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  1. if you have it on ice and keep replacing it you good for a week its called wet aging i got a cajun friend in Louisiana he says thats all they do cause the seasons very warm there. they never hang a deer even for an hour cut it right away and put it on ice drain[very important] and keep adding ice to keep it cold/cool. you have to tilt the cooler to help it drain you dont want it sitting in water
  2. I want to state im NOT A DOCTOR but my mom had it and its all about your breathing for a week back in march all the doctors said oh shes got a sinus infection .The only one was a visiting nurse who took her oxygen and it was 92 and said it should be above 95 then my mom had a very low grade fear like 99 i called the doctor and told him what it was and he flipped out saying get an ambulance . No way would she go but let me take her to long island jewish .When we got there i had to say in the car and she got out and a nurse took her temp. she walked in and i was like thats the last time im seeing my mom. The only thing from my understanding the oxygen level plus a fever would say if you have the covid. I bought my mom a oxygen monitor they are cheap you stick it on your finger and get a reading . The crazy thing i have been tested 5xs all neg. and even for the antibodies which they said i was never exposed .Im like WHAT!!! i was with my mom a whole week ate 1/2 her bagel and never was even exposed to it . in my prayers you feel better
  3. total B/S i wish he would have let me show him some beautiful places in Brooklyn and queens like east ny, brownsville. and south Jamaica. See he's a hipster they destroyed more nieghborhoods in this city than anything else Bushwick isnt Bushwick anymore its east Williamsburg now the east village baloney its the bowery and the lower eastside. These are the ones that take over a nice quiet place[well east ny and brownsville isnt quiet] and turn them into artist colony .i pretty much grew up in narrowsburg and they ruined that town i stopped there awhile ago ate on main street i was like WOW what happened no coffee shop ate in a cafe the kid that served us was a justin berber wanna be i felt like i was in williamsburg with the arrogant stuck up people every town they took over they destroyed the fabric and the locals are pushed out the real estate goes though the roof and local people cant afford to live there ,See the politicians love it causes its ALL ABOUT THE BENJIMANS . They do it all over in Colorado Vermont and for the most part they are very liberal
  4. the sad part is they tag on stipulations in the law like with the the safe act my friend he was 86 when he passed away but he stopped hunting when he we 83 so he tried to sell his guns a 30-30 and a 20 gauge pump. these were all registered w/ the city, the shotgun was ok but not the 30-30 so it was such a hassle and then a$$ wipe Andy's safe act states that ANY WEAPON that is capable of holding more than 5 rounds is a ASSAULT WEAPON [a 30-30 is capable of holding 6/ 5 in the tube and one in the chamber. I went though hell trying to sell the rifle for the poor guy he said i dont hunt any more and my grand son dont want them .what i had to do cause of that little stipulation in the law i had to contact an ffl licensed gunsmith to pay him to plug the gun[if you just put a dowel in the tube dont count] to make it legal to sell .So thats why we have to be very diligent and watch the things they try and pull cause once its law its done.
  5. sorry i posted before but on someone else's post . back in aug 3 days after i got my license i took a flop on my bicycle my left elbow blew up and i couldnt draw my bow or my 50 lbs recurve either. Im retired so between the doctor and physical therapy @ $40 and $ 30 a pop for the co pays i need a better way ,so i found the lock -a-draw and called and looked on the dec site and found that i could use it w/ a permit i printed out and my doctor signed it its good fort 1 yr. wow it saved my season but it takes some getting use to its always @ full draw all you do is point and shoot and its very accurate
  6. Hey I have shoulder and arm issues too I got the draw- a- lock went on the dec site and printed the permit and had my doctor sign it it saved my season . 3 days after I got my license in August I fell off my bicycle I thought my season was over . The permits good for a year
  7. Hide and quarter put in a cooler with ice the tenderloins and heart and liver in ziplock bags just drain and keep adding ice I learned that from my Cajun friend in Louisiana their season is always warm
  8. my 2 cents buy it and keep your mouth shut . The hassle you go though to get a permit is not worth it.
  9. meateater


    Good boots are only one part of the equation GOOD SOCKS are more important than boots . You buy a $200 pr of boots to last you a life time and with care they will. cheap boots like everything else you get what you pay for [we learned that from dealing with the chinese] and everything is old before its new, boots, rage broadheads[think the rage when they first came out they looked amazing on tv but in reality there were problems they would open and not stay closed solution the shock collars and on and on and yes they are the only ones i use] , bows, phones and computers. Back to the boots scenario 4:30 am you start to walk maybe 1/2 mi to 1 1/2 mi up hill to sit all day but when you get to the stand your hot and sweaty [especially your feet] now you sit and what happens your body is doing what it does when you get overheated and after an hour you start to shiver and start to move around to get warm .I got a friend that wears 2 pr of socks and insulated boots and his feet are still cold. What i learned is wool socks [1 pr] are best they wick away moisture and keep your feet dry [the most important thing] open jacket a ball cap and i bring my warm stuff and wear them when i sit . My boots are 30 yrs old from my dad and i use sno-seal and clean them and dry them when i get back from hunting.You could go on sportsman guide and get surplus military boots or cabelas hiking boots w/ good socks is good but stay away from rubber boots[they dont breathe] pac boots are good cause they have leather uppers. Like anything else in hunting or fishing take care of your stuff and they will take care of you.
  10. hey chris im in queens too .the problem in the city is the health dept [thank you mike bloomberg] they dont let butchers do deer anymore and if they do no hair .So you have to take the hide off and maybe they might do it . Long island has a few processors . but what i do is what i learned from my friend in Louisiana, he's a Cajun and their hunting seasons are warm [very warm 70-90 degs] and what they do down there is skin and quarter up the deer and put it on ice for a week draining and adding ice very day ,its called wet aging.I did with the deer i got last year i got the cooler carrier on my car so upstate i had it on ice 3 days [hey i live in queens they dont like deer blood lol] its was cold @ nite and up to the mid 40's to 50 during the day so just drained it the ice really never melted and i butchered it in my moms basement cause i always do my own deer but this as a game changer made it so much easier and i dont have people giving my the finger on the thruway with a deer on my car any more.
  11. Try and google bill wille in Colorado hes a taxidermist and a hunt broker, but he might help you .I worked with a relative of his
  12. Osso buco in the instant pot and thank chef for the pate’ recipe off the hook good
  13. I got this off facebook with the caption translated from Portuguese [he shot the dog and shows his face to the world] .Now at first i was repulsed be that but then as a hunter i said wait, first the dog is not dead exhusted yes and #2 wheres the blood if he shot that dog with that rifle there would be blood atlest and exit or entry wound if he shot it wheres the blood on him or if he dragged it there would be a blood trail and lastly the dogs tongue would be sticking out the dog appears to be alive [well to me] .This was in Europe i think [cause of the Portuguese] where the hunt with dogs for wild boar. I got burned by the media i posted lesson learned .Nowadays a pic means nothing with all the photo altering . I deffently would like some opinions . the pic is insensitive yes but not what it appears
  14. oh and thanks for the recipe