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  1. http://venisondonation.com/find-a-processor/ SCHENECTADY CONSERVATION COUNCIL(518) 372-2357Sciotia NY 12302
  2. https://feedingnys.org/hunters/ ALBANY Rich’s Custom Meat Shop Greenville, NY 12083 (518) 966-8597
  3. Not much info https://bigfrog104.com/holy-buck-new-york-hunter-bags-once-in-a-lifetime-27-point-deer/
  4. Welcome. I've just got into the woods in my late 30s. This is also my 1st year bow hunting. It's tough, you read alot online then get in the field and it doesn't always translate well. There is no replacement for time in the woods. You get used to the sounds and start to pick out the deer sign.
  5. See the link below for more info direct from X-Stand https://www.x-stand.com/recall-notification/
  6. My brother's neighborhood in cornwall on the hudson has deer running through it at night constantly. While walking at night down his street you could literally get run over by a pack of deer if you don't pay attention.
  7. I am hesitant to harvest any urban wildlife, specially those in the City of Schenectady. On top of being against city code, any hunting by any means. And it's just nice to watch without any intentions for me and the neighbors. We also have deer come from the nearby tracks.
  8. Apparently they have been next door all along.
  9. It nice that the primary use will be hunting with most other uses barred.
  10. Fyi for 9h https://wbng.com/2020/10/25/dec-acquires-new-land-in-nys-for-wildlife-management/
  11. I've been meaning to start climbing trees in the backyard at lunch, since I'm working from home. Thanks for the tips
  12. I do. Attached with the tree strap. The climber I have also has straps to connect the upper and lower sections to prevent complete loss of the platform. I really appreciate the concern.
  13. I use the harness when climbing up/down. I used to do confined space work so the harness doesn't bother me at all.
  14. I'm out of Schenectady I was attempting to still hunt for a while. I have gotten within 60 yards on several occasions, but never within bow range. My biggest weakness is not being able to sit still for long and always thinking there is a better spot just a bit further. Prior to that my issue was walking into the woods in the dark, but I've overcome that mostly. It is nice just being in the woods, though, it would be better walking out with a filled tag
  15. Interesting article out of saratoga county. https://dailygazette.com/2020/10/20/saratoga-sheriff-middle-grove-man-fired-shotgun-at-hunter-restrained-him-in-property-line-dispute/
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