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  1. It ia what I was talking about . You can see his front leg moving in there . Crazy
  2. I was there in 3m . Woods are really quiet I did find a rub . But no poop or scratching acorns are whole on the ground most are untouched
  3. The video the deer is walking thur it is crazy you can see his leg bone moving
  4. has anyone seen this video yet???? I can't get it to down load so I took pictures
  5. My sits in the woods have been very creepy . No noise no movement eerie quiet . I dont like it .
  6. Up and in line . Lots of hunters in front of me . Most likely won't get my turkey spot. May have to wonder around some
  7. Think the neighbors will get mad if I put this in my yard with this.
  8. You would of came and got me if my car was broken. Soon it will be up and running . It is always fun out there with you.. I am hoping to get out there again a couple more times before my grandsons come for a week. Then I have to drive them back to Iowa. In November . Then comes deer season. Still need to find an place to hunt not sure when i will have the time to find it . But I will.
  9. ruby had my back lolol. I was sitting on a log she was sitting on it behind me lolol