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  1. True you gave your license and they gave a Ticket and an arm band and a plaque you put in the car you could only hunt the area
  2. I still have Stewart and ten mile river and orange and rock land coop hunting areas . I think I still have duchess cty coop too plus Long Island navy and rocky pt coops . All from the 80’s . It was all I hunted back in the day . All it took was a phone call region 4 sent me a package with all the areas to hunt . Region 5 sent me moose river rec area map too but you still had to put the time and foot work in even the coops what spots were good @ what time ( evening hunt or morning)
  3. about a week ago my friend Brian told me that the media [news 12 bklyn] was going to be @ floyd Bennett field to try to get the national parks service to reopen the archery range . well the one reporter came down a a pretty black girl very nice and pleasant set up a video camera on a tripod and interviewed about the 5 of us that showed up . We all said we want to reopen the range there's no reason why it cant be open its outside and we always practiced social distancing any way i showed her the the lanes and walked it off it was like 7' apart . It was strange and i had a funny feeling cause she asked how much we paid to shoot we told her $75 a yr and do we want a refund we all said NO we want it reopened but she kept going on about the refund and the money. She interviewed me and brian for like 10 mins i personally explained see the debris it was never like this we maintain this place and showed her plaques of guys who past away and mass cards in the message board. In the interview we told her about the fishing and the garden club is allowed but not the archery range and no way they follow the safety protocols. Now i dont get news 12 cause i got verizon for cable so i went on their site and watched first the anchor introduces the piece saying archers are demanding refund @ floyd Bennett field i was like WHAT!!!! and she spun the story about the refund never interview anyone from the parks service only that they issued some b/s statement . our interview was a a 15 sec. sound byte made us look like jerks . She totally twisted what we said to make it look like we wanted our money back . TRUMPS 100% RIGHT THE FAKE NEWS!!!! liars and spin doctors . i never felt easy with or trusted the media but from now on its NO COMMENT!!! the only good thing i got to spray bug spray on her legs she was getting bitten up by the skeeters and was paranoid about the ticks.
  4. in my thoughts and prayers i understand a little how you feel my mom's 82 came down with covid in march i was with her a whole week before i i put her in the hospital [ a long story we went to doctors all they said she has a sinus infection well finally she had a fever and none of the doctors and i mean knew her 30 yrs did want to know her] . All they said take her to the hospital . It was crazy 2xs in a week i took her to these doctors no mask no social distancing b/s no nothing . It as the worse feeling sitting in my car @ LIJ with a cop telling me not to get out and thinking this is the last time i see her as she walked in after a nurse came out to take her temp..It was literal hell but little by little she got better went to a rehab to learn to walk again [ now i cant stop her ]. The whole time she was in the hospital and rehab all i prayed was God i dont know what your will is but please dont make her suffer but i never gave up faith i mean really it was all i had .
  5. in my prayers . I went though a similar situation with my mom but she refused to go in amublance i took her to the hospital.When i got to the hospital 2 cops and security told me to stay by my car and my mom went in the emergency room she was tested positive and she was in LIJ for a month but in a rehab in glen cove just tested she just tested negative. S he is finally able to walk but pushed it and fell the doctor was upset and took the walker from her shes ok but @ 82 she cant rush
  6. what are you looking to hunt? deer bow/shotgun ,small game. If you do your home work there are some spots in brookhaven and riverhead thats open to hunting plus rocky point ,the navy coop[or whatever they call it now]. barcelona neck is good too i hunted there during shotgun season i had a doe tag and a date and spotto hunt. Also on the northfork by orient but, research and research and if you scout. GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. no most companies offer pensions that offer a pop up or you have to have your spouse sign off on leaving them nothing or 5% 25% 50%or 100% and it had to be notarized NO WAY IN HELL MY WIFE WAS SIGNING ANYTHING. So I had to leave her 50% of what I get and my monthly pension went down to reflect on what I left her
  8. its best to talk to a financial advisor when I retired in oct. I actually started in march to plan and get all my ducks in order before I put in my papers including getting a financial advisor and for me how much does the medical goes up when I retire. See most people to day in the pvt sector have no pensions and if the did the companys offered a lum sum you either take the cash or roll it over to your 401k ,which my wife did w/ her company that was the choice she was given. See it cost money to manage a pension and of course offer medical which I pay $460 month for plus co-pay and deductibles and co- insurance AND of course out of net work. When I retired I rolled over my 401k to and ira w/ my advisor but im like all of us am not a fortune teller and cant predict the future . Also I had stock with my company discount stock program I had for years we bought stock @ a 10% discount i was offered either take the money or it goes to common stock and lose a lot of money while I took the money and got hit for taxes $4100 to the feds I had to tap my ira to get the money to pay the feds. I told my financial adivisor mark take the taxes out so I took out extra to pay the tax . I told him, Mark this is crazy I gotta pay tax on money to pay tax . talk to a good financial advisor the most important thing
  9. 13 people died from corona virus in Elmhurst hospital last nite . Queens has the most cases in the city with 6400 with Brooklyn @ 5200 cases. I personally know of 6 people with it.
  10. please lets move. Im sorry if I started anything .I let my emotions get the best of me .Im in queens and we have the most positives in the city with Brooklyn right behind us. please everyone accept my apologies
  11. thank you chris, you said it much better than I did
  12. AAAAaaaaa yeeesss!!!! JERKOFF the #1 offender I knew would respond you despicable little twit get some manners. Oh yeah I see your getting married ,what is she off her meds!!!!
  13. WOW HOW VILE!!! in the 11yrs I was on here WE NEVER EVER used profanity or posted nudity and respected each other.It seems that the privileged class on here do and say anything they want as long as you are tight with the moderator [all others get banned if they deem you said some thing that THEY didnt like ]. We always knew that minors come on here and that our actions reflect on hunting as a whole. This post sunk to as new low . Im sorry I came back I seen where this site was going and really never posted anything on here.
  14. sorry for your loss I had a great huntin' buddy pass too.he was 86 when he died and we hunted till he was 82. taught me the bow miss him. See how it was w/ us @ first the father takes care of the son then son takes care of the father.
  15. yeah sad all part of the nanny state we live in.