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  1. Opening day 8:05. Barnett whitetail pro STR. 50 yards.
  2. Opening day Nov 3rd 8:05 am. 50 yard shot w/ Barnett whitetail pro STR; rage broadhead and headhunter 22" arrow. Dropped in his tracks. Young 7 pointer but my first attempt at crossbow hunting.
  3. I guess I'll wait and see. Crossbow this weekend!
  4. They were pounding this plot when the green stems shot up but now they seemed to lose interest. Had up to 11 at a time in there. Hope they return.
  5. Here are a few pics from my plot. Are the red ones beets? It was whitetail institute beets and greens.
  6. I made it out of an I beam and a garbage can filled with concrete. Weighs in around 700 pounds.. Levels the furrows very nicely.
  7. It was a lot of fun doing it. Better than going to work..
  8. Get that mind out of the gutter and focus on Deer!!! LOL..
  9. Here is what it looked like when I started 3 weeks ago..
  10. Planted my first food plot on my new property I bought that abuts my original property.
  11. I have 43 wooded acres with the back 1500 ft boardering 3000 acres of state land. Pretty remote and I love it!
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