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  1. Autopsy and the video showed alot of other factors contributed to the piece of shits death.namely fentanyl overdose.he was saying he couldn't breathe before the cop even touched him,he was dying already.why did he resist arrest.the guy was a loser 3 time felon who put a gun to a pregnant woman's belly during a home invasion,really this is the guy everyone is upset over,how about the 5 yr old boy shot by a black neighbor for goin on his lawn.should we riot?if people listen to the cops they wouldn't be hurt bottom line.
  2. I have used ny land quest to sell my camp.they are good i sold my place in 3 wks.i check their website all the time they have a lot of listings.
  3. He may have talked too much but we are not voting for a friend we are voting for the direction of our country.better lock and load a revolution is brewing .ammo and gun shortages are just an example.if people voted for biden only because he is not trump then they deserve what is gonna happen to them.
  4. Lucky gunner is well stocked for 223,9mm45acp7.62x39 and some others.they will send to ffl and you pick up
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