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  1. 13 people died from corona virus in Elmhurst hospital last nite . Queens has the most cases in the city with 6400 with Brooklyn @ 5200 cases. I personally know of 6 people with it.
  2. please lets move. Im sorry if I started anything .I let my emotions get the best of me .Im in queens and we have the most positives in the city with Brooklyn right behind us. please everyone accept my apologies
  3. thank you chris, you said it much better than I did
  4. AAAAaaaaa yeeesss!!!! JERKOFF the #1 offender I knew would respond you despicable little twit get some manners. Oh yeah I see your getting married ,what is she off her meds!!!!
  5. WOW HOW VILE!!! in the 11yrs I was on here WE NEVER EVER used profanity or posted nudity and respected each other.It seems that the privileged class on here do and say anything they want as long as you are tight with the moderator [all others get banned if they deem you said some thing that THEY didnt like ]. We always knew that minors come on here and that our actions reflect on hunting as a whole. This post sunk to as new low . Im sorry I came back I seen where this site was going and really never posted anything on here.
  6. sorry for your loss I had a great huntin' buddy pass too.he was 86 when he died and we hunted till he was 82. taught me the bow miss him. See how it was w/ us @ first the father takes care of the son then son takes care of the father.
  7. yeah sad all part of the nanny state we live in.