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    Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Maple in 30-06 with Leupold VX-R scope shooting 150 grain Hornady GMX. Picture is before she got the scope.
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    Pretty bad when my only source of entertainment is watching a squirrel 366 yards away across a cut soybean field with the binos! Yeah, I'm so bored that I ranged him, what's the big deal??? LOL Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Thinking Dan Wesson .44 mag handgun...dad said he would LOVE for me to take a deer with it. I think this is the year to attempt it.
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    Back in a different 3S property as my hunting partner went were we were last night - he had an 8 at 10 yards but didn’t love the shot so let it walk- hope he is rewarded with another opportunity. I set up beyond these .... pines to the left of me/fields to the right/and I’m ...stuck in the middle with..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Posted one above earlier but seeing as how you asked and I don’t mind posting again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sako 85 Classic in 270. Topped with 3x9x40 Zeiss Conquest. Fed with 140 gr Nosler BTs I handloaded myself.
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    Wife got a nice 9 point about 9 am Sat. Shot was 38 yards with a CamX Chaos 325. It was only the second buck she has ever killed. It dressed out over160#. We followed a 200 yard blood trail to her prize. The extraction was a tough, uphill haul.
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    Crazy Bow season lots of weird stuff happened and back pains kept me out of the woods a lot but in the end a success... 10/14 7:45am Big Doe: 11/3 7:30am Yearling Doe: 11/6 2:30pm 11pt: He came right into my 2d doe decoy and antler Ice after I tickled the rattle bag and made an estrus bleat...5 yards but I regret the between the shoulder shot I took from above...never again 700 yard track over 2 days found him this am don’t think he died til last night all the meat is still perfect temps were awesome! Lucky guy on all counts... All my neighbors are awesome the shot was taken behind my parents and ran through every neighbor property in between and 2 more over, Awesome Rural Community! My wife took rutcation fir me this week I Love Her! Great harvests and nice bucks all (biz with the xbow!) have a great gun season!
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    November 17th is the day with my most NY buck kills. Actually my greatest 2019 prediction has not come true yet, but off to a great start. I don't want to jinx it yet, so I won't name names. But I had texted 6 forum members (so 7 including Me) that we would get 1,000 inches worth of bucks combined in 2019. We are currently at 630" with bow/xbow, so only need another 370" among 7 gun buck tags. I will go on december 31st to 3S stateland and shoot a spike with Mathews if need be to cross the 1,000 inch threshold.
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    It was good forum karma at its finest. Rob wasn't greedy knowing he couldn't hunt and paid it forward to another member.
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    Bang! Congrats. Really cool freak deer! also thank rob since he couldn't hunt today, which allowed me to pass the torch to you. That spike side looks like its 18 inches!
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    " ya, gimme the trophy hunter special" Coming right up.
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    Hehehehe..You and about 200,000 other guys were sighting in today, by the sound of the shooting I heard...
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    Until about 15 years ago, driving was the only way my cousins hunted in Pa. Most fun I've ever had deer hunting. They had hunted their 700 acre farm and the surrounding land for all their lives- could put me facing a bank 30 yards in front of me and sure enough deer would run right in front of me. Stopped doing because all of the neighbors would post all around us, and the number of us who could drive kept getting smaller-I'm 56 and was one of the youngest. Also, antler restrictions made it tough. Sure miss those days.
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    I feel your pain! A couple weeks go I hauled a two man stand up to a tree on my property using my 4 wheeler. I decided to assemble it at the base of the tree, rather than dragging an assembled stand through the fields and woods as I have always done in the past. What the instructions said was supposed to be a 1/2 hour job was actually 2 1/2 hours just on the first day. lol. 3 trips up and down the hill over 2 days, I was able to finally complete the job after losing tools, sweating profusely and exhausting myself. Amazingly I was still able to muscle it up into the tree by myself as I slipped around in the mud. Then, I admit I really unwisely put myself at risk as I climbed up the ladder to secure the top as it kept fighting to come away from the tree. Even though the ladder was secured around the tree midway and planted in the ground, the top is scary when it pulls away with me trying to strategically time the maneuvering of the top with my leaning and pushing it against the tree. In the end I have a real nice setup there, but at 60 years old I'll never do it alone again.
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    Gear tie the sections together so that whole package is length of one section. Throw it over shoulders (head between rungs). Walk it in and set up. Ratchet stabilizer first than climb in and ratchet seat while on rungs. Really easy. Trimming takes longer than set up.
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    Thanks for insight, but I’ll never be a mechanical guy. Doesn’t make sense to me. Both of my xbow kills died in under 15 yards. Dad’s 2017 xbow kill never moved either. I don’t think the Broadhead had any issue this time, but rather he didn’t make a perfect shot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ll be using my sweet shooting Savage 25-06. Love the flat and fast, hard hitting round it throws.
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    Heading out this weekend. Also, the weather TV people are hyping this dirty snow squall as if we're all gonna die...it's just snow people, I mean, SNOWFLAKES. We outdoorsmen are used to this stuff.
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    I’m thinking tomorrow pm with the massive temp drops during the day will be insane Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Guess i'll take out my Savage Model 99 in 300 sav with a old 4 power weaver scope. then i'll switch to my Winchester Model 94 in 3030 with peep site, I've had this gun for a few years now but haven't harvested a deer with it yet.
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    Same doc that did the feet handled that reduction too. I think I went a bit too far. Keep peeing on my base layers. But my back feels great.
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    As young West Point cadets, our motto was 'duty, honor, country.' But it was in the field, from the rice paddies of Southeast Asia to the sands of the Middle East, that I learned that motto's fullest meaning. There I saw gallant young Americans of every race, creed and background fight, and sometimes die, for 'duty, honor, and their country.' Norman Schwarzkopf
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    Hmmm..:score? You 1...buck 0!!! Congrats Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tikka t3x stainless Lite .308, Lefty! NF 2.5-10x32mm glass and Hornady Whitetail 150gr ammo. I'm debating using Nosler 165's, but so far the Whitetails are batting 1.000. If it ain't broke...
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    I always liked being the Driver but got behind a big tree when the shooting started ! LOL
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    Out of likea.congrats!!!
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    I moved an 18 foot ladder this week over 200 yards on my shoulders while carrying my crossbow in one hand just put bottom against tree and walk it up like an extension ladder make sure brace is good before climbing
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    badly managed deer drives are as bad as poorly organized family reunions. The Uncle Fester Syndrome. no excuse for poor dangerous gun handling. hunting pigs with a spear, about as primordal as you can get. Please, comment to the cows come home, your thoughts well appreciated.
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    40+ years old Winchester 30-30 .... Still works just fine !
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    Fawn is still hanging out. I have some pee out, so maybe she will serve as a decoy? I can hope, anyway. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    So I guess 4pm is the time all of my neighbors decided to site in their guns!! Either that or their hosting a civil war reenactment.
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    Thirty years ago sit until nine or so, then coffee and a sandwich, do drives until about 3 then tree stand time again. If we knew another group was driving nearby or saw walkers, we hung tight...let them do the work which was even better. At that time, we primarily hunted the fingerlakes, West shore of Seneca. Rolling hills, hedgerows and gullies, vineyards and corn. We rotated who pushed, and usually it was very productive. Since then, most of the land has changed lands and gone to different useage. Boy, did we learn how to make a pump gun sing!
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    Tagged out on my buck tag a month ago, finally got windy enough on the lake today to take the kids out. Just me in the blind with a license so two mallards in a short time and I was done already. I really miss the 4 mallard limit already as I could have had a few more, and to be honest 3-4 birds is just enough breasts to feed the family one meal. Same two ducks, my youngest (7) and my oldest (10) just taking turns for a picture.
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    I just finished the shortest book in the world... " My Search for the REAL Killer" by O.J. Simpson.....
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    Wife made me a really awesome shirt to wear down to the wedding before I have to change. Most of that side of my family is very liberal and I love to start with them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Atta boy....have a day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    At 7:50 this morning this buck came into the apple tree I’ve hunted over a few times already, this time I was able to slip an arrow into him. He was quartering to more than anyone should like, I was a little upset with myself for taking this shot but it worked out. I got one lung, no liver no heart no guts. Full squad on the track job and we found the broken arrow and three spots of blood.@treeguy has a tracking dog contact so I texted him all the info and told the guys lets back out and wait for this guy to get back to me. On the way out I said let’s check this one road for blood, last deer I shot there ran down it. We go a few yards and@sodfather yells DUDE HES RIGHT THERE!! And there he lay lol. If he was messing with me we’d still be fighting back there like Peter Griffin and the giant chicken! What a blast having these guys along and Andrew and Bizzy in the mix via phone Someone zinged him earlier this season and has a story Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Was a great morning (10/10)...weather was crisp and very little wind. Decided to hunt before heading into work and if i got lucky i could always take the day off or head in late. Got in stand quiet and immediatlely heard deer moving around in the thick stuff to the north. All the movement shut down as the sun came up and birds and squirels started to make noise, i figured deer had been feeding all night and were headed back to bedding area before light. Around 7:35 i see a small doe coming thru the woods to my south working her way to the bedding area north of me. She got to 20 yards and was hung up for 15 minutes. She was nervous and something was not right for her to continue...I knew she couldnt smell me as wind was perfect for the direction she came from. She finally turned and took a couple big bounds back from where she came from. I figured another deer was in the thick stuff but i couldnt see anything and thought my morning was done. 3 minutes later i see movement in front of me and right away i see the antlers and tell myself its one of the shooters we have seen. I watch as the buck comes directly towards me head down and smelling the ground. He gets to 25 years and stops behind trees puts his head back and is licking the air, again i know wind is perfect so i wait till he puts his head down and just flicks his tail, i go to full draw as he steps out from trees and slight quarter to me, put my pin on his shoulder and touch release....i see blood instantly as he takes off, i can see him stop and i lose sight of him 30 yards from the stand. I make all my calls to let people know im gonna be late (and i need to settle back down as the aderenline was pumping)...i get down and go to where i shot him find blood right away. Its amazing how you watch and replay the shot and deer running marking every tree and bush from the stand but as soon as your on the ground it all changes! I follow blood for about 20 yards and there he is lying right where i lost him, double lung and one of the easiest track jobs ever. This buck was in FULL rut, his tarsel glands are black as can be, big neck and he had the definite smell of a buck in rut...makes sense now why that doe would not commit to heading to the bedding area, she was not ready for this guy to be around her. Good luck everyone, don't overthink the "rut calendar" or moon phases and when the "best" time to be in the woods is! The best time to be in the woods is anytime you can!!
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    Sat my first watch of the year this morning. I have been skunked a lot recently during bow season and with two kids we really go through the meat. I saw antler and a big body and it didn't take long to decide even though it's opening weekend to pull the bow back. My kids and I really cut out some good lanes this year and luckily this guy walked right through one at 38 yards. I saw him coming slowly, he stopped just before the lane and I thought maybe it wasn't gonna happen. He then took about 3 more steps. He was quartering away ever so slightly but stopped perfect in the lane. I put the pin on him and followed up my shot. I heard it hit really hard and at first thought it was to far forward, but it turns out it tucked just behind the closer shoulder/leg and buried into the opposite side. I watched him run and watched the arrow sticking out about half way and then the arrow disappeared. I heard him crash at least once then nothing. Gave it a good hour and went to the spot, not good blood which had me super nervous. About 20 yards away however I had great blood and a good tracks. Followed it for about 60 yards and saw a white stomach. I will be honest that one little tiny part of me thought wow no more hunting for 6 weeks but I got over it pretty quick. I can find some time to take the kids duck hunting now. I know I never post but I do read almost every post all day in the Live from the Woods thread. It's great to read all the stories and I am thankful I have meat in the freezer.
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    I'd much prefer a spring season
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    big 9 - was within 70 yards of him twice during bow - this was last day of bow season in '17. I have a stand in the corner of this field. Landowner lives across the rd and took this pic. lol I had him on trail cam too.
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