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  1. best way to contact me is txt 315-569-6360 and i will only sell through FFL transfer
  2. Remington 1187 12 gauge. Bought this gun and a savage 220 this spring because my new farm is in shotgun zone. Going to hunt with the Savage and don't want to leave this one collecting dust. Bought used from a shop. Rifled slug barrel was pinned and daMar scope mounts installed. I believe the work was all done by Da mar gunsmiths in weedsport, well known for building accurate slug guns, but cant confirm it as it was before i owned it. What i can confirm is the gun is a shooter. Was shooting 2-3 inch groups at 100 this summer with it. Asking 450 plus the FFL transfer, can meet withing a half hour of syracuse
  3. i shoot NAP killzones. thye drop in sight 9 out of 10 times and you dont break arrows, or need o rings
  4. ive seen young of the year fawns doing that. while mom watches over them. kind of like kids on the playground
  5. russian roulette every time you draw it... spring for the new cables
  6. screw in tree umbrella. 20 bucks and done.. dicks in syracuse has a bunch
  7. He might still be there in 3-4 weeks. or he could rut somewhere else... i usually hunt my best spots where i know their are bucks right now 1st few days, then back off and leave them alone till first real cold snap, or end of october
  8. i have a screw in tree umbrella. best 20 bucks i ever spent. i love being in the woods right after a heavy rain stops.. that usually means im hiking in and setting up inna downpour.. as soon as the rain stops, get ready. they are on their feet
  9. ill shoot my compound until i cant pull it back anymore.
  10. forget about the legal ramifications, if i did that at 16 my dad would've given me all the punishment i could handle
  11. i own a 86 hondr 250 fourtrax 2wd. waaaaay lighter than the big 4x4's so i can pull it out if i get it stuck. i love the little quad, especially since i found it for 400 bucks
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