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  1. I like it on lots of stuff. Not good steaks, just butter and salt on good steaks for me.
  2. So now we get bulk discounts at check out. Love it
  3. You will never see rich politicians punished for these financial motivated crimes and decisions. Watergate is just another manipulated situation that most players involved weren't even questioned, let alone punished. Blue or red, both greedy scumbags that go to sleep every night not giving a shit about you. Yet here we are arguing over scraps and blaming eachother. Real power of American Citizens is gone, and truly in my mind never existed more than in mind. Love your neighbor and community and celebrate the things you have in common. Don't let your differences tear us apart. Ignorance of a failing system, and forgetting the bi-party segregation is one way to make our country better. Lol not the blame game.
  4. I like it for.ground hunting in early October. Good cover sent. The deer don't always respond well to it so I use it case by case. Unpresured deer often come into the scent curiously, mostly does in my experience.
  5. You didn't get to vote for that either. It doesn't matter whos driving, this old Cadillac hasn't been maintenence since Kenedy died. All the politicians are corrupt. Help your neighbor/community, love your family and forget about this shit. You can't change it. The vote doesn't count.
  6. I have an electronic call but the animals get used to it. I switched to mouth and hand calls mostly now. I'm trapping them for the first time this season also.
  7. What about George Bush and nafta? What about Reganomics? Red and blue are both crap. You guys are so rage blind your ignoring the total failed system.
  8. Since I have gotten the vaccine and the booster, I have been buttering my toast with covid every morning and somehow I just can't seem to contract it. Going to try harder this week. Greco-Roman wrestling with active covid patients. I can't believe we are still talking about this. Lol
  9. Doesn't seem like there are really that many more? 15% increase over ten years.
  10. 140 8pt is pretty large....
  11. I have been happy with lacrosse alpha burly and Itasca 1000mg thinsulate rubber boots. Both of them have earned their keep.
  12. This year's weather was so bad for daylight movement. I have the same amount of deer and passed on more than a dozen different small bucks, but didn't see mature bucks as frequently as usual, imo.
  13. They don't do anything unless you will sign a statement and be a witness in court. I dont need that drama with my neighbors. I still get plenty of opportunities
  14. 7r Tompkins County seems the same, deer are definitely using the land differently, but population seems the same.
  15. I've had 2 different fishers, very large, chase me out of the woods. They seem comfortable with people often, I don't like them. Trapping season lines up with deer hunting so I've never tried it. They are hell on turkeys.
  16. They don't have to jump any fences. Openings all over. I shed hunt over there, deer all over, white and brown.
  17. Lol, this is like an argument over which toilet paper sucks more.... one of them is rough on your poop shute and the other one keep letting your finger break through during the wiping pass. They are both terrible, and either way your still dealing with shit. Tulsi/Rogan '24 lol
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