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  1. Thinking bout making the trip out maybe this yr.Something suited for 2 semi disabled hunters lol the sticks are giving out any information is much appreciated.
  2. I wouldn't give up on this one just yet could be a brisket hit deer if this is the case she will cripple up and bed and may expire depending on the hit I'm curious was she quartering at all ?
  3. Saw this moose driving back to camp in the moose river plains recreational area about 8 miles from inlet
  4. Neighbors might have put in a new food plot in around you
  5. Had plenty of seasons just like this I agree with northcountryman stillhunt during am hours and sit tight on those food sources at primetime love to hunt areas of agriculture ie corn soybeans winter wheat imho
  6. I use a Coleman coffee maker love it just sayin
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome have hunted all over the cny region for yrs 7m 6s 6k and the daks from the foothills to piseco region.
  8. Old sportsman here excited to hear others stories, comments and opinions on everything NY hunting, camping, fishing.
  9. I read year's ago in sports afield or outdoor life that for every deer you see their are 8 that you didn't.
  10. Try brown rd or Quaker hill hunted there many yrs always had good luck
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