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  1. There are way more whitetail deer than 100 years ago I recall seeing, they can exist in small wooded tracts and are well suited to suburban grass/plants/etc as a diet, plus that development has suppressed predators like wolves (though coyotes have flourished). There’s a good documentary on Netflix about deer.
  2. Another similar choice that was (still is?) available in 243 is the browning BLR and Henry Long Ranger. Good guns!
  3. That’s a front loader of some sort, my corporate neighbor ends up with all kinds of stuff as repair collateral, bonus is that were ready to move a BIG buck anytime!
  4. I have noticed that, in fact this whole season i’ve been busted by bedded does almost every time walking to my ground blind, and I mean the whole 9 yards with that disheartening wheezing sound that you know every deer within half a mile heard.
  5. Thanks! I’ve learned a lot lurking, I’m glad to see other more experienced guys have plenty of nature sits too (no deer at all!), it’s definitely nice to have a warmer season where you aren’t freezing to death for 20 days straight!
  6. Hey Everyone, I've been lurking for a while but this is my first post, it seems like a great forum with lots of insights into New York's hunting opportunities. I hunt in 3M near Chester which is a mix of mostly smaller woodland tracts strung together by rural/farm communities, in short I have limited land to hunt on but there are animals around if you are willing to put the time in, it seems. 2018 and 2019 were my first years, with does harvested in both, but no bucks until now. I have learned a lot in a few years (had no idea how important scent management was until last year) but thankfully things are getting improving with each season. This year I passed on does to try to get a buck, but I really hadn't seen many in person until today. At last light I took this one, a little light on antlers but full bodied. I actually thought he was a doe at first but after the shot I realized I filled my buck tag (pics of the landscape and harvest attached)