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  1. Hindsight's 20/20, it's easy to think that charge was frivolous, but if they hadn't followed a poison protocol and your pup got worse or died, it would have been on their heads. Good medicine means proactive treatment.
  2. It's simple, it's because it's much more popular to attack what we disagree about rather than find what we agree on. That is how politicians get elected these days, not by bringing opposing viewpoints together, but uniting like minds against a common "enemy", even if that "enemy" is your fellow countryman.
  3. You can bet every Pro-2nd Amendment politician in the area will be there with their photographers and pandering for your vote
  4. We can agree that there are many deeper issues that need to be addressed, and I really hope that we could figure out the way to provide resources to people who don't have access to them, but are in need of them. I've been blessed with what I would consider a privileged life, but I know that others aren't able to say that, and it's not just based on material resources. I was blessed with a loving family, and though we didn't have much, we had enough. That said, I'm the only one of my siblings who hasn't at one time of their life been addicted to methamphetamine. They had the same raising I did, but either developed a different social group, or are struggling with mental illness. We'll just agree to disagree on the "nanny state" issues, as I do with my other Libertarian friends. I see your points as valid, but still hold my own
  5. Who decides then what is "unconstitutional"? Do we elect Constitutional Scholars as Sheriffs and PD heads, and how do these "sanctuaries" make that work anyways? You're right, something would have to go to the Supreme Court, as is the Constitutional process, and judges would ideally make unbiased decisions based on their interpretation of the Constitution, which as we have seen (no matter how clear it is to you) is open to a lot of varied interpretation. However, here's hoping we as American's find ways to shape this working document that we know as the Constitution of the United States to provide the freedoms and protections that our great country was founded.
  6. I'm not questioning whether they are legal, but legally viable? Is there anything "enforceable" about them? In other words, lets say that a county adopts "sanctuary" status, and then elect a sheriff or municipal law enforcement leader who goes against the sanctuary policies, are they breaking the law? Obviously, state law supersedes any local or county laws, so there's no protections for violations. It seems to me that these are just a way for supporters to voice their support, and political red meat for politicians looking for an easy check mark. The Immigration Sanctuary Cities are a whole different bag of fruit, a lot of the work that federal agencies do are dependent on cooperation with local agencies. To the same point though, are there legal ramifications against say a social services agency who chooses to cooperate with federal authorities, I don't think there are...I think it's still just a statement. It seems to me that more would be done by campaigning for elected officials who would protect rights rather than just having balloted statement, whether it be 2nd Amendment or Immigration Sanctuaries. Again, I'm not shaming anyone for getting behind it, you support what you support, and that is your business, I still just don't understand the point.
  7. I'm glad it worked out and that she's doing okay.
  8. Awesome! My hats off to the discipline and work that they put in, way to go. Not trying to hi-jack, but it made me think of this old video, obviously not a serious challenge to what you have accomplished https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j1-xQA_ufE
  9. I'm still confused as to what these "2nd Amendment Sanctuaries" accomplish other than making a statement. I mean, are they even legally viable? I'm not going to shame anyone for supporting one, but I just don't get the goal...
  10. One man's opinion, I know, but anything that might save a kid from doing something stupid and dangerous is worthwhile. You're never going to keep 100% of them from doing that stuff, but if it saves one kid from burning brain cells, turning to harder drugs, and then getting other kids hooked, then I'm happy to take the literally 2 seconds it takes to recite my birthday. I don't know about you, but that doesn't "ruin" anything for me. I don't think there's anything "liberal" about it, just trying to keep minors who lack fully developed brains, from making life-altering decisions. Just to add, all parents swear "that will never be my kid" until it is their kid....
  11. True story, my father-in-law, back in Illinois had a terrible cold during harvest one year. He was sick as a dog, had been in the field all day, rolling in the mud to fix equipment. He went to CVS to buy some Sudafed, and they refused to sell it to him. Now granted, Southern Illinois has a huge meth problem (you wouldn't believe the anhydrous theft that goes on), but he refuses to go back to that store to this day.
  12. We would always take them to the shop, and they'd either end up in a backhoe bucket and get buried, or tied up in a trash bag in the dumpster.
  13. I guess I'll build off this question, how many field dress in the field? I don't think I have ever field dressed in the field, but I've only hunted areas that allow for a short drag to a spot that can be accessed by a truck or ATV. My preference is to dress them hanging (if possible) or on a truck tailgate. Either way, I always get somewhere that I have access to water and a place to dispose of waste.
  14. I don't cut the pelvis and usually only cut as far up the chest as long as my knife will allow and then reach the rest of the way up to cut the trachea and esophagus. It's usually a bloody mess, so I may have to try a small saw blade to get a little higher. For the other end, I just cut around the "orfices" and pull them through. That's the way I learned to do it, and I've never thought to try anything different.