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  1. Sat from 8:30 till 5. Saw a doe and a fawn at 9:30, then nothing. Lots of tracks, melting snow. If it wasnt for the 60 mph gusts tomorrow, I'd be out in the morning.
  2. Never gonna make it from North Buffalo to Evans, driving bans, closed roads and all that snow between. Luckily my buddies wife allowed me to hunt their woods in Grand island so I got a chance and won't miss my 30th opener. Very grateful!
  3. They were moving this afternoon in 9g. 4 bucks chasing one doe within minutes. Happily took this one at 20 yds. He didn't go 20 yds and piled up.
  4. Not the biggest deer of my life but the most memorable one for sure. Both my sons contracted Covid last Sunday and recovered rather quickly. After isolation and quarantined finally got out to hunt with my 9 year old. Out steps this guy at 15 yards at 4:30. Needless to say, the shot was true and we made a memory that probably means more to me than him.
  5. Awesome. Congrats. That story is worth my first post of the year. From a middle aged Brian.
  6. Shot a 5pt quartering to me a tad too much Monday. Shot was high and back but did hit lung before exiting thru the guts. Backed out and returned next morning. He didn't go more than 40 yds. Good luck!
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