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  1. Ric

    Hello sir,

    Happy New Year - almost!

    As you might have seen I’m. Interested in purchasing land in the Salem New York area I would like to speak to someone as yourself regarding pre-purchase evaluation of such property.

    1. G-Man


      Thanks for thinking of me but that is almost 6 hours away from me. , i can tell you all habutat can me manipulated to improve it. And the more diversity you have to begin with.  

      You want to look for year round cover including thermal cover that will help hold game on your property.  Seedlings ,sapling regrowth is an important factor to. See a wide open hard woods looks nice but will not hold much game.. 

      Perhaps getting ahold of your countys soil and water conservation district would have a biologist or forester on staff that could help you

  2. Ric

    Land Improvement

    You are on subarbanfarmer!
  3. Ric

    Land Improvement

    I’ll reach out to him!
  4. Merry Christmas! I’m looking for deer hunting land in the Washington / Saratoga counties. Do you know of any people like Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions in this area? I’d like some profesional assistance in evaluating potential property .
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