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  1. I’d like to start a small food plot on the property I hunt. I’m located in Orange County. The property is about 40 acres. The middle of the property is thick swamp and the rest is surrounded by hardwoods with oak & few pine trees. There’s an old small abandon horse pasture with tall grass growing in it right now. The deer tend to hangout in it and around it a lot. I’m thinking about mowing the grass down and tilling the pasture and planting a food plot in it. I was wondering what you guys recommend planting to keep the deer in the area during hunting season. Early season the deer are everywhere but once middle or late November the deer start disappearing. I’m thinking the deer are traveling across the street to the cornfields once late season hits, so I want to plant something that will keep them in the area. This is the first time I ever did a food plot so any advice or tips will help. I wanna know what would be best to plant. Since I don’t live on the property I hunt I’d like to maybe start out with something that’s not to hard to maintain but works really well. I’ll attach a photo of the property and outline the horse pasture so you guys have an idea of what the layout looks like. Thanks in advance for the help! Yellow outline is the pasture. Red outline is the swampy area and rest of property is hardwoods
  2. Anybody know of any rabbit pens near Orange County ny ?
  3. I have a glock 19 right now but it will be hard to conceal during summer so I was thinking the xds is small and slim enough to carry during the summer
  4. Does anybody have one? Thinking about buying one and wanted too see what everyone’s opinion is on it ?
  5. I’m looking to get myself a small hammerless backup snub nose revolver.. I was looking at the s&w model 642 and the Ruger LCR. Does anybody else have any suggestions on a good gun that won’t break the bank?
  6. Okay so I just obtained my nys pistol permit unrestricted license & I was looking at the gun laws map and it’s saying some states honor the nys permit. So does that mean I can also conceal carry in those states too with my ny pistol permit?
  7. Thank you guys for all the help!!
  8. I’ll be fishing around orange/Sullivan/Ulster County. So I’d pretty much be fishing ponds and lakes for bass, pickreal and stuff like that.. if that helps
  9. I’m looking to get into ice fishing and was looking for some info or tips on what’s some basic things I need to get to start out. Obviously I need an arguer and either tip ups or a ice fishing pole. What do you guys suggest
  10. Hey guys I’m from Orange County ny, & I’m looking to buy some game birds for my dog and was wondering if anyone knows anywhere nearby me that I can buy them from?
  11. I would really love to shoot a wood duck to get mounted. I was wondering if any of you guys know any good spots in Orange County that hold woodies. What kind of areas do you find them in?
  12. Next year I’m looking into doing some deer hunting during the rut in Ohio and was wondering what must guys do. I don’t wanna spend money using an outfitter. I rather go out there in summer do some scouting, set up trail cams and come back in a couple months check them and check stuff out and set stands then come back during hunting season and hunt. Do you guys usually lease land or do you hunt state land? I just wanna get some tips and ideas so I know how to go about it. Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks bud, hope ya shoot a big one this year
  14. I’m going out tomorrow morning and was wondering what time it starts cracking lighting. Trying to figure out what time I should be in my stand
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