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  1. @ATbuckhunter PM'd you. Let's get after it. I've been looking to go and learn more about hunting this area. Turkey and waterfowl, also open to trying deer, lets do it.
  2. @Versatile_Hunter Pretty much the everglades ecosystem. STAs are really nice habitat. Never dealt with okeechobee, there are ducks but you need a boat for sure. Gators are somewhat of a concern for humans, to be honest they kind of steer clear of humans, tap them on the body/tail and they peel away. Regarding dogs, people use them, but they are definitely cautious, I know some guys that holster a handgun in case they get too close to the dog. Trail glades is a great spot, love that range
  3. Thanks @Grampy. Looking forward to meeting some folks! Best of luck to you too!
  4. Excited to start my first full season in NY. Grew up on Long Island Duck hunting but didn't do it much. Been living in South Florida for the past 4 years. Hunted duck in the glades, semi successful, alligators are cool but I am excited for the northern seasons. Would love to connect with other NYC/LI hunters looking to do some turkey, waterfowl this season and the occasional small game. Decent shot, got the gear, decoys (duck only) and some spots on East LI. Hope everyone has an excellent season this year and if I connect with one of you or not, I hope you all get after it. New to the area and don't know many hunters so it would be great to connect with some of y'all in the area!