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  1. There is an abundance of videos exposing under-educated police. I shake my head and chuckle. If you know your rights please stand strong without showing any aggression. You may get mistreated but with so many cameras these days it is likely to be recorded and used as evidence in your defense. I just don't understand why so many officers don't really know the laws they are sworn to uphold. If I lacked the knowledge to perform my job correctly I would be let go and replaced by someone who doesn't lack it.
  2. My 1st bow and still using it is a 2011 PSE X-Force Axe-7(7" brace height). I am extremely pleased this thing is deadly. I am 6'2" and am set up with a 29.5" draw length. This is a pro-shop bow and was thoroughly educated, measured and was given 15 hours of free indoor/outdoor course.
  3. Sheeple, keep them blinders on and trust the government to lead you.
  4. It's all a matter of opinion, I guess. There will be established procedures for handing in your guns.....will you do that?
  5. KenAxe-7

    Sing Bow

    May not ge legal but here is a link to a guy on youtube that builds them and many more "interesting" weapons
  6. The state is just pissed off that they didn't get any liscense
  7. LOL. No shit Sherlock. If we all ageed we wouldn't be having this discussion. The clowns are the ones that shoot the 1st one they see and complain about not seeing any big bucks.(should have clarified that on my 1st response) I am sure we all know someone who falls into this category. Maybe you are one of them. I don't know and don't care. I compare consistantly shooting small deer, because you have no faith in your abilities or are just too lazy to go find the big boys, to working a thankless, deadend job and shooting them from the road is like climbing under your bosses desk to get that raise. People that know you know that you cheated and you would have never put the actual work in to get ahead and you have absolutely nothing to brag about.
  8. What I am hoping for is that people will be forced to judge the deer. Not only on antler size but age also. My opinion is that our seasons and regulations need an overhaul. The rifle season up here in the northern tier is way too long(my opinion). I would personally like to see a longer archery season and a much shorter rifle season (Just what I have taken from hunting in Illinois on a non-managed farm). I would also like to see proper animal judging taught in our hunter ed courses (which, in my opinion, are not sufficient). Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.
  9. I simply stated my opinion. I set no standards only stated that there are clowns out there that shoot the 1st deer they see. Seems I hit a nerve with you. Are you one of those clowns that has no confidence in his hunting abilities and takes the 1st chance he gets? Is that your biggest buck in your 39 years on this earth? (your profile pic). Do you keep a box of kleenex close by for when you start crying over someones statements? Don't start an argument over a statement made on the internet. I simply answered the topics question, without going into detail about my beliefs on AR's. I added the clown statement because I see it way too much. Then the same people complain that they don't see any big, mature bucks.
  10. I would rather see someone take a doe than a spike or crotch. Self control is needed but most of us don't have it. I have shot my share of young bucks but realized early on that it is just as easy as shooting a doe.
  11. I use to do gay porn, but that was a pain in the ass.