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  1. The problem is if your family doesn't come thru, your friend could potentially get a bad taste, find a new investment and walk away. Now your back to square one and missed out on sure thing cash deal. Don't screw yourself, go with who gives best offer and can close faster. This is business and your livelihood, your family should understand. It's not like it's one of your kids, that's different.
  2. She sure gets around, sent me a message as well. Quite the tramp.
  3. NYBowhunter


    I dont think the recognition or sponsorship back in the 60s was as lucrative as it is today. Don't think he would have gotten rich off that rack.
  4. Wife went all out middle eastern, lamb and chicken.
  5. This is my buck from this past bow season, a big boy and was probably up there weight wise (unfortunately never weighed), have shot a few through the years that were bigger. One of my biggest racked bucks a late season muzzlelaoder kill and he was by far the thinnest of them all, big rack but he was run down.
  6. Just an FYI, I almost never gut my deer where they are shot, I don't like to gut on my property in an effort to not entice predators. I always bring the deer back whole to the cabin, gut there and throw the entrails into a compost pile. Never had an issue using this method, but then again from time of shot , back to the cabin and deer gutted is typically within the hour.
  7. Let's not forget the brain, quite the delicacy. Won't go out of my way to make or eat it but when my dad was alive he would on occasion make rocky mountain oysters and cappuzelle from the deer, both of which were quite good.
  8. Homemade pizza with anchovies and sun dried tomatoes.
  9. Came out great, family loves it!!!
  10. Time to make that venison Jerky, meat cut and in the brine to sit overnight then in the smoker for +/_ 18 hours.
  11. Backstrap, mesquite dryrub cooked with butter
  12. Yeah, she was a hefty ole girl. Thank God drag was all downhill.
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