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  1. I'll tell you EXACTLY how I can say that...because I worked as I middle thru high school monitor...as per seen on you tube and reported this had been going on for WEEKS not a single incident... Now I'm sorry your heart bleeds for an elderly woman that by her age alone should have been able to figure out she DID NOT have the skills nor physical aptitude to do that job...I will how ever amend it to 1/4 her fault...Biden is President -elect accept reality and return from the depths of trumps clown show back to a cooperative society,,,...Half the school systems fault and1/4 the nasty little shits that did this for weeks...remember that word...WEEKS Now I don't know your circumstance but I'll tell you straight up...that I had my kids threaten me with SS...and A few times.... I offered to call them my self more than once...Now You ppl can blame the parents..... with no back ground.... but it was your precious school system that taught these kids all these high ideals of total rights...then will drop them in the judicial system first chance they get and blame it on the parents... Sorry but you want the kids to take responsibility...and damn well they should!! but the Adults need to take responsibility for their actions that led to this as well.... I'll also suggest if you hadn't ... read all my posts on this... Oh..perhaps you should call the Greece police that said..." We have seen no action in this incident that warrantsadult charges.''...Really??!! what videos did he watch?
  2. Straight from 2 DEC foresters that I had check on log markings years ago...drop them, any popular over 30 ft is of no use to anything especially grouse. Grouse feed on the buds of popular and once you cut them down they sucker from the root. This is if it is a cluster and the cutting opens the area to sun..so in cutting large clumps you are setting up future cover and food with regrowth...I posted pics a year or 2 ago of such an area that I dropped all the SIZABLE poplar...careful in cutting big ones they tend to snap and are extremely heavy until dry.... I am seeing some regrowth in roots...but not as much as hoped for, because the area holds many maple and well a large cherry and oak...neither I'll touch,,,...even your boy bill barr wants none of this crap, fat lady sings today it’s over, president elect Biden ..I am thinning bad and diseased maples though...That said the cross over of those large poplar logs have the deer bedding big time. the turkey as well come in for bugs...It's funny to watch because Toms love logs...they jump up and scan the area and gobble like crazy... mini look out "towers"...Same foresters told me ...want birds...do not touch your hophorn...so I have watched over the years...they should have said deer as well...for I have oak and hophorn side by side...the deer will literally spend hours wobbling around on their hind legs to get to those fall seedclusters...with acorns under their feet.
  3. OK.... not trying to be contrary here...honestly.... but my property is loaded with beech...now my driveway is lined in beech...sorry, these in my driveway produce some nuts every year and tons of nuts every other or 2 years ...no getting around it...for one thing, I talk about it nearly every year on here... Now I have found that once they get the canker they produce more..Not one single trump appointed judge went along with you idiots and today Biden is undeniably president-elect,,,...I assumed stress causing the production. We have many many smooth barked beech ...they usually do not get sick until they have some good size to them. Also I would like to mention on our 200 red oaks the younger or lower leafs tend to have some with rounded edges while the rest are basically normal pointed red oak leafs.
  4. I mentioned either last year or in the spring I was going to concentrate more on the turkey habitat...opening up the oaks(secure roosting limbs)...and adding much more grain/clovers/alfalfa to the mix ,,,I'm thinking..it's working Electors make it official today,,,...Biden wins,,,a sad day for must of the wing nutmembers here,,,... There is the "frog" nursery tub just feet from this and another watering tub 40 yrds and 100yrds from this..the turkey use these water holes a lot
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