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  1. With the framing from what i understand you added onto the house outside like a dormer or an extension to the exterior of the house so you need an inspection done before you cover anything up so they can see the plumbing and electrical and if the framing was done to code so they can issue a c/o [certificate of occupancy] BUT if you do a remodel inside the home you dont need any permits or a c/o .I live in queens and have dealt with the buildings dept this is what i understand
  2. thank you for the replies i was hoping just wanted to unload them but Im me what you what you think they're worth. i could sell them piece meal .This is just a start i got more stuff to get rid of .Im relocating to Georgia .
  3. I got these scopes I shot deer with. 2 of them. the bases and screws included on 2 of them .The simmons was on my 30-06 and the glenfield with the flip open was on a 30-30 the red field was my dads $200 takes them
  4. First DONT BUY A TRUCK RIGHT NOW.I will explain i had a 2012 patriot with 98000 mi on it so in march i went on toyota cause i like the tacoma w/ the 5' bed [i live in the city and its easier to park] .I did the build a truck on their site and got a call from hillside toyota said com'on in so i did went though all the b/s but got basically what i wanted color size the hard tourneau trifold bedcover. I gave a $2000 deposit and was told i'll get the truck in june [i was fine with that cause the tranny over heat light would go on in hot weather on my patriot and wasnt putting a new tranny in it AN
  5. my mom is in the hospital. she had the covid last year and in February she got her first shot and in march she got her second but got sick from it so i stayed with her and but the next day she was fine we knew she would get a reaction from the second shot.Two weeks ago today i was looking for a new car/truck [DO NOT BUY A CAR NOW AND DEFFENTLY NOT FROM TOYOTA!!! ].She was with me all day @ the ''dealers'' and the next day i got rid of my old truck and went to puck up the truck from one of the dealers i finally i bought the truck from and she calls and said im sick i run over there take her to
  6. boats cars everything is on back order .Go to home depot and see the price of lumber . New housing is thru the roof . I just sold my ATV a 2000 300 Kawasaki prairie 15 mins on craig list it was sold cause from what i hear even ATVS [new] are hard to get . i just bought a new tacoma back in early march i wont see my truck till maybe end of july or early august
  7. hey you'll love the bow i got a bear crux 2015 great bow .I'm in queens and go to proline and floyd bennett field. Any pro shop will fit you to the bow meaning your draw length, the weight you will be pulling everything falls in to that. Then its what you prefer like a wrist release or a back tension. Once you have your draw length and your pull weight will decide what arrows you will shoot the length and weight of the arrow [ weightwise like 340 or 400's]. Look on the archery thead theres charts and guide to tuning on there. when you get the arrows for your bow they will come with field point
  8. i just bought [well in early march ] 2021 tacoma tro same color when i went on build a vehicle on the toyota site that was one of the colors when i went to the dealer i told the guy i wanted camo well he laughed which was understandable . I was a little annoyed cause was offering this package and that package all the bells and whistles but nothing i really need i hated the tourrnou cover over the bed [soft cover no way in nyc] i paid extra for the hard cover and every time i said i want this i want that he kept saying oh thats after market . Now i called him just last week AGAIN to find out
  9. looks like a springer spaniel black and white short stubby tail
  10. i know what your saying joe i got tremors in my left arm too .It started like 8yrs ago i panicked thought i had Parkinson's i when to a neurologist and got a cat scan on my head [they didnt find anything up there lol] but , with me its episodes i can shoot no problems then my arm shakes uncontrollably and i gotta stop i cant hold my left arm str8 out.A rifle i have no problem but, the doctor said i must have injured my arm one time i got nerve damage.Last yr i fell off my bicycle right on my left arm i could draw my bow back this was 3 days after i got my license so i looked @ ways i could s
  11. Some of my friends talked to the outfitter in Saskatchewan we booked with an Indian reservation ,the guy said they had 6 guys all Canadian so we hope they open the boarder this year we had 2 hunts booked one in alberta in 2020 and in 2021 the Saskatchewan one.My bucket list is alligator in Louisiana .hog hunt in south carolina/ georgia and Canada for black bear .Its funny i watch steve rinella i get flash backs to the 60's watching curt gowdy on the american sportsman and a guy i doubt anyone would know on here gadabout gaddis with my father and swearing one day i'm going to do that.
  12. as long as you tighten down the screws evenly it should change poi.Dont forget the loc-tight blue NOT RED when you put the screws back and only do one @ a time.I've done it with a rifle and use the a laser bore sight to make sure i tightened the screws evenly the target was only a few feet away but it was the best i could do for my friend who found out on a hunt in Alberta. Its the worst feeling in the world especially when your traveling that something goes awry with your weapon be it a bow or gun.I spent alot of time on the range dead on 200 yds and 100 yds only to find when i got to the ou
  13. With the Covid-19 things are a little. Relaxed like indoor dining. BUT when you are seated you need a make or when you leave the table you need to wear a mask
  14. Carmines Times Square it’s family style
  15. capuzzelle[ gabosell in southern italian dielect] If you ever go to villa roma in callicoon over the weekend its served there on saturday nite they call it Caesar's nite . In Venice its very common to see horse meat and donkey on the menu.If it walks swims or crawls we italians eat it. Rabbit is very common especially @ easter ,you'll see it in the butcher shops wiith the fur left on the tail so you know its not a cat. Siclians eat snails call them bablosh and we eat weeds cardoona [or just cardoons] and my father told me about in the spring picking dandelions but called them chicoria.
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