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  1. Ruger Super Redhawk 454 Casull/ 45 Long Colt 7.5” Barrel Length and is ported Action DA/SA Frame Stainless Steel Gray Matte Not the Glossy Frame Adjustable Rear Sight Front red Ramp 6 rds capacity Weight 52oz $700.00 The holster I have is handmade black right handed $80.00 Hornard #9150 454 Casull 300gr XTP Mag 1 box 20 cartridges $35.00 Federal Premium 454 Casull 250 grain barnes expander Vital-shok P454XB1 1 box 20 $51.00 Magtech BN0719 L42 260 grain 454 Casull 1 box 20 + 2 total 22 cartridges $40.00 Winchester Platinum Tip S454PTHP 454 Casull 16 cartridges @ $2.30 ea = $37.00 Winchester in magtech box 16 cartridges 454 Casull $1.60 each = $19.20 Winchester 45 Long Colt CowBoy cast lead 250 grain 2 box of 50 @ $30.00 x 2 = $60.00 Remington R45LC 225 grain Semi-Wadcutter 8 cartridges $7.00 W-W 45 LC HP 17 cartridges $2.00 each = $34.00 341 Cartridges 45 Colt Long 250 grain cast lead @ .60 cent each = $204.60 or $60.00 per 100 CCI 45 Long Colt Shotshells $1.60 ea = $30.00 for 19 so I have $182.20 in 454 Cartridges and $335.60 in 45Lc Cartridges for a total of $487.80 $700.00 pistol $80.00 Holster $487.80 Cartridges all total is $1,267.80 OBO I'm in Delaware Co NY so lets make a Deal
  2. I have a couple 357 and I don't anymore super Redhawk 454 so it's time to MoveOn and The wife not into big heavy pistols it into the Sig 380 cal P238 & the 9mm P938
  3. S&W 686 .357 Magnum / 38 Special $650.00 Sidney Center NY comes with: S&W 686 38 Special / .357 Magnum 6 shot 6” Barrel, Stainless, Single / Double Action Rubber Grips on also a set of S&W wood Grips Front Sights Red Ramp Rear Sights Adjustable White Outline weight 46.70 oz and this is a L Frame and the Two HKs Speed-loaders also comes with one belt case to hold the loaders and you also get the Blanchl right hand Holster You need a NEW YORK STATE PISTOL LICENSE AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK $650.00 FOR ALL PLUS THE BACKGROUND CHECK Delaware County sidney center New York
  4. Irwindale Arms out of California IAI Skipper compact 1911 .40S&W semi auto with 5 magazines, matte stainless made USA, 4" barrel asking $499.00 obo I'm in Delaware County, Walton New York plus shipping and FFL dealer charges, unless you would like to pick it up. Must have valid NYS pistol license. Thanks for looking Joe
  5. Colt model Offical Police 38 spl 4" barrel in good condition asking $399.00 obo, plus shipping and FLL dealer charges, unless you would like to pick it up. Must have valid NYS pistol license. I'm in Delaware County New York. A Colt just like this one was on a Auction for $729.00. Thanks for looking Joe
  6. This is a US Model 1894 Army Service Revolver. Caliber is .38 Long Colt With standard 6" barrel, walnut wood grips, lanyard and blued finish. Excellent markings R.A.C. appears on barrel, bottom of walnut grips, frame, cylinder. R.A.C. stands for "Rinaldo A. Carr" who was the US Army inspector at the Colt factory. He inspected the last Single Action Army Revolvers shipped to the US Gov't. As many of you know, most of these early 1894 Models were upgraded to the Model 1901. This one managed to escape improvement’s which means it still has all matching numbers. The Colt 38 long got their first taste of blood in the Spanish-American war of 1898. It's in very good condition for being 117 years old $699.00 obo, plus shipping and FFL dealer charges, unless you would like to pick it up. Must have valid NYS pistol license. Also have Ammo for it. Thanks for looking Joe