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  1. Just what I was looking for Grampy, thanks!
  2. Anyone have recommendations of bodies of water where a person might be able to catch a few catfish near Ballston Spa/Saratoga Springs?
  3. How big is it? Could be black bear...
  4. It's important to pattern your gun, whether for wing shooting, turkey hunting, or clays. We just went through this with some of our program guns. We had the kids pattern them, most of the guns required a target cover, which means if your we're aiming with the bead at a specific point, you would hit low. Some of the other guns required a 6-8" target float, which means if you beaded a target, you'd miss high. Just a good point to know your guns, they are all different. Even some of the guns that are same model, gauge and choke still shot different.
  5. Awesome shot. I would be sending that one to Moultrie...
  6. I ditched the online sight, I just couldn't get used to it.
  7. Interested to see responses...
  8. Thanks, let me think on it. I certainly won't be out Stueben County way until Cornell starts letting us have programs again.