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  1. Hmmm.... can't find where to pull them off the topic, but oh well, I can take pictures of them holding their stupid signs too, who the cares? I live and breath where we FAR outnumber them & I refuse to bow down to them because I'm afraid of 'offending them'. It's gutting a deer, oh my...... hope I don't offend anyone with my processing of my food..... sheeeeeesh!!!! I remember years ago a family member of mine & the other hunting families on the road had an awful problem with a neighbor that was 110% treehuggin' vegan moron who was trespassing on everyone's land and leaving diapers with some kind of repellant in them buried in the leaves at blinds and stands. When this family member had his land logged, the guy took a dump in the skidder that was parked in the woods right on the seat. He actually worked for DEC, not as an ECO, but made the mistake of confronting a friend of my Uncle's on OUR land and told him he was trespassing and he needed to come with him because he was an ECO, even flashed a fake badge. Well the friend of my uncle was a NYS trooper & immediately recognized the badge as phoney and arrested the guy for impersonating a police officer! Karma comin' at ya!!!! So as I said I really couldn't give 2 turds what they do or say.
  2. Yes, and I will remove them just making a statement that I will not curb or hide any fact that I hunt just to appease a bunch of hypocritical douchbags that think they are better than we are, purely out of ignorance. The people I was referring to are the ones that CAN'T be reasoned with, far as I'm concerned they can kiss my camo'd ass!!!!
  3. If they eat any kind they are a hypocrite. Hunting will always be legal, so I really couldn't care less what the misguided, uninformed, ignorant anti-hunters say. They are the ones missing out and that only means more for us, right? There was a picture post I shared on facebook that said "hunting season is starting this week, anyone who is offended by me posting pictures of my kills is free and clear to delete me as a friend". If it's a friend of a friend or just some irritating person poking at me with a stick I have 'special' pictures I then post just for them. I will demonstrate. Now keep in mind I only post these for the reaallly hard core annoying anti's, if it's an 'on the fence' non hunter I do not show them these.
  4. Thank you, This plus a few extra roasts left over from last year are going to the snack stick lady!! Yummmmm! Might be the last time I have to pay to get them done, gonna go for a Bradley smoker this income tax return!!! Has anyone in the Saratoga/Fulton county area been to the new store in Gloversville? 'Runnings'? Wow what a store! there is like 4 aisles of just processing supplies!!!!
  5. This is why I use Rage 2 blade chisel tip 100 grain heads!!
  6. I work a compressed shift in a 24/7 365 as a facilities Ultrapure water / waste water operations technician in the semiconductor industry, shift is Sunday thru every other Weds, 12 hour shifts. My boss has always been very good to me during hunting & ice fishing season. I make a point of busting my ass all year & save my off time for the fall/winter. Very rarely do I ever get a call from work when off for hunting or fishing. Fortunately, the other guys on shift don't hunt or fish so they all take their time off in the summer. They've been so good to me that even if I was called & asked to come in, I would.
  7. Rage 2 blade 100 grain on a carbon express maxima hunter 350
  8. Thank You! She came in 6pm on the 27th, opening evening hunt! took a quartering away shot at 30 yds, she ran 75 before crashing.
  9. Not to get technical here, but you CAN use lead split shots in NY. It is illegal to SELL but not use. Absolutely no law on the books that says you can't use it.
  10. Few tips, If early season & still very warm out, you should butcher ASAP, if it's cold out (below 40 degrees), you can age your deer longer, lots of people hang them for 2 - 3 weeks sometimes if below freezing. Skin comes off 100% easier if done immediately the day of kill, I know some people who skin them & let them hang for days, but you will have to trim all the dried up stuff on the outside & you'll lose some meat there. When you are butchering, try to keep as little of the meat out of refrigeration at a time as possible, especially ground meat, this will keep bacteria levels at their lowest. As far as the boning out goes, like everyone says, piece of cake you just need to watch someone else do it once & you'll do fine. Good luck this season!
  11. True, I wouldn't be so worried about that as much as the physical evidence left behind from butchering a deer, if the wrong person saw it & called the man in the big hat & then you have explaining to do, he can tell a deer was butchered & it's a long way from last hunting season & if you can't show him proof that it was a road kill.......... I guess it's depending on the mood of the game warden. He may write you a ticket anyway & say "tell your story to the judge". I'm certain it wouldn't be the first time he's heard "it was a road kill" If they didn't enforce that lots of people would take advantage of that. They put these laws into effect to curb the violators, just like how after this season we are done using left over tags in the northern zone during the early bow in Sept, I imagine many people were getting deer in the 2 weeks after Oct 1 but reporting them on last years tag. They are "eliminating the loopholes" so to speak. NYS is more liberal now in giving out deer tags than ever before, Remember when doe permits were "group permits"? Even with the high number of tags one can legally obtain every season there will always be people trying to beat the system. Cheers!
  12. I have never heard once of a sheriff, trooper or ENCON not allowing the driver or if he/she didn't want the deer any person present to take a road kill for the meat. They are always more than happy to give you a tag for it or in some cases (as what happened last year on my road) a family member hit a doe and killed it, the sheriff didn't have any tags so he gave me an accident report number on the back of his business card, told me to have anyone concerned call him & he's take care of it. You are also helping out by removing the carcass from the road/ roadside for them. Time is money and the time the highway depts. take to dispose of road kills adds up. The smartest thing to do is call them & stay legal. It IS illegal to possess a deer carcass without a tag regardless of how you look at it.
  13. Call DEC or even a local LEO & he/she will give you a tag & put the animal out of it's misery. Dispatch the animal yourself & butcher it & you are leaving lots of room for question - could come back and bite you having un-tagged meat in your possession plus evidence of a deer being butchered around the house. Simple math - CALL!
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