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  1. Been rabbit hunting over 30 yrs best hunting and memories with my boys. Zone 7m.
  2. Planted soybeans this past year and the deer wiped it out
  3. Planning on planting corn for next season, would be 3 plots, 2 plots are about 1/2 acre and one is about 3 acres. Any advice? Where to purchase, How much seed, best time to plant, Mixing seed, etc. Also I will be broadcasting. Central NY, Norwich NY Thanks in advance
  4. Look up Fine Line food plots, great guy knows his stuff. I was there years ago they are located in Cazenovia not to far from Norwich
  5. Yes, deer and turkeys all day. I had the property logged 2 yrs ago and definitely improved holding deer. ( more cover Tops)
  6. I appreciate the info, I was told this would happen but never believed it. Man was I wrong. Definitely lesson learned.
  7. So I went to go check on the soybeans, WOW!!!! I had a camera up and have over 9000 photos. But, the deer and turkey ate everything down to about 2 inches. So my idea is to disc it and plant brassica with turnips in about 2 weeks. Any info or recommendation that would be great.
  8. Broadcast and then dragged the best I can. Some seeds are not fully covered but that’s all I could do for now.
  9. Monday 5/25 I planted Real World Soybeans 50LB = 1 Acre Chenango county I'll keep you posted on progress.
  10. Just pulled sd cards and loaded with Fox? Coyotes and this black one,
  11. Out of all the trees I have, I have noticed around a dozen or so are excellent for eating. But the rest are no bigger than the size of a clementine.
  12. Thanks everyone for the great advise, Looking forward to start.
  13. So It will be best to cut the top branches as most of my trees haven't been touched in at least 8 yrs. Thanks for all the help, will post pictures.
  14. So I plan on pruning apple trees, I have approximately over 50 trees that I would say are overgrown. Is there any tricks or advice I should do? Timing, how much to cut ETC. Thanks
  15. Thanks Gunner, I will be exploring a new spot in Pharsalia, drove around and spotted a few spots that sure looked like hare habitat. I'll keep you informed.
  16. I agree with everyone proper habitat is key. Keep scouting plenty of state land.
  17. Better habitat would bring them back I’m sure.
  18. Is there hare in Chenango county or only cotton tail. Few times out only saw cotton tail.
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