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  1. You are so right the new ones do not feel like the old. If you like the older there are many still around. I have the older .270 and 30/06 both great guns. My brush gun is an 11/87 12 ga. cantilever scope mount smooth bore with rifled choke tube and cheapo Winchester pumkin ball slugs. Awesome combo in thick stuff and has knocked down deer at 150yds. plus. I shoot a lot before season though. But I use a Winchester m- 70 .300 wsm for distance up in canada. If your in most spots bucks prefer, I 'll take the slug gun. Its really not the gun or bow but how much you shoot it to get proficient with it.
  2. If you want to up the kill percentage and increase lowlight conditions in morning and evening which adds time to your hunts its a scope for sure. I have a modern muzzle loader and a cap lock. Killed a deer with the cap lock last season. Deadly accurate with patched round ball. For me I always feel more of an accomplishment with it. Its a whole different critter from my scoped smoke pole. I will use the cap lock when I go to Colorado for elk because scopes and modern bullets are not legal, but traveling that far and coughing up tag money I wish I could take my scoped weapon.
  3. Buy what you can afford and shoot a lot till you know the gun well. I have seen cheap guns that were as accurate as expensive ones. Just kick like mules because their light.
  4. This guy put some old mounts to good use.
  5. Very nice! I do all my own as a hobby. Very rewarding and fun to do. A lot of work goes into it.
  6. They useally they leave the deer when the body temp drops.
  7. I do my own taxidermy as a hobby and they are a lot more work but a nice way to mix it up. You have to paint the mouth and be more precise with tucking the fleshed out lips.
  8. It will in no way spook deer. It will bring bear in pretty quick but will not spook deer. 30 years ago I went hunting with a friend who put me in a stand that had been hunted from opening day and 3 days in a row it produced with gut piles all around it.
  9. Congrats, your hooked for life. Remember now not to get married in the month of November.
  10. Walkihg and hiking a lot in woods similar to where I hunt. Shooting the bow pretty much every day.
  11. anybody from ny going out to colorado to hunt this year? looking for interested person or persons to drive out and back for a 2-3 week elk hunt.self guided,if you can call a turkey you can call an elk.