were no other injuries, he bled to death. #2 A hunter shot a buck yesterday morning, found a few brown hairs and a very small piece of flesh. He was unable to find any blood after a good look, so assumed he grazed it. This morning on his way out of the woods he came across blood and followed it for as far as he could, then called me. Luna and I headed over after the first track, and about 15 minutes in, she took me across a paved road. There were no tracks in the snow where she took me, so I took her back across the road. After some exploring over there, she again took me across the road, this time to somebody’s yard about 25 yards away from where we went the first time. The snow was melted in the yard, but not the woods. I told the hunter we need to get permission to enter, but a neighbor told us the bank owned it. Being unable to get permission, I ended the track. I did ask the hunter to take a peak in the woods for sign to verify Luna was right, and he located blood. I got a text later saying he was able to follow it for 300 yards and it never bedded down. #3 I was called by this hunter as I was on my first track, with the second track lined up. I had family arriving from out of state this afternoon, so I declined the track. When the second track ended up being so short, I called the hunter back and said I could take it after all. Naturally, 3 guys had been out grid searching for quite a while by then. I stopped by the house on the way to this track and swapped dogs. The hunter said this was a big buck and the picture he showed backed that up.....it was huge. The buck dropped at the shot, flailed around, got up and ran off. Uh oh.....don’t like the sounds of that. There was minimal blood in a small area about 50 yards from the hit site, then nothing. Kunox and I worked the area extensively and came up empty. I believe this is a high back hit and they may see him again.
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    Happy Veterans day to all that served and their families- thank you !!!!!!
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    Pretty bad when my only source of entertainment is watching a squirrel 366 yards away across a cut soybean field with the binos! Yeah, I'm so bored that I ranged him, what's the big deal??? LOL Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    This old guy came in 8:00 Saturday morning making scrapes. Took a quartering away shot at 20 yards right in the boiler room. He ran about 100 yards. This is an old deer for sure. He is super grey in the face and only had his incisors on the bottom left no bottom molars and no teeth left on top at all. Wish he wasn’t busted up but I love the character and fell blessed to take a legend like this.
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    Heading to WNY for the opener to hunt with Sodfather and TCIII. Bringing this 7MMWBYMAG. I’ve only used it out west, so this will be first time using it in NY Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had a great hunt yesterday! Saturday morning, I decided to hunt a rut travel spot with my compound at the lake property. Saw zero deer. In the afternoon went to the farm property, in another rut pinch point and saw zero deer. Figured in this area, the majority of doe were not ready, but the bucks are ready to go! Figured I'd go where the doe were feeding, to perhaps catch a buck lurking nearby? So decided to hunt an oak ridge Sunday morning with crossbow and if need be with the compound in the afternoon. (I like to alternate between the two) Got in nice and quiet, to a natural ground blind, built on a bench about three quarters of the way up the ridge. Not long after first light I see a buck below me making his way up! Just cruising, he came to within a few yards, but was just a six point year old buck, so let him go. A short time after he went by, I saw another year old buck coming down from above. He also got a pass at 10 yards or so. So now I'm thinking I made the right setup choice! Cool! At 6:30 I hear the shuffling of leaves behind me (my buck making a scrape) but glancing over my left shoulder, didn't see anything (he was on the lip of the bench, had I looked over my right shoulder I'd have seen him) But just thought it was one of the many squirrels running around. A couple minutes later, I again heard leaves crunching and CLOSE! Glancing to the left at probably five FEET, was a buck! He immediately stopped as he caught my scent, stomped a couple of times, blew and took a couple short leaps behind me. I slowly turned, and saw him staring at me and doing the head bob at twenty yards. I decided I wanted him! Not the best buck on the property, but he looked awesome to me at the moment! So I got the crossbow up to my shoulder, slowly turned 180 degrees around the tree, and he just stood there! I found him immediately in the scope, lined up the shot, and squeezed the trigger, seeing the lighted nock disappear right where I aimed!!! He ran up the ridge and as he got to the pines, I thought I saw him stagger. That's where I found him later 50 yards or so away. Giving him a while before going to look, two doe show up and start gorging on acorns!! They kept me entertained for over an hour as I waited. Coming within 10 yards many times! All in all it was just a perfect morning hunt! I'm very happy to have this buck! A solid two year old for this area. Got a hunting memory I'll always remember. And some tasty meat in the freezer. Now I will concentrate on possibly shooting a doe for some elderly folks I know. And then looking for at least a three year old buck during gun season. Also I was texting with moog during all this. Sharing my hunt with him, as he has shared so much with me. With hunting memories of WNY. Also heard an owl sounding off as I was going in. And thought immediately of turkeyfeathers and his brother Lee. I gave me a good warm feeling, and I just knew it was going to be a great morning! Sorry for the long post.
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    Just fixed this tine for a buddy of mine. Antler was kinda weak/pourus...thus the dark color. Paint needs to dry still and I'll probably have to do some touchups.
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    Well. Yesterday i shot a doe shot looked good quartering away. Even saw it look like it wobbled when it got out to 100yrds. Gave it a good hr started tracking. The arrow stayed in her and about 50yrds into track it started pumping blood full of bubbles and pink colored, we found arrow where i last saw it and got about 18 inches went in.(could see it when it ran away the arrow went in deep).Was covered in blood no guts all lighter colored and so i kept going after 150-200 yrds of tracking with consistant blood it stopped with only 4 drops over last 75 yards. So me and friend decided to circle to see if we could catch it laying dead or cross more blood. Well 5mins into that i jumped it. Buddy saw her and confirmed it was her he saw blood on its side. Went back this morning 24hrs after hit looked all over. I about gave up figured ide swing around property in truck to see if i could see her in the fields. Crows gave her up had to be 20 in the trees around her. Found her in one of the meadows 200yrds from where we jumped her. She stunk yotes and crows got to her last night. Looked like i hit a little higher then i thought and caught one lung and did get more guts and liver then i first thought. Guess she was quarterd more then i thought. Shes hanging hoping meats still good i scrubbed her down and got rid of any meat the guts spilled on. Sorry no hero pics wanted to get her home and cleaned up just one of her hanging.
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    Thinking Dan Wesson .44 mag handgun...dad said he would LOVE for me to take a deer with it. I think this is the year to attempt it.
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    This morning was hunt #18 for the season. I bumped a doe walking in and saw 4 more does wander through. I never heard this guy walking in, he just materialized over a small ridge about 30 yards away. He came straight toward me (and in front of a trail cam) and at about 15 yards he started to angle around me. When he finally started to turn broadside, he was under 10 yards from my tree stand (sorry Biz... not from the ground). He was walking slowly and I didn't dare try to stop him when he was that close. I aimed just behind shoulder and halfway up his body. I hit him a little further back than I planned, and he took off running. He stopped about 30 yards away and started looking around, I was hoping he would fall right there. I could see blood pouring out of the exit wound. Instead of falling, he casually walked out of sight. I got down from the stand and checked the arrow. Covered in good blood, and I could see his tracks and blood. I slowly followed and found him piled up just over 100 yards from where I shot him. The bolt entered through the 6th rib about halfway up, and exited between 6th and seventh low on the other side. The Rage did a great job almost cutting one lung in half, and punching a hole through the liver. Because he was so close, and just slightly quartered toward me, I missed the offside lung. I'm very happy and thankful for a nice buck and a quick, clean kill. I won't be hunting the next two weekends (likely best 2 weekends) because of travel, and plans, so the timing of this was perfect. While I was skinning him I noticed a large bald patch on his back between his shoulder blades, looks like some sort of scar.
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    Season is winding down for me. Go on night shift next week, on call 7 days a week, and no vacation approved after 11/1. May not get much more hunting in. So, I took this spike and I'm thankful for him.
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    Wife will be taking her Weatherby Camilla 7-08. Son will be taking his Marlin 30-30 . Myself I’ll be taking for the first time ever is my grand dad’s 300 Savage 99, My dad gave it to me probably 15 years ago. I just loved hunting with my revolvers so it sat in the cabinet. So I decided this year it’s the only gun I am carrying. Looking forward to taking a deer with my grandpas savage.
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    Finally got tracking snow, left home at 230 this morning got in the woods a little after 5 to hike into the mountain I wanted to hunt. Did a 7 mile loop and never found a track worth following but saw 6 deer 2 of them bucks that I let go. Got back to camp around 2:30 because I wanted to check a road out to a mountain I want to hunt in the morning. On the way driving down the road I cut a smoking fresh track of a good buck and a doe. Knowing I didn’t have a lot of time I took off after him on his track went a few hundred yards and come to a little knoll with a buck of beech whips and I could smell the buck, the wind was in my face so I backed up agains a tree and grunted a few times, about 2 or 3 minutes after grunting I heard something over my shoulder looked and a dandy buck was looking at me at 10yds. I swung on him but he was already going and didn’t want to take that shot this late in the day. Oh well it was a fun day gonna be snowing all day, hopefully we don’t get too much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back in a different 3S property as my hunting partner went were we were last night - he had an 8 at 10 yards but didn’t love the shot so let it walk- hope he is rewarded with another opportunity. I set up beyond these .... pines to the left of me/fields to the right/and I’m ...stuck in the middle with..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Up a tree in the snow storm. Boys in the tower I got feeling we gonna see some deers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There is absolutely NO decisions to make for me. I will be using the same gun that I have been using since 1985 when I bought it. A Remington 700 in .270. I have other guns capable of taking deer, but I am not the type to be switching to something else since this gun has done the trick. Some guys take gun A on a rainy day or gun B on a sunny day or gun C for brushy areas. I am certainly NOT one of those people. The same gun will get the nod no matter what.
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    Posted one above earlier but seeing as how you asked and I don’t mind posting again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Remington model 788 in .243. My first and only rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine!!! Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    Take the 06 and leave the predator gun in the safe
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    Sako 85 Classic in 270. Topped with 3x9x40 Zeiss Conquest. Fed with 140 gr Nosler BTs I handloaded myself.
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    Had a beauty show up a few nights ago ~75 yards from my stand, about 30 min after dark. Hoping he'll make a mistake one of these days. Gonna concentrate on this stand for the next couple of weeks. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Something felt good about this morning with the fresh blanket of snow and my sister/her fam being in for an early thanksgiving.multiple sets of tracks 50 yards from the house and bumping 3 in the field on way in i thought for sure it would be a bust.have had this 7pt on cam many times and told myself im not passing anything this late in the bow season 7am rolls around and i hear crunching just to my left and sure enough i see him walking right in my direction,stood up and clipped release.at this point he's at 25 yards on the trail.puts his head behind a tree and i draw.expecting him to take a few steps more and he turned back around heading other direction.followed him then something was blocking my view through peep.not sure what it was but(leafy jacket maybe)moved my draw arm a bit,gave em a bleat and released.heard the thunk,ran 80 yards n stood there for a solid 5 mins then slowly walked off.waited until he was out of sight to check hit spot. White hair/little blood/no arrow....great,another replay of last year's bow buck.called first neigh or to get permission.went back to house to wait for dad and bro inlaw to help track(2 1/2-3 hrs).started at hit site and worked to where i saw him standing.good patch of dark blood with bubbles!found a bed with 2 nice spots of blood in it.most of this track turned into following hoof tracks/blood on the golden rod and saplings every 40 or so yards.at this point had deer search pulled up on my phone....hit 2nd neighbors property line and backed out. got back to the house and told my dad this isnt over yet,i wont give up.made a few phone calls and got permission.ate thanksgiving then went back out,just dad and i as brother inlaw passed out in recliner.marked last blood on huntstand app,50 yards from there with dad right behind me marking last blood there he layed.threw my hands up and said we got em!!!High fives,a hug and smiles.will definitely be one of my most memorable hunts with my dad by my side on the track for the first time.1 Lung and liver.i recall him saying atleast 3 times(wow,i cant believe how tough these animals are).now to get him on a deer during gun season!! Just goes to show how tough they truly are.still baffles me on how the heck i had white hair when my shot wasnt that low Sorry for the long story guys!!!!!!!
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    I haven't seen a deer in 3 days ,this is 1 of the reasons why. 35 yd shot.
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    Let's see if I can get this out coherently. Left the house at 430. Saw Lots of deer along the park way as usual. Parked around 530 and started the mile hike in. 40 degrees and wind from the West. Crossbow over my shoulder and carrying an old climber. About halfway in I saw a flashlight in the distance. Trespasser. Got to my tree around 6 and realize the tree I had planned to use was to big for the climber. In the dark I found another one but it had a limb about 8 feet up. The climber was surprisingly quiet for being so old. Right around 645 I had 3 or 4 doe come running in to my left. About 50yds out they turn into the woods and onto another property. While getting ready for the shot I notice that the cables are too long and so the platform is tipping forward. At that time, maybe 7 o'clock I notice another doe to my right. At about 60yds she also turned into the woods. I could see a few of them still smiling around behind me. Around 715 I saw a deer feeding in the acorns to my left, 100yds and closing. Buck. He came to shoot 35 yds and was broadside. I took the shot but misjudged the distance. Clean miss. After a free minutes of debating i climb down to recover the arrow. Found it covered in mud. Went back to the climber and found a better tree. Adjusted the cable length and climbed to about 10 ft. Felt better about the new tree but when I tried to host the crossbow, it was stuck. I had to climb back down to free it. Did that and then climbed back up. I figure my day might be shot because of all my commotion. I finally get back up in the tree, turn around and see another Buck marching through the beans straight to me at about 100yds and closing fast. I quickly raise my crossbow and load a bolt. The Buck presented a 12 yd broadside chip shot. He went about 50 yds and laid right down. First time using a climber and first deer with a crossbow. First Buck in 10 yrs. He isn't the biggest, but he'll be good eating. I learned a lot on this hunt and now the pressure is off.
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    Got it done.. this was my shooter buck I have on trail cam. Couldn’t lift it and had to get the mrs to help lift.
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