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  1. Hi everyone! Looking to join a hunting club, our long time lease was sold this year so now trying to find a club with 2 openings. Hard working guys many years experience and very easy going. If anyone knows of anything please contact me. Thanks
  2. If they are real whiskey barrels, they’ll be burned (black) on the inside. Whiskey and wine barrel furniture is very popular and worth a lot of $ to the right buyers. Look it up on Google and you’ll get an idea. We had a wine barrel bar and whiskey barrel chairs that we sold - it took a while but when the right person sees the post, they have to have it.
  3. Two experienced hunters & hardworking camp members looking for a new hunting club. (Not a newbie hunter - I don’t see a way to change that on here. I’ve been hunting for about 30 years) Please contact if you are a club looking for members or know of a club looking for members. [email protected] Thanks.
  4. Please email my husband Brian with membership details if you still have spots open. Him and my brother are looking for a new hunting club in NY. [email protected] Thank you.
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