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  1. Not recommended, but many years ago in East Africa, someone I knew took a flock shot at a bunch of running gazelles. One fell but on examination no one could not find any wound till we saw something had gouged out one horn. The bullet had hit one of the horns and must have broken its neck from the shock.
  2. With Covid, does Governor have time or bandwidth for width of cross bows?
  3. sorry! not intentional: Am not to adept at cut and paste. Agree we should not yell re anything
  4. Is there any source in the DEC who could explain the rationale for the 17" minimum rule. I am too inexperienced to have a view and don't have problem with rules Just want to know whats behind them. I recall in E Asia 40 years ago how we deplored people shooting gaur ( wild cattle) with an AK 47. Is a <17" cross bow close to that?
  5. Along same line of thinking and from the same source "In fact, the only man who truly thinks is the one who, when faced with a problem, instead of looking straight ahead, toward what habit, tradition, the commonplace and mental inertia would make one assume, keeps himself alert, ready to accept the fact that the solution might spring from the least forseeable spot on the great rotundity of the horizon." (Ortega y Gasset)
  6. One does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted.” Ortega y Gasset, Meditations on Hunting
  7. Thanks to wolc123 for correcting my time warp. Another beginners request for informed advice:- On line discussions seem to suggest worst feature of cheap bows is that they have lousy scopes and it is better to remove them and put on a decent one. BUT if most shots at no more than 30-?40 yards wouldn't a red dot sight be more helpful? Anyone tried this?
  8. Agree they are rare and please correct me if deluded but I understand this is first year cross bow can be used in last 2 weeks of early archery season in southern zone, so one might expect a little more rigor than usual. They do check on antler length on areas with restrictions. Some one I know lost an antlered deer to them on those grounds last year.
  9. So back to my query from wiser more informed bow heads, if NY DEC regulations state " A crossbow must have compound or recurve limbs with minimum width of 17 inches (outer tip of limbs excluding wheels and cams, uncocked);" Does Axle-to-Axle: 16.125” work out as 17 inches (outer tip of limbs excluding wheels and cams, uncocked? Please remember I am a complete novice with a crossbow so don't know what wheels/cams would do to overall width If they were selling cannabis presume they would know if product was legal or not in different states. Why not for cross bows?
  10. I did ask the Manufacturer by email and phone. Apparently and so far they unable to say if their product is legal in NY State. I am persisting and will advise if/when I get a definitive reply
  11. Confused beginner. requests informed advice NY DEC regulations state " A crossbow must have compound or recurve limbs with minimum width of 17 inches (outer tip of limbs excluding wheels and cams, uncocked); a minimum overall length from butt of stock to the front of the limbs of 24 inches; and be able to launch a minimum 14 inch arrow/bolt, not including the legal arrowhead." Amazon advertises as "Ideal for the small framed or beginner, the compact Avenger Crossbow features an adjustable stock that grows with your young hunter. With a speed of 330 fps, the Barnett Aveng
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