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  1. What do you use to get those figures. Is there a chart or something I can use?
  2. If I can't get my self up to 58 for now season should I switch to 125?
  3. would using 125 grain make a big difference? i would prefer to use what i already have if possible
  4. I did head over to a archery shop today and he set me up with a Carbon Express Piledrivers DS Hunters cut to 29inch the 250/400 spine ones. he recommended i switch to a 125 fixed broadhead over the 100 grain broadhead.
  5. i didnt hit them with another arrow. they broke about half way up the shaft. one did hit a tree and break but the other broke in the bag target a 20 yards away. thank you for the info i did order 100 grain field points. i feel i should try a different arrow shaft these feel weird and dont fly straight for me.
  6. 28 inches and 100 grains . arrows cut to 29 inches I just weighed my arrow with the muzzy practice tip on im at 401 grains.
  7. Im looking for suggestions on Arrow and what weight i should use im using a Bear archery Vast bow set at 50# but i will most likely be at 60# for bow season once i get my strength back up. i went to cabelas and they gave me some Blackout X5 arrows cut to 29in 400gr with 85gr field points and today i shot them and completely broke 4 out of 6 on a bag target. I have little to no experience on trying to find out what arrow i should use. i have Muzzy 3 blade broadheads.
  8. what do people recommend for turkey hunting for a arrow head?
  9. i picked these up but they feel so small to me. got a better recommendation i have not been out bow hunting in 12 years
  10. Is this legal in NYS? i want to try one out this year Also what are some good broadheads fixed and mechanical to try pulling 50#s