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  1. Need some input if its to early to plant a fall plot , My ground is all ready worked up . I am looking to plant Winter oats and Fall annual blend of seeds. Worried that it might come up to early and be gone by October
  2. John R

    Hunting related sayings or thoughts...

    There's nothing out yet .....
  3. What’s a good number of acreage for deer management?
  4. With this warm weather my concerns is processing as quick as possible , and deer not moving as much .
  5. John R

    Trail cameras

    Need advice on a good trail camera to buy that is user friendly and captures good pics
  6. John R

    things you find along the road...

    Found two Stihl chain saws in there cases within a mile apart. No damage at all !!
  7. John R

    Kansas hunting

    Yes, Broken Arrow Outfitter's
  8. John R


    How about Bolivar / Richburg areas if any one knows ?
  9. John R


    Savage Bolt action 270 , so I guess its ok ..
  10. John R


    I was giving a 270 with a thumb holed stock, are they illegal in NY ?
  11. John R

    Anyone hunting 9p out there

    One of the worst years we had in over 20 years on our property , deer sightings during both archery and gun were far and few. Two weeks of gun season only produced 4 doe sightings on over 100 acres . None taking, also only heard a few shots on opening morning none during the Thanksgiving weekend . Richburg/Wirt areas. Anybody hunt these areas ?
  12. John R

    Bike week

    Been there a few times , its not what it use to be . Ill wait till the weather gets warm around here !
  13. John R

    What Kind of Jordan's?

    Thought this was a Hunting Site ...........
  14. John R


    Waste of Money !
  15. I have a Tikka 30.06 absolutely love it . This is one of the top of line rifles ...