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  1. Glad to hear you're doing well phantom.
  2. Thanks apexerER. She is hooked. She has a bear cruzer bow (set at 15 lbs) but loves to shoot the bow. She has been out with me last 2 yrs with mentor hunts.
  3. Yes I am a new member. Just was talking of what I was going through. Sorry if it's the wrong forum to chime in on. Wasn't trying to ruffle feathers.
  4. My father and I have a camp in onoville, ny. I hunt in there and in Allegheny, ny. I live outside of Warren, pa. I have my youngest daughter who did the youth mentor hunt this yr and shot a 9 pt on the first day of pa. When I was in the hospital, I listened to nurses and respiratory therapist who were awesome and told me what was going on. They all said there will be stats that come out down the road and will change how everyone views the information provided. For anyone who has had COVID, I hope you get the milder side of it. Like I said before I don't wish this upon even my worst enemy as it is nasty. For anyone who has been hospitalized it is the worst, total isolation, you can call/facetime loved ones but no visitors. You mind races through all the bad thoughts. All I could do is battle, which I will continue to do everyday to get better and stay positive. I will have outpatient therapy, physical therapy, and pulmonary rehab. The little things are what I missed while hospitalized, getting a shower, being at home, walking around. I hope the road to recovery will be good.
  5. Don c congrats on the grandson. Hope everyone feels better quickly. I am new to the forum. Hunt in swny, nwpa. I got COVID on Dec 23. Then turned into COVID pneumonia and was hospitalized from Dec 27th through today. I finally got discharged with oxygen. I have never had any other health conditions and am 40 years young. I am conservative and had hospital staff tell me they have vaccinated and unvaccinated both in the hospital. There has been no difference in the hospitalizations. All I know is I don't wish this upon even my worst enemy. It sucks and I hope that my recovery is quick. I was told that recovery can be long, even forever scarring of the lungs.
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