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  1. They don't have to jump any fences. Openings all over. I shed hunt over there, deer all over, white and brown.
  2. Lol, this is like an argument over which toilet paper sucks more.... one of them is rough on your poop shute and the other one keep letting your finger break through during the wiping pass. They are both terrible, and either way your still dealing with shit. Tulsi/Rogan '24 lol
  3. That stuff can't trick a mature deers nose. They smell your breath? What can you do for that? Stop breathing. Lol. Sometimes if you watch your thermals you can walk in after sunrise and your thermals are.going up in the air. Use milk weed
  4. I think smart deer are always in thick stuff. I hunt where I can only shoot through holes, no open spots. They also absolutely become more nocturnal, smart old deer think with their stomachs now. Big storms and cold fronts get them up, and when the ground is quiet you can still hunt them, but seeing them cruise in the open is not as likely. In late season you may see some secondary rut cues around first/second week in december.
  5. We are still seeing movement morning and evening. Fresh scrapes and rubs in the last week. Definitely still breeding. We have low presure on our land and it's still very exciting.
  6. Lol, nope. Deer change with the seasons, our strategy has to change too. This year was really hot and primarily south wind, those are 2 really important factors in deer movement and location.
  7. Filled buck tag yesterday, back at doe patrol today. We only get 3 months of this, don't waste a minute.
  8. I'm sneaking in after I can see. I'll post up where I see the most sign or on some traditional spots.
  9. 613 today where I'm at in 7r Nothing unusual. Suspect it's accidental discharge but never can tell. I chose my spot today because I'll be surrounded by brown is down armies on both sides!!! Last year I heard over 50 shots by 10Am
  10. I saw tending today. Probably until the 20th or so then in the beginning of December if you have high deer densities!!!!
  11. I'm glad you found this deer. I commend you for telling the honest truth. Hunting isnt always pretty. Things happen in the heat of the moment. I respect you guys for the kill and for the respect you show in the persistent tracking to find the deer.
  12. Can we see that on a scale? I've never seen one that weighs over 45lbs?
  13. There are a magical few days a year when this is relevant. And imo that's the best one to use.
  14. Downwind edge of brush lots. Just keep cycling, heat and dry leaves has them bottled up but totally breeding.
  15. Just think about the positive, T shirts no extra clothes bam. Strong wind for the sneaky sneak.
  16. I love it all. I did get to sit in a blind and eat snacks with my kiddos. I wouldn't sit there with my compound.
  17. That's why guys think rut is starting in october....
  18. Funny fact.... I went to hunt bears in Maine and the owner of the guide service never used any other firearm, just changed his ammo. That means for him everything from rabbit to moose can be killed with the same weapon. I can attest his trophy wall was complete, bears included. .243 is awesome if your responsible!
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