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    Big doe down and me with a heart attack. I'm too out of shape for this shit. Now back and showered. Shot looks high because I was probably 25-30 feet up in my stand so high angle. She didn't go more than 30 yards behind me. Saw a beautiful spray and heard the nice pop when I shot her. Full passthrough ran lightning speed then massive crash and one final death cough and I am finally back in action. It feels incredible to finally have redemption after last seasons debacle. And now drinking a delicious sour beer in celebration! There's also a gigantic 8 I was watching earlier. I know where be lives now and plan on killing him next if luck is on my side! #ThankYouForLessOverzealousModding #WeDemandUnlimitedLikes #WeDemandADislikeButton
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    Jr and I tucked in the ground house for the pm. Already have a pile of deer in the field, hoping one will make it's way to bow range as I'm under strict orders to SEND IT. Flock of turkeys cruised through, poults were very vocal. My son was loving it. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    The last hour and a half has been about as much fun as one could have with their clothes still on! Been surrounded by deer. None of which gave me a shot but the young hunter I’m with has a small buck down. He hit a little high and a little back but it was pumping blood and we saw it lay down. We are giving it 2+ hours to expire just in case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well the sticker 12 point got a rage in cage this morning. Brother in law got another for the wall. He is one of the deer from my nightly buck parade thread. Shot was far back but we found him dead in his bed. He is bigger than we initially thought. He weighed 217.5 lbs on my butchers certified scale. We rough taped him at around 153ish. Unfortunately the sticker in the velvet pictures is broke off. Now i just need the time to get some hunts in!
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    Hey everybody.been trolling on here since last year.decided to get in the action hunting 6s in some apples next to alfalfa field.thought I would say hello.good luck to everyone.
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    No, not mine I’m not touching it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This morning started out hectic with a long walk to the spot I wanted to hunt and was the first time hunting out of my saddle. I got situated about 12 feet up in a very skinny maple tree probably 6” in diameter . I had great wind as long as nothing came from behind me . Wouldn’t ya know I noticed some deer crossing train tracks behind me and worked their way to my side. Doe came about into a clover plot that didn’t take for us this year but she was still eating the premature plant. She walked right towards me and I knew I would get to attempts to draw on her if she doesn’t bust me only being 12 feet in air. She presented herself with a 10 yard shot slightly quarter to. I released the arrow and she jumped for a second then walked about 20 yards. Then she just stood there and didn’t move. I thought to myself did I miss that shot. She walked off slowly but I couldn’t see any blood coming out of her . After a bit I got down and had to find my arrow. Covered in blood and that was my first relief. After waiting another hour I started to look for blood trail. Tracks and Jeremy K came back to meet me and start tracking . She walked about 60 yards and found her . My arrow hit a little high and a little back . Regret putting my 20 yard pin on her but got lucky I guess. Not a giant doe but my first deer hunting out of a saddle so that was cool.
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    Not the biggest guy but he'll start to fill the freezer. Can't hunt to much this year so I couldn't be picky
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    First time out this season for the boy. Hope we see more tonight than I've seen the last few nights. (which is zero)
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    October 4th Track #1 Luna and I tracked a doe for 1.1 miles this morning, with no recovery. The hunter was sitting on the ground next to a sapling, and said she had seen him before he shot. The 30 yard shot her high, as she was on high alert and most likely jumped the string. #2 I was called last night by a hunter that had shot a nice buck. He waited 2 hours before taking up the track, and just under 200 yards realized he had gutshot it. He called me and I told him to back out and wait for me to come in the morning, which thankfully he did. Luna quickly took us to last blood and we continued on, flagging blood as we saw it. 170 yards later and the hunter yells “there he is” and the celebration began. We ended up with at least a dozen people out in the woods after he made a call. They had all been out duck hunting and were waiting to see if we’d find it. It was the perfect time for my “back out and don’t push a gutshot deer” speech, which these guys already knew, but I can’t help myself.
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    Hunt #2. 10/3 6S mosh pit. First serious hunt of the year. And doe down. Saw 9 does and heard a buck grunt but he wouldn't show. Crazy morn in the woods esp for early season. Good to have some bank back in the freezer. Earliest I have ever filled a tag. 25 yard shot. She went about 120 yards.
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    What a morning! We where covered in deer from first light until 9:45! I don’t know why I waited so long to get into archery hunting there’s nothing like it. We got down at 10 and the buck, a small 4 pointer was dead only 40 yards from where he shot it. It was indeed a high and back shot. Dummy me didn’t check to see if it hit vitals but their was blood everywhere. He was down on himself for a moment when he shot it only because he knows there is a big one in the area that we are chasing. We told him to knock that off and be proud of the choice he made. In the end he was happy and we got a fair amount of making fun of him in while gutting the deer because the arrow caught stomach and ripped it open. We wanted to see him puke. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For me, THAT is not the question... The question is whether to whip out Little Clarkie and let 'er fly , or piss my pants....
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    Just sighted in my new 4K pro yesterday and was able to put it to use on a nice yote tonight. 58gr v-max. Bang flop Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
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    We got a doe yesterday. That's the exit wound. It was a broadside shot. Not sure how the arrow came out that far back. Ran 60 yards. I am not the good looking one in the picture.
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    Felt good to break the ice she didnt make it 50 yards after the shot .
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    Haven’t been hunting since fall of 2013, and my first time since moving to New York. Felt really natural putting the climber on a tree.
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    I was hunting caribou in NWT with an Inuit guide, George Konana... I shot my first caribou, a nice bull... While he was butchering the bull, he set the liver aside, and then punctured the bloated stomach...Caribou bloat almost immediately after they die... They just hit the ground an inflate... He cut off a slice of the raw liver dipped it in the stomach contents, and ate it, and licked his fingers afterwards... George said " There is too much here for me, do you want some..??" I said " **** you, George ".....
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    Finally seen a deer! I had to move a ladder stand due to a fallen tree. I’m sweaty and warm but stayed in anyway. Spike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Headed out this afternoon with an older cousin who managed to get me permission to hunt with him on some private land he hunts. He botched up turkey under the gun 5-6x last few years with me calling but kills a lot of deer with his bow. Let’s see how this pans out. Not expecting much
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    Saw 25 plus deer and one fox this afternoon, all in mine and our daughters neighborhood though .
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    I will never forget this redemption doe. She gave her life so I could shake off the bad juju from last season. Nothing like a solid shot to bring back confidence #ThankYouForLessOverzealousModding #WeDemandUnlimitedLikes #WeDemandADislikeButton
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    Doe down to refill the freezer. Crazy morn in the woods, it felt like mid season. Got in the mosh pit stand in 6S before light. A little before 8 I hear walking here come two does walking right at me. I draw on the first and bigger one and she comes to my stand straight in at like 4 yards. I have to let down and turn as she goes by and no she is walking straight away . Finally she turns at 25 and I send it. Think it's a good hit as she takes off. Give it 15 minutes and get down. Find arrow and blood on it up 12" about 10 yards away. And a blood trail. Decide to get back in stand and give it a 1/2 hour. Just get sat back down and three more doe come in they get to within 38 . Thought about it but unless it's a layup better just worry out the one I got. They walk away then come trotting back looking over their shoulders. I get ready and I hear grunt grunt grunt phhhh. There is buck behind them somewhere. They keep looking back in the woods then come out in the field. I have a perfect 30 yard on a big doe but I hold off cause of the buck. Well he never came out. 10 minutes later 4 more different doe come thru and skirt me at 40 in the brush. Finally after they are gone for 15 minutes. I have to go look for my deer. Start following blood and can tell it's a definite lung hit cause it's spraying. After a few find her laying in the middle of the horse field about 120 away. Yes!!!! Hit her double lung and then hit outside shoulder. She had been laying there prob after 2 minutes. Decent sized doe and it didn't have any fawns so it is a freezer filler. Earliest I've even filled a tag. Great start to the season. And a great day in the woods. Thank you everyone for all the rooting for me! And pic of bloodying up the new truck! Lol.
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    Holy cow, just got outta bed...got in it a little after 7am.. We did 7 sets, starting at 9pm in Lancaster. Had 2 dogs start talkin back half hour in to that set. No one showed up though. Did have a fox make a appearance. Next one had them going again but wrong side of the road. Had eyes show up on a skinny 4 wheeler path, i couldnt tell for sure if it was a yote or fox. Next stop had 2 packs going on either side of us again no takers. Next stop on new property to hunt had a fox come in but nothing from yotes. Next stop again 2 packs going off but no yotes, 2 fox showed though. Next stop just down the road from that one, put the call out get back to the gun, run what is now one of my favorite yote vocals on my new lucky duck call and MAYBE 12 seconds in a young female came flying in to the call, movin to fast for buddy to shoot. It stopped within 15ft of the call and i dropped her. Probably a 80-90 yard shot, first kill with the .204, and all the new goodies. 1 more set after that and as usual had a single dog respond but wouldn't come in. Got in bed just after 7am lol. Fun, frustrating, and a good learning night.
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    Headed out at 1 today due to family obligations. Hope to knock down a doe. I’m hunting behind MH brother in laws as my nieces really want to watch me dress a deer. The plan is if I shoot one to call them have them come help me track and watch me dress it. It’s really cool that they are expressing interest at 14 and 17 might even be able to get them in the woods next year. My brother in law got his license this year and will be in for x bow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took 3 days for him to see a deer within range. Kayden is in the tree slightly to the right of the deer and 18 yrds behind the deer. He said he was shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. Lol
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    Tucked in with my boys in 9h.....sitting a couple hundred yards off the edge of a cut corn field between bedding and food. The squirrel count has been pretty good so far keeping us entertained. They have also pounded oreos, and goldfish for the past 2o minutes! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    How are you supposed to photo shop lions and bigfoots onto his SD card without first removing ? Asking for a friend.
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    Negative. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it. Keep your hands off other people’s shit.
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    Well I tried biz style from the ground. Result was a fun morning but I messed up. Same stateland I hunted friday just farther down the ridge. I can see the road from the setup I found. At 7 I had a doe come through where I didn't think they would so I couldn't get turned to shoot her. So once she walked off I repositioned my chair thinking if more come through they will most likely take the same path. Well at 8 o'clock here comes another one. Well I thought it was a small buck and it walked passed looked body wise like a large 1.5 basket 4. Well at that time I could hear another one coming thinking it may be bigger I looked over and saw a spike at 5 yards. When I saw him I realized i just let a 2.5 walk and turned to shoot him well he saw me move. That's when I realized he wasn't a basket 4 he was a 5 point out to the ears. Needless to say after a stare down he bounded off. It was a lot of fun but I found a tree to get them coming in next time. All 3 deer passed by at under 12 yards. Really pushing myself to take a 2.5 and up this year. He was a lot bigger than that spike just judged his body wrong with and yes his antlers played into that judgement and just tgought he was younger. Now I know he's there.
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    Actually, George did tell me that he didn't like it in Yellowknife, NWT because it was too hot..... He said that he was one of the few residents of Gjoa Haven who "worked" meaning hunted and fished, since most Canadian natives are wards of the Canadian government... He liked that, because he got to fill most of the polar bear tags awarded to that community...He told stories of hunting for days out on the snow covered tundra, using snow machines and living in igloos that they built on the spot.. He said that most of the meat he ate while hunting was sliced thin and eaten raw...To cook meat was a waste of precious fuel , which could be used for more important things like brewing tea...
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    No need to block out that word...You can say “ Thank” on this forum . HOw was it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    10/2 Track #1 HEAVY rain throughout this track. Hunter shot a doe last night, believing he hit her high. The arrow was never recovered. We tracked past where he had marked blood last night, but of course it had been washed away. Luna ended up tracking the doe .84 miles until we had a property line issue and had to call it. It appeared she had never bedded. We jumped a deer near the property line, but don’t know if it was her or not. #2 A 68 year old hunter shot his first bow buck last night. We were on the way back from the first track which had been 65 miles away, so rather than drive home to swap dogs, I saved the time and miles and Luna got the call. . She didn’t seem to mind. The hunter and his son tracked this buck for a couple hundred yards last night, wisely backing out without grid searching when blood became hard to find. Luna never wavered on this track. She took us .46 miles in a big circle, to a beautiful, big 8 pointer. He had come right back to within 75 yards of the stand he was shot out of. The buck had been gutshot, and luckily hadn’t been pushed into the next county. The hunter could not praise Luna enough, saying he was going to buy her a big juicy steak. #3 This track was only 4 miles from the second, so Luna lucked out with three in a row. The hunter shot this 8 pointer last night, and knew immediately he had made a poor shot. The arrow struck the shoulder, only penetrating a few inches. He and a buddy waited a couple hours and then tracked approximately 400 yards, marking blood as they went. He and his father went back this morning and advanced the track a short distance. Luna made short work of the 400 yards, but despite repeated restarts, circles, etc. we did not advance it. Based on the shot description, this buck is most likely still around. #4 Darn it, another high shoulder shot. This one was at 0700 this morning. The 8 pointer fell down when shot, then jumped up and ran away. The buck ran toward the nearby neighboring property line, so the hunter followed the sparse blood trail only 50 yards before backing out. The neighbor joined us on the track. As suspected, Kunox took us to the neighboring property. We went 3/4 of a mile seeing very little blood along the way. At this point, Kunox went hot, indicating a live deer which we never saw. I found a bed, but there was no blood in it. Kunox was pulling hard, and 50 yards away we found one drop of blood. Based on the shot description, distance traveled, and so little blood loss, the track was called.
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    It was a great opening day for me. I saw 5 does and fawns this AM. Decided to go out close to home tonight to a spot I haven't scouted or ran any cameras at all this year. I knew there is a lot of oaks in there and should be dropping. I went in and found a good tree and climbed up. It was slow except for raccoons eating acorns all afternoon. An hour before dark I had a small 5 point come in behind me, followed by a young 8 point. They feed around at 10-30yds for half an hour then they both go on alert and are looking to where they came from. 5 minutes later I see another buck coming, noticeably larger. He came up and stopped at 12yds and I sent a Spitfire through his lungs, he made it 50 yds. I'm happy to have him but hunting through November without a buck tag will feel odd! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Deer is cut up and almost all put away. All the regular steaks, some stew meat, a small roast and put up 33 bacon burgers and have to freeze and package 12 pounds of apple breakfast sausage tomorrow.
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    The front end of my son's truck was 20 yards from his tree stand . The 3 deer in the picture were about 5 yards ahead of the truck . He said they were small and probably fawns . There is a trail through the hedge row at the end of my SIL's horse manure dump . Trucks are like deer magnets .
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    Navy Seals caught Bin Laden ! Didn't you know that ?
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    Going out tomorrow for the first sit of the year for me. Only hunting half the day, and im mostly going just to post my land to stop a guy from trespassing. Ill probably pass everything except a big buck
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    I sat for 12 hrs today. I didn't see anything until just before 5pm when 3 doe came in and ate around under my stand for 5 minutes. I shot her at 9yrds. She piled up 50yrds behind my stand.
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