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  1. I have put 500lbs on mine. 50$ yeah all day long!
  2. Whites are done by me for the most part. Few reds around, they like a little freeze action before I see the deer rip them up. They seem to be in corn and alfalfa in the ag. Still can eat anywhere in the woods.
  3. I was always more partial to chuck Connors, the rifle man!!!!
  4. Not many 160s around? Somethings a.little fishy.... green score? Taped it in the field? Most 150s in ny are actually 120s.... just saying I love to see big bucks on the ground....
  5. I'm in ithaca and would gladly get you in the woods. We hunt ducks and geese on most of the foul weather days. I know a few statelands in between us I would hunt with
  6. What season, archery is in full swing? I assume your talking about rifle season? In which case still hunting large tracks of land can be a productive way to kill deer, even with a bow. Also a great way to notify all the deer in that tract of land that they are being pursued. I try to find a balance of what land I can pressure and what land I need to avoid that will create the highest likelihood of getting my target deer. Buck or doe in my case. Im a freezer meat guy mostly. You have many great ideas. One of many things to keep in Mind is that during major foliage falls much of the sign is covered by leaves. I love fresh snow. And if you see major ripped up trails during this heavy leaf fall you can bet its being used frequently. I use my gun lots to cover large areas especially in new pieces of.woods walking from tree to tree, bedding area to bedding area hoping to get a focused steady but timely shot before the deer bounds away, all the while scouting for how I will hunt this land from a stand in the future.
  7. Maine sportsmans club is a great group of guys. What are you planning on hunting?
  8. Great job guys!!! Hope to share that experience with my babies too some day.
  9. You can't trick a deers nose.... layers keep you warmer and you.can always take a layer off!
  10. Kmartinson


    2.5 max. Thin and fit. Genetics and food play a major role. Could even be 1.5
  11. Reisling up here
  12. All of it!!! Especially if you limit out early like chris.
  13. We started having to travel so far to get meat processed we started doing it ourselves. Its some work but we make it a family event. 2 weeks ago did 60lbs venison/pork sausage and 30lbs goose/pork sausage. I haven't dried anything but we smoke all of our own meats now also.
  14. Kmartinson


    Anyone busting beaks tomorrow? Couple big groups of residents around me. They will learn fast and get tough quick until we get some migrators. Still lots of woodies around though.
  15. I have some prostate stuff, its pretty high quality. I heard last year they were moving away from hunting because of the negativity associated with firearms and hunting, many companies currently are shifting away from hunting. Its a shame the way companies are so worried about being pc. that they cut thier hunting lines. Check out underarmor and there closing the door to the bowmars because they legally speared a bear and put the video out for all to see. Hunting is a dying lifestyle hopefully we can pass this on to our children and generations to come. It should be praised that we teach the younger generation to feed themselves and connect with nature. Not be persecuted for doing something that kept us alive for generations. I now use hawk optics. I own 2 scopes that have many options and fantastic clarity.
  16. Do you have and area that you plan on hunting? Are you only hunting deer?
  17. Kmartinson


    I get alpha burly lacrosse boots one size big and on coldest days I put a foot warmer on my toes and two layers of socks. Polypropylene against my skin and insulated outside of rhem. May not be quite as warm as the micky's but dry and warm enough for my feet on the coldest days. Dry=warm for me
  18. Less water usually means more concentration
  19. She is there, she always will be. Im sorry for your families loss.
  20. I've been seeing more.foxes this year also