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  1. All I said it's the worst way to harvest a turkey nothing worth promoting ---just with turkey numbers way down it would be nice if we all be careful with turkeys that are still left- All I'm saying , turkey can fly a long long way after being shot in the body than die never to be found or be wounded and die another day later -I have seen this many times but a long time ago A big Turkey can not be dropped by a body shot -in most Cases anyway These things are not like pheasants that drop by a swift breeze of #5s! Watch the video good -only one turkey in that video and it flew to him from ro
  2. You need to watch that video more carefully than start commenting on it ! Shotgun is browning BPS10ga! Nice video-but if he didn't land him it's basically the worst thing you can do in spring woods! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No tax ,no shipping cost Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This Turkey Tuesday is about nest parasitism in wild turkeys, which is simply when one hen lays eggs in the clutch of another hen. Although not widely discussed, some hens parasitize nests – like the super large clutch of 26 eggs in this nest of a Rio Grande hen. Nest parasitism has been linked to kinship and sociality in birds, and the bottom line is, parasitic hens gain fitness advantages while the host female may not. We’ve recently determined that across sites from Texas to South Carolina, at least 6% of all nests are parasitized, and an earlier study showed that >20% of wild turkey
  5. Can't do IT alone need a couple dumb or dumbers to make IT work , Enjoy your Stay at The DUMB AND DUMBER NY HUNTING HEAD QUATERS and continue The Gang bang !!! Im out -SOMEONE HAS TO FILL THOSE TAGS when time comes Soon Dec is gonna have to implement 3 month DEER gun Season cause cupcakes can't score anything but a pile of crap Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. You 2 really think that i care what you think of me or what you say -this forum is best suited for DUMB AND DUMBER Any smart Person knows that! what a joke you're Billwhatever(seems apropriate) You call out me and others for being negativne mean time you always saying how someone Walked in your setup how someone is a BAD CALLER etc. Every year always someone is bothering you when turkey hunting ,someone is a BAD CALLER someone did this or that I just hunt and get The job Done evERY year i dont have time to Gang bang in The fields! I told You before The Season that im not one OF your field Ga
  7. I answerwd your question 2 times above You really Are what you call others to be -Like CNN oh Well if i didn't answer your question in my Posts above then dont brother with me BECAUSE I HAVE NOT YET BEGAN TO DEFILE MY SELF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have always said that I was fine with whatever crossbow season is now but you guys want everything than claim that you hunt with BOW ALSO -why do you need crossbow in all of archery -I BET IF YOU OR MOST DIDNT HAVE HARD TIME SCORING WITH A BOW than WOULDNT NEED A CROSSGUN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. YOU ARE LIKE CNN -quote my whole post not just part of IT SO YOU DID ALTER IT -what do you gain From quoting just part of my post its just a click of The buttom to quote The whole thing ARE YOU TRYING TO SAVE INK OR PAPER -FYI its just an illusion there is none Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Why Are you quoting me Like that out of context are all of you The same crap and trying to Hide something -YOU ARE LIKE FAKE NEWS! Quote everything i Said or nothing I SAID WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO USE A CROSSBOW DURING ALL OF THE BOW SEASON UNLESS YOU HAVE A HARD TIME WITH A BOW-i bet most have hard Time with a bow but not all -there is already a crossbow Season which is fine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I said that crossbow archery is cupcake archery didn't say it was for cupcakes just called crossbow a cupcake bow - If a person is fat it don't mean that they are a cupcake its more their actions at least in hunting related issues anyway! I really don't care how you take it but that was my intention -NEVER CALLED ANYONE ANY NAMES OR CUPCAKE FOR THAT MATTER ALSO NEVER QUOTED ANYONE OUT OF CONTEXT LIKE SOME HAVE DONE TO ME and you are doing here -I have always said that I was fine with whatever crossbow season is now but you guys want everything than claim that you hunt with BOW ALSO -why do
  12. I'm bored yea right -like you always on here posting crap . It's like I told you before turkey season I could care less where you turkey hunt but you can't make peace with that looks like I wont say much about that sweet booty but I definitely don't hunt her fields 100%!! I wish it was otherwise but there isn't much public land that I haven't been too in ny from westchester all the way up north to the border -except haven't covered west part of ny York much , also been to most lands across along the border in nj,pa,ct -hold a license in nj ,pa, ct and ny Like I told you before turkey seas
  13. Grow some balls man ,you of all people shouldn't complain about people expressing their opinions and breaking chops a little !!! You write so much irrelevant crap ,it's amazing how people just express their opinion to you then you call them harsh names in return while playing victim for no reason! It's a grown up forum we don't need policing for every little achy beaky heart!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Deer are wiped out in 3m , I have done minimal scouting this winter and stopped counting at 75 dead deer -probably saw another 50 .this all walking straight lines and maybe total 16 hours max on different days maybe 12 miles of walking -if I had walked like in some years past I probably would have found over 300 bodies and this is in about 3k acres of land Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. shoot at them during any hunting season Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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