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  1. This year I had been looking forward to the minnesota rifle season, and I had gotten my first bow last winter and had been practicing for months, after I robbin hooded two of my arrows at 45 yards I decided I was ready to start hunting. I never had been much for a bow hunter but I thought I should try it. I had most of the gear already I just needed to get some broad heads. After two days I had on a bonus tag I got a nubin buck at 15 yards. I was so happy. Then two weeks later I went to northern minnesota and did our rifle season with my family. Nov. 6th opening morning for our area, I sat on what we call the bee hill and saw many deer but couldn't get a good shot at any, then a nice doe came in and just stopped and looked right at me, for about 45 minutes she looked around and milled around out in front of me. At this point I am getting cold and wanted to warm up so I put her down. Went home had lunch and went back out for our evening hunt, I wasn't sitting for 5 minutes and deer started coming out all around me. From 1:25pm to 3pm ish I saw deer none stop. But no good sized bucks so I waited, then a little four point came out and was moving slow but wouldn't stop. Tell he got in some brush but I could see his head, so I was about to take my shit then he looked back and took off. In my head I was thinking crap, so I lowered my rifle. The moment my eye passed over my scope I saw white under a pine tree, so I looked down my scope again and all I saw was horns over one of the pine branches. Here came a 8 point buck with the mass to be a good freezer filler. So I put him down. After I shot I texted my who I was hunting with on that part of our land and told them buck down, before I could put my phone away. There was a mature doe sanding right where I shot the buck, so I shot her as well. So all and all I had a very successful rifle hunting season and my bow hunting is still active. Hahaha, my dad thinks I am trying to take his title of puting five deer down in one year, when really I want to make sausage. But so far I have only gotten four so we shall see.
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