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  1. Bass Pro has some Spypoint Cell Cams on sale for Black Friday, but before I invested I was hoping some folks on here had experience and input. What are the pros and cons you have experienced so far? Data costs? Camera reliability?
  2. I don't think looking for 8 hours is a waste, any animal that we try to harvest deserves the effort. I think the shot was low, camera angle almost looks like you were shooting a little uphill at her. I think she lives to see another day while missing some fur.
  3. I know I’ve caught some chatter on here about the trail cams that send pictures directly to your cell phone, honestly I’m not the most tech savvy person. I am just looking for what everyone is using and your opinion on if a benefit exists over a conventional trail cam. Bass Pro has the Spypoint Link-EVO on sale on Black Friday and I was looking to pick up a couple of the feedback was good.
  4. Sitting here with my Kimber in 300WSM and my Ruger .44 Mag
  5. Last time this year with the crossbow in hand, hopefully I can at least spot a deer this evening. Best of luck to everyone else out this evening.
  6. A single Fisher was the extent of my sightings for the evening.
  7. Back out for the evening, I have tonight and tomorrow evening to get my first with a crossbow. Hopefully it happens. Lots of tracks under and around this stand, that helps the positive thoughts anyways.
  8. Back in for the evening. Been on stand 45 minutes or so, nothing yet. Good luck everyone, I have a good feeling tonight.
  9. Nothing this morning so went in for lunch. Grabbed the card out of a camera on the way back in and found these. Gives me some hope.
  10. @Cabin Fever, you and I must be hunting the same grounds. I haven’t caught sight of a deer in 6 days... I’m beginning to think I’m the problem.
  11. Back in the tree, been here about an hour. Hoping to not make it six days in a row with no sightings. Best of luck to everyone.
  12. You must be real close to me. I’m in Martville, just off 104, but still in 7A.
  13. Got skunked this morning. Even the squirrels were barely existent. Went in for lunch and a warm up, back in the stand for the evening. Most of the snow is gone in this part of 7A.
  14. @Hock3y24, a high hit can and usually does bleed very little. The blood can end up pooling in the thoracic cavity. I think you're doing right by waiting a little while. It's cool enough you should have no spoilage and hopefully you can find him before night fall. Best of luck.