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  1. I dont mean any disrespect, I grew up bouncing on my dads knee when Phil simms took the giants all the way. It was in my blood. Its the money thing too, I cant relate to the wealth squandered on unpatriotic bums. I also think its tough to give up sundays.... especially in the rut.
  2. Anyone reloading near me? 7hish I have my brass 30-06. I think I have an idea of what I want but also would take suggestions.
  3. F-football. Millionaires who cant stand for the pledge or the anthem while people starve. I wanna see food.... thats a stud.
  4. I think best move is to buy a little ammo all year. Right now hunting season, covid and a switch in the president has all the conspiracy weirdos buying ammo like crazy. I see guys buying ammo for guns they dont even own. My local gunshop has everything. He didn't raise his prices they were always a little higher than the box store to discourage this panic buying.
  5. Start with it Upwind in general. You want to be able to see your call and shoot to it.. movement is helpful also.. Its tough to get predators to come in any way except downwind of the call. They use their nose like a deer. Use landscape features to force them into openings across wind. Roads and water sometimes will get them to come crosswind. Good luck and let the deer gods be with you.
  6. Weird world. Hope these inconsistencies will change with the covid vaccine.
  7. I dont know if it will scare them. I dont like to sit in blinds unless they have been brushed in for a while. With snow everywhere here at home a new blind will really stick out. I would bring a stool or chair and wrap in a white sheet like a toga and sit any place, and feel very camouflaged.
  8. I would pull that hair and make buckskin. You.have put in alot of work, dont waste it. Once I did this to a fox pelt, I got frustrated and threw it away. I later saw some items made from fox leather and have been kicking my own ass ever since.
  9. Time to make buckskin leather. My experience is too wet for too long. You can try drying it but that is alot
  10. I've caught a trout or salmon every month of the year in the tributaries of cayuga lake. The king salmon pictured if from Ontario. Nymphing is the most productive for me but marabou streamers can be fantastic if the conditions are right. This is great to eat and fun to catch.
  11. I had to bring.mine in they seemed like they were drying slowly
  12. I shoot 209s and whitehots, any bullets between 200 and 250 i just make sure I shoot them.
  13. I dont have a membership to a beagle club i harness a domestic rabbit and use it to train them. I use dead rabbits i find and drag them and I have dropped them on tracks as often as possible. I dont really have any knowledge more then what I read and watch.
  14. I'm actually ignorant to it. I grew up with tricolor and some of my best memories with my dad were running rabbits. The dogs were our pets also, now that I'm a dad, and a dog lover I thought it was a good time to get some beagles to raise with my kids. We hunt everything year round and this fits our lifestyle. So inquired at my local beagle club and this was.waht I was told and shown to be a proven hunting line.
  15. I've been trying to put a trip together down south that would be on public. So far pee dee state forest in south Carolina is my top contender. Its amazing that I'm trying to hunt feral animals that everyone hates and everyone still wants to charge the heck out of you to kill them.
  16. I'm in 7h we are going to hunt Saturday. My b-bads are pretty new at it. I dropped them on tracks in our back yard for last year but im hoping this is their time to shine.
  17. Looks like a decent year for rabbits where I've been rolling around. Anyone getting after it?
  18. I didnt think they were albino. Thanks for the information.
  19. I'm not sure i believe that. I dont see Seneca County in the study your presenting. I used to go there as a kid with my dad and thats how it was explained to me.
  20. Different genes, in geneva ny there are white deer from somewhere in Europe that were captive on an old military base. I'm not sure about watkins glen, and I believe they can crossbreed with whitetails, however Albino deer are a genetic anomaly and are actually white-tailed deer.
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