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  1. Clcik the link here for the full story, but here is a sample: … he laid there awake just before dawn. He kicked his legs up, swung himself up and sideways, and sauntered to the privy. A quick shave, some cold water splashed on his face and a quick wipe of the cold washcloth over his body made him feel zesty and alive. His head didn’t hurt this morning and his stomach felt fine. Manfred put on fresh underwear, pulled on wool socks and then pulled up his dark brown leather hunting pants. Before he put on his undershirt, shirt and tie, he made sure to tuck his hunting knife into the side pocket of his pants, along with two heavy duty workman’s kerchiefs, one in each pants pocket. As he tied his tie, he realized that he was going to hunt alone, which had him both excited and mentally centered. He put on his loden green wool hunting jacket, buttoned it up, checked his lapels and put his binoculars on. He didn’t put his hunting hat on, but rather decided, since he was going to have some breakfast, to leave it in the gun rack on top of his barrel in the small dining room in Albert’s small forester’s lodge. “Do you like the Mannlicher-Schönauer?” Manfred heard Albert’s voice behind him as he was sitting down to a preset table with a roll, some butter and a cup of porridge. “Very much,” Manfred began as he stood back up to shake Albert’s hand and nod a greeting to Albert’s wife, who, shy, was making some acorn coffee. Albert sat across the table from Manfred, “I am sold on modern technology.” “Me, too,” Manfred said with a mouthful of porridge. “Forgive my manners, but the food here is …” “…yes, everyone says that,” Albert laughed as he finished Manfred’s thought for him. “The Mannlicher-Schönauer is a beautiful weapon. Very smooth action. I just had my gunsmith check it, as the trigger pull was inconsistent.” “What was it?” Albert wondered.” “He smoothed the sear. Found a rough spot. He also trimmed a spring to lighten the pull a half kilo,” Manfred explained. Albert nodded, “Anyway, I like the modern technology. It’s better, but a number of hunters come here with their drillings.” “Yes, the two shotgun barrels on top of a single one shot rifle barrel. We have a few at home. A good weapon, but my Mannlicher-Schönauer—it’s simply wonderful.—and, much better as a rifle.” “You are on your own this morning, as you requested. I will blow the hunt horn in a few minutes. Once we hear shots, we’ll bring the cart to bring your quarry back,” Albert explained. Manfred nodded, barely able to contain his excitement. He put on his hat, grabbed his rifle, centered his binoculars and checked his ammo pouch. He had a dozen rounds, with his Mannlicher having three in the magazine…
  2. I am looking for a photo essay on this year's deer hunting (or any other hunting, for that matter) for my blog, a blog that focuses on the nature, environment and life in the Eastern Woodlands. (I'd also take a short story or article on hunting, but nothing that smacks of marketing/advertising, etc.) Ideally, a single hunt from start to finish. Could be one day or, perhaps, a few days strung together in an extended hunt. You know, from getting your gear ready all the way through field gutting and then processing. A photo essay is a series of photos on a single topic, could have text, but text not necessary. Ir you're going to try this, I'd suggest a simple storyboard or list of the parts of the hunt you want to photograph. Doing it off the cuff often results in an afterthought of, "Geez, I shoulda ..." because you left something out. Photos need to be your own, need to be clear and need to show the task at hand; e.g., even if that's just putting your gear into your vehicle. The general rules for my blog are: 1) I take no advertising. 2) I pay Typepad $14.95 a month for my blogsite. 3) Contributors keep the copyright of their work. As it stands now, I have about 400 reader/day. Contact me here: five-eight-five 7-four-9 seven-seven-3-6 Note: I am a shooter and belong to one of the local gun clubs where I live. Thanks--Markie Boy