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  1. Same here. Morning was great. Like a switch at 10AM though. Sat till dark optimistic the afternoon would be the same. Nothing but woodpeckers dropping bark on my head.
  2. After not seeing anything all week this morning has been great. 8 does and a buck. Largest buck I’ve seen while hunting. 9 points. Never seen on any of my three cameras. Chasing a doe fast. I got so focused on trying to make him stop moving at the right time I ignored my range. Sent an arrow over him. Sleeping in the truck, can’t face anyone for a couple days after this failure!! If I got him on the camera near me I’ll post it later. Good luck guys!
  3. Time to get it done here. Vacation starting today. Last couple days sitting in southern before big woods the rest of the season. good luck everyone and thank you to all veterans on the page!
  4. In the yard in Old Forge this afternoon. Ill drive 20 minutes to stare at trees from the stand tomorrow. Should just stay on the porch!!
  5. Hello everyone! I’ve been reading this thread for years now and just decided to make an account. I live in both northern Saratoga County and Old Forge, NY. If anyone has ever been to Old Forge you’d know town is basically a deer sanctuary. They are everywhere and you can pretty much walk up and pet them. Makes it easy to watch for activity changes during the season. Just had 4 does in the yard for 20 minutes or so and a little 4 pointer ran in and harassed one for a few minutes before chasing her off. Makes it tempting to hit the hills after work today and see if there
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