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  1. You are probably correct, this country is pretty great at sharing between opposite ends of the same spectrum. My children are Chinese American.... what a great world I raise them in where they can agree to disagree.
  2. I'm sure you won't have any problems making your children act just like you. Lol
  3. This tolerance is logic. I'm far from liberal. These common political jabs are regular responce from narrowminded myopic people, after getting called out for saying something inappropriate. Blame my political position, fine but you are very wrong as well. I haven't voted in 20 years and think our 2 party system is a total failure. We are still the best country in the world, still a land of opportunity but that's not because of either administration.
  4. The separation of society based on race, political stance, gender, age, class, sexuality, nationality, and so on, are part of what's fueling many terrible occurrences across the world. We are supposed to be proud of a national identity built on the promise of equality. Labeling a sickness duragatorily based on theoritical origin is clearly adding to segregation not eliminating it.
  5. Even outside of nighttime fun, No one will hunt or fish as hard as me, earlier or later. It's not lame but lack of drive I suspect. I just don't want to miss being in the woods or water.
  6. Even outside of nighttime fun, No one will hunt or fish as hard as me, earlier or later. It's not lame but lack of drive I suspect. I just don't want to miss being in the woods or water.
  7. It works but sometimes it's laughable how much effort it takes to hook them. We have been bringing a little boat. Lol
  8. I understand wr are all frustrated at the way this has been handled and how much our lives have been affected, but your lack of intelligence and compassion in your need to call it the "chinabug" is pretty apparent. My guess is it's your fundamental development and upbringing. I also suppose your passing this ignorance on to your children. Keep up the good work dad!!!
  9. You are a strait killer. That's a true ability!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  10. I guess, or it's how it worked out for me.
  11. Sorry. I should have said, I got up early, scouted alot, stopped blowing money on anything except turkey hunting, stayed focused and determined, worked hard, and had a great fortunate season. I dont think I could have accomplished that from the couch or sleeping in.
  12. Whoever wakes up at 350 to turkey hunt is definitely 50 and must hunt in your backyard. I'm up at 3 in the beginning of season and last time out it was 245. No wonder your not having a killer season if walk out to the roost after fly down.
  13. You gotta head upstream(or downstream) sometimes to get away from the boot prints. Trout fishing is more like hunting imo. The more that you stay hidden downstream and cast upstream the better. I wear drab natural colors and don't let my shaddow enter the hole. Dont stomp the ground or take strong steps near the waters edge. This is not brim fishing. These are the wildest weary fish in the creeks. Make your first cast count.
  14. I have only mowed 2 times so far. Pretty proud of those stats. Mowing is a waste of time.
  15. I think it all plays a part. Birds are moving closer to people also, they hide on tree hugger land in my area.
  16. No its one I'm part of. Up to 5 members under 500$ a year plus a few days of work. In an urban focus zone with lots of does and usually 2 or 3 respectable bucks are killed on it every year.
  17. My buddy called one in on a string this morning. I dont think it ever stops. Wet years it lasts longer but biggest birds are still breeding. They can gobble less and come in silent but not necessarily
  18. Text is hard to tell. I also don't care what anyone else does. I was t&c also.
  19. Good score, 350 or 305? throttle body fi, is really reliable. I still have my 88 k2500 and it runs great. I used it as a work truck for years. I went with a newer Silverado and I'm super happy with the 5.3 but the 5.7 is a great power plant.
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