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  1. From my time studying biology in college, EHD and many hemorrhagic diseases can only be transmitted across ruminants or hoofed animals. EHD is interesting because it is spread by the bite of Culicoide gnats, not bodily fluids like AHD or CWD. Humans, although I do not advise or suggest, can technically eat the meat and not be infected. Very interesting if it is EHD as the gnats won't be able to survive the cooler temps and will hopefully die, hence reducing the transmission rate among the herds.
  2. Update: I finally got a single picture of this bruin on my camera! I left the card upstate though. Now it's a matter of utilizing a climbing stand so that I can hunt the area regardless of the wind.
  3. I was always hesitant to start them too soon, but it seems that it is never too soon. I guess I need to catch up. In years past, I've made them late October.
  4. When do you make them? Summer, Pre-rut, Rut?
  5. I have little guys hitting mine and lightly sparring since the first week of September now. Seems early to me, but who knows. Most mock scrapes products have doe in estrous, so I was hesitant to utilize anything right now.
  6. How many of you utilize mock scrape(s)? If so, do you utilize a specific product to maximize the potential? When do you implement them into your stand location?
  7. Congrats to your son on passing! I hope many years of great memories are shared between the two of you. You are correct and I am 99.99% certain on the following (anyone else please chime in). The bow privilege provides your son an either sex tag and an antlerless tag that can be used during the bow or muzzleloader season only. Not sure how old your kid is but if they are 14 or older, they will also be eligible to hunt with a firearm and will be provided a regular season (buck only tag). If your child is eligible to hunt with a firearm, they can participate in the Columbus Day Weekend Youth Hunt! That hunt enables your child to take a male or female, but their regular season tag must be used, unless you receive a DMP. If you hunt in an area with antler restrictions, 12-16 yr olds can take an antlered buck so long as their horns are 3" or longer. Again, I'm 99.99% certain but could be mistaken so please follow up with the DEC regulation book. Good luck to you and your son and I hope this helped.
  8. Couldn't agree more! I've had more success giving up on my tree stand/blind and just picking a new location by sitting on the ground because my gut told me so.
  9. Fortunately, meat isn't the issue. I love venison and have several people that enjoy it, but I'm content burning the tag to let the younger ones grow. Personally, I would rather shoot a doe and let a 3yr old buck live but that's just my opinion. I love being out there and having the opportunity to spend time with the elders in the group.
  10. It's almost that time of the year and when I say almost, I mean 78 hours 10 minutes and 10 seconds, but hey who's counting? I'm in a bit of a dilemma as I don't know what location to sit at when I get out there this week. In one location, I have photos of 3-4 shooters (8 points or more/ 3.5- 4yr old deer) and several young bucks (1.5- 3). The other location has an older mature deer (5-6years old) that looks like it migrated from Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, I have yet to see this deer myself but several locals have witnessed him throughout the summer. The last time someone that I know saw him was the first week of September. About three weeks ago, I finally set a camera up in the location where he has been spotted crossing but don't have any photos of him. I have several young bucks in that spot, but none of the legend.Two years my Dad had an encounter with him during crossbow season in the same location, but couldn't get a shot. What do you all think: Give up and go to the first location or remain hopeful that eventually he will show up?
  11. How efficient is this method for calling in black bears? I have seen/read about it being used, predominately out west, but wasn't sure how effective it was.
  12. I'm torn between my Remington woodsmaster 742 in .30-06, Savage Axis in .25-06 (New Purchase), Winchester Model 70 in 300 Win Mag(New Purchase) or my Savage 212 with a Nikon Slughunter shooting Remington Premier Expander. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  13. I'm sure we have all seen on TV or in magazines lavish products and technology being advertised that guarantee to increase one's success in the field. One item in particular, HECS Suit, has recently caught my attention. HECS Suit claim that their patented technology blocks one's naturally occurring electrical signature and allows people to get closer to the game they pursue. I know animals, especially whitetails, rely upon their 5 senses to reduce their risk of predation. However, HECS Suits are intended to protect hunters from animals sixth sense: the ability to detect electrical magnetic pulses emitted by humans. As someone that currently studies Biology in college, I have done a lot of work with animals and know they utilize this sixth sense in a variety of different ways. The HECS suits go for $179, give or take, but if they do what they are advertised than by all means I would be willing to try them out. With that being said, people have been hunting for centuries and without half the modern technology we have today. A bit skeptical myself, but was curious to see others input on the topic.
  14. Hey All, As archery season is well underway and November is fast approaching, I was curious to see what scents/lures work for y'all. For years I used to work the traditional Tinks and other store brought products, until 3 years ago I came across this "local"(Owner makes the lures out of his home in NJ) brand, Signal 11 Lures. I by no means am sponsored or paid by the company to write this post, but rather share my new found success and insights. As you all know hunting in NY is not like the TV shows, but ever since utilizing Signal 11 lures "Scrape Nuggets" and urine scents the amount of action I get afield rivals some of the pros on TV! I typically take a white sock, spray it in deer urine and use it as a drag line attached to my boot. When I get to my spot, I tie the sock at waist high to resemble a whitetails tail (make sure its not directly infant of you so that someone doesn't shoot in your direction!) and let nature take its course. So what brands and scents do y'all use and how do you use them?