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  1. Thank you to everyone keeping my spirits up today. I’ve been hunting now for about 7 years and have not harvested anything worth showing, it feels so good to finally get a big buck like this and with the bow. I had guys reaching out to me to help find him who don’t even know me and that is truly awesome. 9 pointer in 6S
  2. Coyote's aren't just a potential problem to where I am, it is basically a certainty that they would get that deer tonight if I don't get him first. I always have them on my cams to the point I am surprised there are as many deer as there are in the area I hunt
  3. Whoops you're right, I texted my brother in Law at 7:36 right after so is was right around 7:30, it was definitely safe to shoot.
  4. Thank you for the thorough response. I shot him when there was barely any sunlight (right around 7 o'clock), I had a meeting at 10 that I had to get too so I had to get a move on. I was planning to head out there around 4, that will be well over 8 hours, do you think that is a safe amount of time? I am hunting in 6s
  5. 30 yards, I was above him when I took the shot. I am not sure if these hairs will help at all
  6. Hi guys, I shot a nice 8 point this morning, and could not find my arrow, (I looked for an hour and a half) so started looking for blood, and I found this on a tree tracking and then ended up jumping the buck. Does anyone know what this fleshy stuff is? Do you think it's a good sign he will go down?
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