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  1. Sitting yelling at them like I have a million dollars on it lolol
  2. We used pool noodles and heat tape .
  3. I had a drink with him at the casino in Connecticut
  4. Don't know if you guys want to do this but some may . We get 4 free test from government. A friend sent it to me . https://www.covidtests.gov/
  5. Love black lake if your talking about the one In New York. We vacation there alot . My mom is looking forward to vacation this year she wants to rent an island on the st.lawrence River
  6. Don't forget today is Betty's birthday . Make that donation to your local animal shelter in her name . I did .
  7. If I am at work and it snows I go home right away . Once we went out to dinner and I refused to get in the car till it stopped snowing and the road cleared
  8. Just don't. Scared to death of it .
  9. I carry 2 Fleece blankets one goes under me one goes over .
  10. Show day for me . I don't drive in the snow .
  11. Wishing her a speedy recovery. You take good care of her . You are an awesome person grampy I don't care these boys say
  12. Wish I could of been there but work is busy with all the people out .
  13. Hope you feel better soon Don_C
  14. At our house we call them belly busters
  15. Nice way to making me feel bad for not coming . But work comes to early. Next one for sure make it a Friday or Saturday and I am there
  16. Not going to make it have to work at 3 am
  17. I was sick Thurs and Friday but feel better today. But my husband has been sick for a week . Negative to covid test. Stomach bug can't eat feels little better today
  18. We are getting hit hard at work we have 47 employees out with covid positive and another 25 out with the other bug going around
  19. 2 hour ride for me but it depends on the day
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