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  1. Does anyone know the range on the Rossi 410/45 LC Circuit Judge Rifle ? when shoothong the 45 LC out of it ?
  2. Here is a coyote hide my brother just got back from the taxidermist.
  3. Those mounts are great keep them posting !!!!!!!
  4. I am selling this on Ebay If you win this and say you saw the link from this site I will knock $2.00 off the shipping cost ,,
  5. Great I will try them ,,Thanks Does anyone shot steel shot out of these guns ?
  6. I just purchased an Ithaca Mag 10 ,, what type of shells and brand do you use for turkey and coyotes ?
  7. Fishpond Sun Valley Laptop Messenger Bag - <blockquote> The style of this bag is exceeded only by it's capacity Padded laptop compartment fits most laptops up to 17" screen size Generously sized front pocket Large storage pocket on back of bag Two end pockets for cell phones or MP3 players Five internal compartments to secure all your essentials Signature, waterproof molded bottom Contrasting nylon lining color 11 x 15 x 5 Used in good condition $60.00 shipped new $120</blockquote>
  8. Looking to trade for a .35 rem rifle any condition aslong as it works, + cash if needed .
  9. Keep the fox and find another fox ..Draw the line now
  10. Muzzy

    Who traps anymore?

    Thats great seeing the kids involved in trapping !!! Way to go Dad
  11. Muzzy

    Who traps anymore?

    I started trapping with my dad when I was able just able to walk, I used to love to go with , him and hope to continue to do trapping with my son , I can still remember when my dad was setting a 3/30 for beaver and it went off and had him by the hand ,Thank goodness I was there to help him get it off his hand and that he was wearing heavy gloves .. Also there is nothing like the memories of getting that 1st coyote trapping ..
  12. 1 more question on them , Is the base Walnut ? They are the best looking Euro base I have seen ..