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  1. This property has finally been sold thanks to the guys that were interested.
  2. The original question was does anyone know the live weight of a deer that dressed out at 150. I don't know about a chart but I know from my own experience that I did that the deer I weighed then gutted the ave was a loos of 32% to 35%. If you then process the deer including deboning it you will only get about 40% to 45% of the meat that is deboned and trimmed. I have been processing deer for 31 yrs. That amount changes with the age, health, where it is shot etc. I have actually refused to process an animal because of massive damage (excessive shots) lol because I didn't want to hear that oh I didn't get much meat back anyway theres lots of factors in the aount of meat you receive after the deer is fully processed.
  3. I have all original with certificates of authenticity the winters calm collection. It was fired from 1994 through 1996 for the Bradford exchange. These plates of deer in a wintery setting.10 plates in the set all in mint condition and gold trimmed. The goin value of the set I'm not sure of but in individual plates range from 18.00 to 28 dollars apiece. I don't have pics yet but you can look these plates up on line. This is a very nice set and a great looking addition to a club house or in a hunters den above the fireplace. anyone interested plz make fair offers and I will post pictures tomorrow.
  4. I am in the orange county area but can travel a bit. Resident ego your right but my time was tight and it was close to home. I am a great hunter with a lot to offer anyone who has some land. I like to manage as good as possible any land I have access to. Food plots etc.Anyway I really thought starting now I could get on the land pretty much scout it this upcoming season then go from there. I live in walden ny orange county. So again anyone who could help I would be grateful and have alot to give back to the land owner also not afraid to work for the land owner on weekends or some evenings.
  5. Hi add 32 to 35% to the dressed weight that's about the percentage.What I did was weigh 5 deer dead weight then weighed them dressed that was the percentage I came up with between the 5 deer.I did this some yrs ago but I doubt that's changed. I did this in response to an article I read in outdoor mag in the 80s.
  6. My landowner sold the land I was hunting for over 30 yrs.It was just me and my 18 yr old son.I had established a great hunting area foodplots, a pond, I had grown th oak ridge very hardy.I am a safe hunter now in my early 50's looking for new land in the orange county or lower ulster county. I have farm equipment, and hunting stands, and a great wealth of management knowledge.My ideal setup would be to partner with a land owner who would like to experience a great landowner/hunter relationship.I can give you land owner references as well as personal ones.I don't want to hunt state land. been there done that. I just wanna find a nice place to share with a couple other people and bring my son along.Thanks to anyone who can help I promise I am a most honest,dedicated,and respectful person. HB270DEERMANAGER.
  7. Listen be there done that get the local law enforcement involved before theres a run in.Post the heck out of the property also talk to the local D.E.C. OFFICER.They will not only get the trespass charge but other charges as well.I don't play that game at all.As for the old man looking for his cat. I'd walk off my property once then he'd get arested to sounds mean but you can not afford the have all that hard work flushed down the tube because someone can't follow the laws and a persons rules and wishes sorry but I learned yrs ago ZERO TOLERANCE RULE.
  8. Funny thing this you can buy it but its illegal to use it mentality.It really ticks me off about this.the bottom line here is its big business and another factor is unless someone turns people in who uses them the chances of getting caught are real slim.The property next to ours last where the guys were baiting got caught when we turned them in.They had to be on stand and within 100 yds of the bait.The thing that really bothers me is its illegal to feed let alone bait deer in ny yr round.guys if you know someones doing it turn them in were all adults here do the right thing.Its funny you walk in gandermountain the first thing you see is jugs of sweet mixes and blocks of minerals.Its really a shame guys.
  9. Well with the start of a new deer season comes every hunters dream of a trophy buck and mature doe harvests.But please be sure to put forth a solid effort to be safe and curtious to fellow hunters and especially land owners. If you get an opportunity take a child out with you so they to can be intrduced to our great conservation effort.Lets not forget also to be respectful to our wild game and our conservation laws.Report illegal activity,be responsible and above all be very safe and stay healthy.So again good luck everyone and enjoy our great outdoors and all it offers.
  10. My white oaks are dropping heavy and the deer are responding big time.The other oaks are big producers to looks real promising. Here's a picof some white oak drops.
  11. I am posting some pic of the property I take care of which I have posted on here thats for sale.one pic is from a tree stand over lookin a food plot of winter peas,pea plus,alphalfa,and winter greens,others are pics of the land woods,trails,and oak trees and acorns lots of oak trees on the property.
  12. I have been hunting especially deer since i was 16 started in sullivan county later in orange and ulster some delaware and upper ny state land.working it learning, teaching passing along my knowledge.I manage property.setup land,advise on food plot types,when,timing,what perrenials are best, soil types,I would consider my knowledge very valuble.I would like to move on I am 50 this last july I have a 18 yr old son that has the same desire's I have we need a new place to to hang our stands.The property even though I am helping sell is great just won't last with out a firm hand and mind to tend it.So I am asking anyone in the lower ny state area orange ,ulster,sullivan,greene,dutchess,counties.If you need a helping hand no b.s. it would be a mutual relationship. I have all the eqiupment tractor,cutaway disc,sprayers,seeders, etc let me knowI can make your land a hot spot for deer..
  13. I made 2 mock scrapes last yr I from personal experience (learned) that cams near scrapes does affect the bigger mature bucks.So I make 2 mock scrapes using code blue scrape paks,the 30 day ones but I also re- freshen with golden estrus starting late oct or early nov about when i see bucks following or chasing doe's I usaully run them in line with a natural scrape line (community) scrape line a mature bucks always looking for a fight from a new buck in the territory.I also use a buck urine very sparingly.in my scrapes. Look at my pics most of my kills are because they got fooled.But depending on time on stand and how nocturnal your older bucks are the real action and best time to harvest a mature dominate buck is at peek rut or later in the season 27 days after the peek rut ends the false or late rut kicks in.my 3 biggest bucks were taken at this time.Less pressure, more day time movement,oh and they will hit late food sources more simply because they know theres less does that need to be bred. I hope i helped but if you need to use cams use them more as a scouting tool not a following tool.Your biggest advantage is more time afield and knowing your hunting land,pressure,food sources,water sources and most of all your doe movements. They will lead you to the big boys everytime.