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  1. in my prayers i fish up there i will contact my capt and the place i stay @ and pass the word
  2. Sad, but its not only duck hunting deer hunting and even fishing we all got horror stories .What grouse was talking about is a perfect example it was in wisconsin a few yrs ago .A Hmong immigrant was on pvt property in some ones tree stand a guy confronts him [more than likely screaming HEY HEY HEY !!! get the %$#@ outta here] well the guy shoots him another guy comes he shoots him for a total of 6. See most foreigners have no concept of prvt land ownership and care about game laws . never ever confront them.I'm not making this a rant about immigrants but about how things escalate . People fig
  3. sorry people who should not have guns do
  4. try in NYC IMPOSSIBLE i got my rifle /shotgun permit insanity treated like a outcast the people that work @ the permit office were condescending ,nasty and arrogant . That was the lest of it first to create a profile and download and print out the forms fill them out answer ridiculous questions go to manhattan to get finger printed then back to kew gardens to get this all processed and of course pay the fees tthhheennn wait and wait i finally called cause i kept checking my profile to see if i was approved so i could buy a firearm .The woman i was dealing with caught an attitude cause i told
  5. Looks like staten island hospital I had to shoo a hen off the hood of my car one time
  6. Very common your thermal lead aka themo -coupling is bad the sparker lights the pilot so you don’t have a standing pilot only when the boiler/ furnace is on
  7. check your fuel mine ran great and then my friends and then mine wouldn't turn over starting fluid nothing would work changed the fuel with valero silver i was told it doesnt have e -10 added some carb/ injector cleaner[ good stuff NOT stp] changed the plug [again lol] it ran perfect. I learned my lesson any time i dont use it for an extented periodof time i put stor and go in it . I always did when i put up my boat but never my atv
  8. ok here goes we got alot of them first the dirty a$$ stand. the hot dog stand. The top of the hill , the high stand ,the bucket seat stand.the food plot stand.the stand in the woods ,end of the narrow field stand, the cemetery stand the big field bow stand, the food plot bow stand i think thats it
  9. well nobody guessed or responded it wasnt FDR it was Adolph Hitler
  10. i havent seen a grouse in 20 yrs the first one to scare the sh*t out of me walking to my stand was opening weekend like i said the first in 20 yrs they would sit tight and fly when you are right on top of them thick as anything i always jumped grouse
  11. a little trivia who was the first man of the year 1933 was the year. When you find out or know you'll realize how meaning less this is
  12. if you have it on ice and keep replacing it you good for a week its called wet aging i got a cajun friend in Louisiana he says thats all they do cause the seasons very warm there. they never hang a deer even for an hour cut it right away and put it on ice drain[very important] and keep adding ice to keep it cold/cool. you have to tilt the cooler to help it drain you dont want it sitting in water
  13. I want to state im NOT A DOCTOR but my mom had it and its all about your breathing for a week back in march all the doctors said oh shes got a sinus infection .The only one was a visiting nurse who took her oxygen and it was 92 and said it should be above 95 then my mom had a very low grade fear like 99 i called the doctor and told him what it was and he flipped out saying get an ambulance . No way would she go but let me take her to long island jewish .When we got there i had to say in the car and she got out and a nurse took her temp. she walked in and i was like thats the last time im seei
  14. total B/S i wish he would have let me show him some beautiful places in Brooklyn and queens like east ny, brownsville. and south Jamaica. See he's a hipster they destroyed more nieghborhoods in this city than anything else Bushwick isnt Bushwick anymore its east Williamsburg now the east village baloney its the bowery and the lower eastside. These are the ones that take over a nice quiet place[well east ny and brownsville isnt quiet] and turn them into artist colony .i pretty much grew up in narrowsburg and they ruined that town i stopped there awhile ago ate on main street i was like WOW what
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